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  1. Add ExtractNow & UPX to the context entries manually removed(these apps were NOT uninstalled though).
  2. Read this semi-related issue fix To see if you have one of the apps in question or just too many context entries added. It should do the the trick. Glary Utilities
  3. I seem to remember a mention @ support site of some major entity... that Fax issues would occur with either update to Vista and/or individual Vista updates... to the point where Fax might not work at all / require installing additional utility from them.
  4. OK... some things to report(remember, running Vista Home Premium w/ latest SP1): 1. The context menu had really been flummoxed-- as well entries like Run as Admin were gone, even for .msi... HOWEVER-- the context menu was unchanged / undamaged for SHORTCUTS of extensions in question: exe / zip / msi / etc. BUTTTT..... selecting those commands ie running a shortcut of an msi file as Admin, etc. resulted in "no action occurring"... i see this is as a frequently-mentioned problem in Vista web-wide BTW. 2. I fixed everything(after trying numerous expected fixes-- registry(added Run as Admin to context of each extension...to no avail...etc.), uninstall/reinstall, etc.-- here's how: A. Simultaneously uninstalled: 7-z, 7zip, AlZip, IzArc, PeaZip, TugZip, Universal Extractor (sorry but have very little disposable time these days to post here, let alone experiment one app at a time). B. Removed from context menu all leftover entries re those apps(used the module from Glary Utilities) EXCEPT for those of Universal Extractor, 7zip & ZipInstaller. C. Re-installed latest versions of(with all file associations DEselected BUT all context menu entries selected in all of them): Universal Extractor(1.6 BETA), 7zip, IzArc... plus re-enabled context option in ZipInstaller. Everything back to normal(even things like Run as Admin) except: D. IzArc context entries will not appear in context menu. E. Having not associated .zip with any particular app, double-clicking such a file opens up Universal Extractor. 4. Conclusion(s)???? Draw your own.... it was either: F. One of the permanently-removed apps was the culprit.. especially since i now seem to remember some such context issues on other systems from years ago: win98, winXP. ORRRRR: G. The sheer number of context entries(I run at high-resolution on a large monitor, and even then the context menu scrolled off the top and bottom). BTW, yes, was still able to access any entry thru the scroll arrows. H. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Universal Extractor is to be held blameless here. Good Luck all.
  5. QUOTE (horsecharles @ Nov 23 2007, 12:47 PM) Nitro, I'm gonna cross-post here-- serves to bump up this thread as well... Context menu entries for Universal Extractor have disappeared(for .zip, .msi & .exe), on Vista Home Premium Sp1(btw no such issues on Win XP SP3). I've tried reinstalling, w/ all possible context entries enabled and .zip associated w/ it, of course-- to no avail. Send To shortcut remains in place. horsecharles, have you had any luck resolving this? I don't have access to a Vista system, so I'm pretty limited in what I can do to troubleshoot here. However, if you did find a solution, I think it'd be nice to post it here so that anyone having a similar issue can benefit. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________ Near as i can tell... i attribute it to one of Vista's many improv-- err arbritrary, capricious, useless, undocumented changes: it has to do mainly with the setting to list zip files as folders... this not only affects zip files, but exe and other file types as well. Where's what happens when one right-clicks an exe, zip, etc. file(mind you, with just about all zip/extract utilities-- i have @ 10 installed)... EITHER OR(assuming of course, that ALL possible context menu extensions have been enabled in each utility) in order of highest probability: 1. All context entries disappear save for app name w/ a toggle arrow that when clicked reveals context menu entries for that app(though usually only a few, not all). This is the scenario for the majority. 2. And the case with Uni-- all context entries totally gone. 3. For one or two apps-- most context entries disappear, but a couple remain. HOWEVER.... if in windows explorer-- in the left Folders pane-- when folder contents are expanded with zip files listed there as well... IF you then right-click a file 'in there only' all context entries appear as originally upon install... click 'that same file' in the right side Folder Contents and you will NOT get those context entries. Mind you that the only extension listed in folder pane would be zip .
  6. Photoshop will use it, even under 32 bit OS.
  7. Nitro, I'm gonna cross-post here-- serves to bump up this thread as well... Context menu entries for Universal Extractor have disappeared(for .zip, .msi & .exe), on Vista Home Premium Sp1(btw no such issues on Win XP SP3). I've tried reinstalling, w/ all possible context entries enabled and .zip associated w/ it, of course-- to no avail. Send To shortcut remains in place. Of note-- may help you-- re related programs: Those with issues-- PeaZip: identical situation-- all entries disappeared as well + all Send To entries still in place. ZipInstaller: context entry ONLY appears after archive is opened & listed in Explorer 'Folder' Pane-- ALTHOUGH ONLY if right-clicked from that side, NOT if right-clicked in File pane. ExtractNow context entries have disappeared for .exe files, but for .zip have NOT disappeared. 7Zip main context 'name' entry is still there, BUT its command submenu NEVER LOADS. Other related programs "with no such issues(each/all the very latest release, even if beta/rc/etc.)": #7Z, AlZip, IzArc, GSplit. BTW A. Universal Extractor, even before reinstall, was the last program of its kind installed. B. SP1 for Vista was only installed 2 days ago. C. Universal Extractor was upgraded to present Beta 1.6, w/ no issues, from the day it was released to the public. Dollars to Doughnuts this is a Vista change issue-- 1. NO such issues on WinXP SP3, & 2. Going by MS deadline to programmers to comply with all Vista OS changes: something along the lines that 'initially' older programs could still run normally w/ some older behaviors allowed & expected folder locations still in place... until xx date. One other possibility: some critical windows services "may need to be set to Automatic" for Universal Extractor to function properly??? i constantly weed out unnecessary ones-- although rarely Disable, usually set to Manual. For instance: i had slsvc & SLUINotify set to Manual(after subsequent restart one Started, the other did not-- btw one depends on the other: cannot be started / stopped if the other one is stopped / started)... and lost Control Panel functionality... they both MUST be set to Auto. And... i DON"T have MS Update set to auto. Again, fantastic work on your part... thank you.
  8. I have no problems at all...HP system...v12 of the driver obtained directly from Intel site(as opposed to older version from HP site): http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...07〈=eng What's your system, and do you have latest bios, mobo drivers, and VERY Important: latest Infinst AND chipset drivers from Intel? And as well latest firmware / drivers for your router..... Actually, it could be the router...try unhooking it and connecting your broadband modem directly to your nic, then re-starting...
  9. Bom Noich: I thought a few qualities requisite of an MSFN moderator would be: 1. Intelligence, or at least common sense. 2. Scruples / moral character. 3. Maturity 4. Apolitical as much as possible.
  10. Firstly, this is such a babealicious project...BB you're a total babe! Spyad now ist kaput for me! TL: I got it to work by completely replacing the top line in her reg file with just: REGEDIT4 (btw CURRENT_USER seems to work better for me at least), so with a text editor did a mass replace of: LOCAL_MACHINE w/ CURRENT_USER (match upper case selected), and just merged. btw this is a handy app to use in conjunction: http://www.funkytoad.com/zonedout.htm I just can't get Zoned Out to work seamlessly w/ LOCAL_MACHINE...nor get programs to install properly for ALL_USERS instead... maybe it's because i don't login to windows. BB thank you again, hope i didn't do anything wrong.
  11. It may not hurt to run a couple of simple fixes first: run sfc, reinstall msi upgrade, repair associations / system files maybe with tweak ui, run a reg repair utility-- even a simple one like Spybot's Tools/System Internals may catch something. Semi-related but i will say one thing: every single Office install from 95 thru 2k3 has had some bug/error: i always run that spybot tool after an office install & it catches files left behind in Temp folder or install media, files placed in wrong folder or install path in registry incorrect, misspelled / incomplete registry entry re path or file/folder name... to the degree that i'm surprised no one's developed some post-install script/utility to correct all & maybe even make sure everything's been properly registered & no critical Win files / associations have been erroneously tampered with..... Good Luck.
  12. In a pinch it'd be OK, esp. since you're not starting windows: i'd keep the case opened-- in the winter on the window sill, summer in front of ac unit.
  13. read this first: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=28839 then get the whole enchilada here: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/285/1/
  14. This is not meant at cguarnie -- & btw welcome to the forums!!!-- but as commentary in general. Search first is correct. And the reason search is so difficult, is due in part to multiple posters not having searched to begin with. This obfuscating / lowering of quality of content is what kills 'our ratings' & maybe even the site. Being a tech person or geek is NOT principally due to being more intelligent-- it's about not being mentally lazy, working hard, being motivated, having goals. Now, there are exceptions sometimes: handicaps, emergencies, etc. To use a non-computer analogy, most folks who can't program their: say, vcr-- are actually able to if they'd just read the manual like they used to cram for big exams in school, step-by-step, click all the buttons-- AS MANY times as it takes! Betcha if a substantial cash prize were offered, most would do it. But why should a person expect to be paid to improve themselves / their situation-- whether it's with money or another person's time(which is worth money to them, no?) Lucky at love, yes i've got the winning touch........
  15. 4 home pages on FF w/ the foxPose extension(each takes up 1/4 of screen simultaneously)... one of them is the customized Google page with one of its tabs being MSFN.
  16. Rather than go thru the usual rigamarole: what have you tried, did you do this, that, them, those, etc., try everything here-- guaranteed to fix your dilemma: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Storage/Q_20950260.html
  17. It's in one of the clients/consoles-- forget which one.... is it this one? http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en
  18. possibly opening a can of worms-- get the latest x-setup and search for its windows service pack fix
  19. hhmmm, guess no divine guidance from above for you on this one result #1 on google: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;326673 Another n00b pwned! back to my lair to await the next one
  20. Too little too late.... while Nero fiddles, some type of partnership between any/all/additional of the following parties will take over the comsumer OS market: Google(they'll soon own just about everyone), Sony/IBM/Toshiba/Motorola(for newly announced revolutionary processor, 16+gb flash mem, terabyte compact disc & terabyte server disk home products, & present / past demonstrated ability to form strategic alliances)...)/Sun(for grid arrays of multiple ram/processors<bypass bus>, browser, & possibly OS)/Apple(maybe for OS if they're on the ball, & they did partner up before with IBM & Motorola for Power Pc, as well worked on virtual windows)/Athlon(big maybe if they're smart to adapt)/(cutting edge multi-gig flash developments, Leading to one or both of the following happnenings: another OS & platform will supplant Windows(& Intel) AND/OR MS(intel too) will be taken over or fade away... Just a crystal ball-- NOT an agenda....
  21. I've seen that problem for specific reaons, BUT they nay not be likely for you, since you burned successfully yesterday. So rather than complicate the issue, let me know if you've any of these situations: 1. Sonic MyDvd OR an app that utilitzes DLA(drive letter assignment) AND SpywareGuard or such app that immunizes / blocks installing BHO's or real-time file protection enabled... 2. You've partitioned recently... in particular w/ Paragon...
  22. One possible other drawback: ram uses 4k clusters-- vis a vis pagefile(s) is what i'm thinking....
  23. This link didn't make it in the last post, Fred: http://www.contextmagic.com/ftp/InfoTagFreeSetup.exe
  24. Hhhmmmm, see my answer here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=39298
  25. So glad we could be of assistance-- Consider yourself lucky you're not on Expert's Exchange, or we'd be demanding our points anyhow.......

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