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Best registry cleaner.?


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Best that i have used is RegSupreme

I belive they went from freeware to commercial a bit ago...


Good app-- it's actually contained in Jv16/ Registry Tool / Tools / Registry Cleaner.

Here's last freeware version: http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware/index.html#jv16

Crap Cleaner is good too, in conjunction-- & to quickly clean hard drive.

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What's up with these commercial reg-cleaner programs? You're so incredibly stupid if you bought one of these..

I mean you need to pay for something to clean up something that's caused by windows or programs that don't clean up their mess...

And you probably won't notice a speedgain... defragmentating the register-files will do you more benefit!

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My vote for "RegSupremePro v1.0.0.22". Which is based off the free version of "regcleaner". But the Commercial version has way more features and runs fast even on slow computers. They also have a RUN version, so you don't have to install anything - works great over a network!

But if you don't want to pay for it, use CrapCleaner. Home Page

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