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  1. I used Several versions of ghost and i am unaware of any versions that allow to host an assortment of iso on a machine that one can image oer the network Maybe im missing somthing or im not reading what you said correctly.. Drew
  2. Im sure the majority of yall dont remember me but im an old timmer when it comes to MSFN...I havent been around much due to RL type ish needless to say with vista up and comming i have been pokin my head in and taken a look around. Anywho Im a tech for a local biz in my area and im getting tired of everyone losing my Unattended cds applications etc etc Im looking for a application that i can run on the server that will allow me to boot off them via the network. Maybe somthing like a bootable cd or flop that allows me to see the srver and then gives me options which image to install. I know you can do this with windows 2k server with RIS and Activie directory, unfortunatly they dont want me modifying the way the network works so ya here i am Any recomends ? Thankx Drew
  3. Cheers mate Ill have a beer in your honer 2night Drew
  4. There are applications used to set your cpue at idel when your not using it. This will cool the cpu, and if you have smart fan on your mainboard, the fanspeed will lower. However, im not totally positive thats what your asking |Drew|
  5. fiR5t 0pHPH, tHAT5 nO+ 3VEN PR0P3R L33+ $Pe4K! IpH J00r GONN@ d0 iT, do It R19h+ =p 4nYWhO, D3cEn+ W3b51Te WITh 4L0t OPH $M@LL 4PP5 hehe |Drew|
  6. Bad CD, CD Drive, or IDE cable. Swap out part by part |Drew|
  7. Probly gonna build a new pc when the Dual core Intels come out. Probly keep most all my previous hardware but that and a new 6800Gt. Not too sure yet...still waiting on the new intel deal stats to come out from work |Drew|
  8. Make sure the device has proper installation drivers. If thats already verified, try to isolate the isse by using the devise another another system, and see if you stil have the same results. If thats the case, most likly one of the things in not working and needs to be replaced
  9. I DO like Firefox...just not sure id ever make it my backround...im not that crazy about...still needs alot of work...thats not to say that its great though...i use it everyday =) None the less well done, good looking image |Drew|
  10. Ya my mistake, the name of the plugin sliped my mind, i saw the guardian app and figured they were one in the same. I use Azureus with the plugin safepeer |Drew|
  11. i really like Azureus, but it is abit of a ram hog. I have a gig of ram so 65-95mbs isent a huge deal, but i understand all your guys points. I like bitcomet its a nice application and makes the creation of torrents really simple aswell. I do use peer guardian with Azureus so, i tend to just stick it out and use Azureus for the safty factor. However Bitcomet would be my prefered application. |Drew|
  12. Hackin a computer is a very general term. But more or less via certian vunerabities within applications or the Os itself, the computer can be accessed and or exploted. Through these vulerabilities and open ports a Hacker can have limited to full control of your system. This depends on the particular port or vulerablity he has explioted. For instance: A low lvl hack would be seeing the contents of your harddrive While a full hack a person would take full control of your system, capable of deleting reading and writing anything to your drive. I hope that helps somewhat |Drew|
  13. If you provide a link for this plz remove "*AIM Ad-Hack for 5.5.3599" Im fairly certian that modifying the aim application to remove their adds violates thier Eula thankx |Drew|
  14. Naw thats just wrong. B and g interpolate In no case with A work with anything other then A; unless u have a multi fuction card Drew
  15. As Simon said, contact a mod and they can move it for you Drew
  16. Not True I do this several times a day. Only in some rare situations will users still have issues. Do not use the first "r" option. go thru as if your doing a fresh install, then rather then format select repari and then select leave system intact |Drew|
  17. Id be lieing if i said i did...but then again i have the worst memory possiably ever =) But anywho nice to see you back at MSFN |Drew|
  18. Try seperate the My docs, my music etc |Drew|
  19. Id have to agree with Mx. Sounds like the mobo has gone bad. If its still under warrenty however you may want to look into a replacement online somwhere. |Drew|
  20. Tight! Trillian is the bombdiggaty |Drew|
  21. Might not be the answer your looking for but, nLite can remove it.. Otherwise i bet the code is in the Ref file.. |Drew|
  22. Thankx mate! I hope you like the site! Enjoy your stay here at the MSFN Community |Drew|
  23. I have tried the Vantec stealths...uhhh ya not so stealth... Go with Panaflo (for fans anyway) As for PSU, id go with an enermax noisetaker 485w or higher. for the CPU, Zalman all the way. I even use the Zalman GPU cooler...my comp is **** near noiseless. |Drew|
  24. You will notice a degradation is quality after about 15ft. Consider a powed Kvm or vid spliter |Drew|

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