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Programs that don't need to be installed

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Here's a list of most "stand-alone" programs mentioned here. Great work INONIT!

Hi, which programs you use which don't need to be installed? Also, how do integrate them in your unattended installation? DUREX diserves credit for his "Stand Alone" applications thread from where I gotten the idea. But I thougt there might be more interest for such a thread in the unattended section. Also, I'm willing to update this startpost once and every while to keep an up-to-date list of all programs. So please only post additions/corrections to keep this thread as maintainable as possible.

I'll begin by listing my "out-of-the-box" programs:

AccessEnum - Quickly view all insecure permissions settings

Autoruns - View which files run at startup

CDImage - ISO creator

Diskview - View where a file is scattered over a drive

FileMon - Realtime file monitoring

Hexplorer - Really good hexeditor, can even edits Disk sectors.

Hijackthis - Merijn's anti spy-ware tool

Metapad - Notepad replacement

mouserate - Check your mouse refreshrate in Hz

netscan - Quickly view all hosts on a network

pci32 - View PCI devices with information

procexp - Proces Explorer - Very enhanced Proces viewer

putty - SSH / Telnet client

RegMon - Monitor registry changes/accesses at realtime

ResHacker - Change resources in executables and dll's

Restoration - Restore deleted files

Rw - Remote Wake-up Utility

Sniffer - IP tools (network sniffer / prober / monitoring)

vcswap - Enable/Disable installed codecs

I integrate these programs by simply unrarring a rar-file (which contains them all) them to %SystemDrive%\Tools en creating a shortcut in the quicklaunch to this folder.

Addition: Only free programs please!

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fonts, themes and most of the part of "customizing windows" are rar-sfxs so they're not "installed"...


Cool Edit Pro 2


Firefox bookmarks and preferences

Gordian Knot

GUI-Replacer modules

mIRC (plus phanatic script)

Winamp preferences skins and settings

WMP 10 skins and visualizations

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small tools in system32 dir:

cdimage.exe (commandline)

lower.exe - lowercase all files in a directory (commandline)

md5.exe - md5 checksum calculator (commandline)

path_add.exe - add a directory to PATH setting (commandline)

qfecheck.exe - list installed hotfixes (commandline)

shortcut.exe - shortcut creator (commandline)

srvinstw.exe - service install/uninstall utility

startup.exe - startup monitor

stripreloc.exe (commandline)


uptime.exe - displays uptime (commandline)

wget.exe - the original ;) (commandline)

bigger ones for programfiles dir:


Adobe Reader


Everest Home


McAfee Firewall

McAfee VirusScan

Media Player Classic

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Thunderbird

MS Office 2003

Nero Burning ROM

Sun Java

Timesync Utility

Total Commander




anything else would be too senseless for being installed by default for me :)

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Here Mine This Runs From The Cmdlines.txt

[COMMANDS]"REGEDIT /S 000.reg""REGEDIT /S 020.reg""REGEDIT /S 040.reg""REGEDIT /S 060.reg""REGEDIT /S 080.reg""UaPrestart.cmd""RunOnceEx.cmd"
The UaPrestart.cmd start Contains These CmdsVIDCHNG.EXEUaKillTime.htmlPROGS.EXEThis Contains The Things I dont need To Install.Below Is What In Progs.exeAd-AwareAdvance WMAEasyCleanMsRegCleanerRegCleanerReplacerSpybot - Search & DestroyResource HackerTMPGEncVbsEditTHEMES.EXEI have 4 custom themes I did In ThisWMPSKINS.EXELike The Name SaysWMPSKINS.EXELike The Name SaysCleanUP Order
Here Is My UAPRESTART.CMD I have Edit So All

My Sfx Wont Start Add Yours There.

This Script Has No Start /w cmds So

What Runs Are The Messages In The Script, I Use

These To Allow Time Between Each Cmd, To Finish.

Blue Is What You Change To Yours

Orange You Must Remove To Make Active

Green Are Makers So You Can Find Them Easier In The Script

1 Cmd


::::::start VidChng.exe 1024x768x32@85 -q

2 Cmd


::::::start UaKillTime.html

This Is Safe To Remove From The Whole Script

3 Cmd


::::::start Progs.exe

4 Cmd

::::::::::::::CUSTOM THEMES

::::::start Themes.exe

5 Cmd


::::::start WmpSkins.exe

6 Cmd



ECHO Preparing The Clean Up Process !!!!

ping -n 4>nul | Echo The RunOnceEx.cmd Start In 4 Seconds!!!

del /s /q %SD1%Rest*.vbs

I Gunsmokingman give all users full permission to do what ever they want with this script.


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Actually.. when I said I was going to update my startpost to maintain a list of all programs... I was lying! :whistle:

This is waaay to much work! Just let everybody read the entire thread! :P

Keep up the good progams though :thumbup

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My main goal was find apps you can run from USB key and use on any PC... some of the programs posted above dont meet this criteria without addtional configuration... The couple mozilla apps (firefox, thunderbird) for example need additional configuration if you want to be able to use them on a usb on any pc since by default they create entries in the Application Data folder...

I guess I'll try to keep the other thread alive with only programs of this nature....

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We should do the same concept for Games! Boy I hate having to reinstall all my stuff...

For Example:

- Call of Duty

- Doom III

- Homeworld I & II

- Max Payne 2

- Midtown Madness I & II

- Medal of Honor Allied Assault

- Price of Persia

- Star Wars BattleFront

Of course sometimes you need a NOCD patch but it is worthwhile!

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The couple mozilla apps (firefox, thunderbird) for example need additional configuration if you want to be able to use them on a usb

Have a look here:


Portable Firefox 1.0 (USB Drive-Friendly)

Moving Soon: This project is now an official project

on MozDev and will soon be moving to a new address:



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Well if you use some P2P app's you could grab the collection listed here. [link]

All Freeware, GPL,LGPL or Open

Another link to a listing of SAPPs (Stand Alone Apps) [link]

Tho really shouldn't this topic be in the app's section of the forum?

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