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  1. hi ive created a backup of vista on a seperate partition and done it so there is a option in the f8 menu to repair windows what im wondering is how do i then get my pc to see the backup without putting the dvd in the drive like the laptops in pc world my realtive brought a netbook laptop format his harddrive its not got a cd rom he put his laptop on and the reapir option was there and his hd was blank is there a way to do it?
  2. jeremy1976


    cheers for that m8 installed update agent 3.0 got sp2 now thanks m8
  3. hi guys i have 3 gig of ram in my pc and vista has nearly took it all i think its a greedy operating system compared to xp
  4. jeremy1976


    anybody on vista notice that when you load vista up it intends to load for ages for about 2 minutes go into services and disable superfetch when you load windows up superfetch loads all your programs into memory the 1`s u use the most and thats why it loads for 2 minutes by disabling superfetch this dosnt happen anymore
  5. jeremy1976

    pc freezes

    my specs are x2 dualcore processor 64 5000+ geforce 8500gt graphics card 2 gig of ram
  6. jeremy1976

    pc freezes

    hi guys can anyone help me out on this 1 my pc freezes when ive got xp pro on dosent happen all the time but annoying when ive got vista on it dosent freeze anyone know what to do or what causes it to freeze on xp tnx
  7. jeremy1976

    best os

    out of xp and vista whitch 1 would you pick i would pick xp all the way has it runs faster and more reliable
  8. jeremy1976


    has anyone whos on vista find your pc to load for ever when you put it on comes on the desktop loads the icons stops loading then starts loading again taking 5 to 10 minutes before it stops
  9. jeremy1976


    if anyones planning on doing a format with vista dvd boot off dvd get to the page where it gives you a option to format the harddrive do not click on format just click on next and a box will come up saying that it will create a windows.old folder in local disk c: then when you installed vista go into local disk :c and you will find the windows.old folder with all your stuff what you had in there before you reinstalled vista the only thing you will have to do is reinstall your software
  10. the easist way would be to boot from vista dvd get to the partition page and just click next instead of pressing format this creates a windows.old folder in local disk c when you do a fresh install
  11. jeremy1976


    i would just like to say that it is not recommended to take out any components out of vista if you do the updates will fail and it comes up reverting changes updates could not be configured so think carefully before doing it thanks
  12. im using vlite to strips components out of vista what services do i disable
  13. ive got 4 gig of ram in my pc 320 gig harddrive 3400+ sempron processer when ive got vista on my pc it takes about 2 minutes to come on to the desktop then its loading the data for a further 2 minutes why is this happening? i get 55 processes running on vista and it uses just over a gig of ram ive used vlite to strip components out of it to see if that would improve the performance but theres no difference when i install the vista lite the processes improve they go down to 47 processes but still vista is using 839 mbs ram why is it doing that as ive took out all the stuff what takes memory and space and when vista loads up its still loading data for 2 minutes can anybody explain why this is happening?
  14. hiya i was thinking of how to change the setupdll.dl_ in windows xp professional anybody have any ideals

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