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  1. [Linky] Okay I've created a little package that will build three different HOSTS file Add-on's. These are based on: HP HOSTS MINE.NU HOSTS MVPS HOSTS Now you can only have one HOSTS file...and MVPS seems to be the most popular. However you can take your pick...or alter the script to generate you one based off of another public resource. Enjoy Note this does depend on WinRAR being installed into it's default location.
  2. [Linky] Okay this all came about because I couldn't figure out a way in a reasonable amount of time to be able to extract the contents of a SFX file where I wanted dynamically. As I didn't want to extract to "C:\Windows\System32\" when Windows is on D:\ or some other drive. Now my script will not override any folders archived into the SFX file...but it will override any Comment pathing...or at least that's what I've been lead to believe. If you need to overwrite a file or files you need to still add the SFX comment to perform an overwrite...as that is beyond the scope of my script. Overwrite=1 Anyways I'm just going to cut and paste out of the ReadMe file I enclosed in the archive linked to above. Command Line Syntax is: InstallSFX.exe "<SFX.exe>" @Alias "\<Optonal Further Pathing>\" Example: InstallSFX.exe ScreenSavers.exe @SystemDir Will extract the contents of ScreenSavers.exe into the System32 folder. Keep in mind that if an SFX file's name contains spaces it must be enclosed in quotes. The same applies to the optional pathing...which should be preceeded with a backslash. The Following are available: ; All Users ; ===================================== @AppDataCommonDir ; path to Application Data @DesktopCommonDir ; path to Desktop @DocumentsCommonDir ; path to Documents @FavoritesCommonDir ; path to Favorites @ProgramsCommonDir ; path to Start Menu's Programs folder @StartMenuCommonDir ; path to Start Menu folder @StartupCommonDir ; path to Startup folder ; Current User ; ===================================== @AppDataDir ; path to current user's Application Data @DesktopDir ; path to current user's Desktop @MyDocumentsDir ; path to My Documents target @FavoritesDir ; path to current user's Favorites @ProgramsDir ; path to current user's Programs (folder on Start Menu) @StartMenuDir ; path to current user's Start Menu @StartupDir ; current user's Startup folder @UserProfileDir ; Path to current user's Profile folder. ; Other Macro's ; ===================================== @HomeDrive ; Drive letter of drive containing current user's home directory. @ProgramFilesDir ; path to Program Files folder @CommonFilesDir ; path to Common Files folder @WindowsDir ; path to Windows folder @SystemDir ; path to Windows' System (or System32) folder @TempDir ; path to the temporary files folder For an example of this in actual use check out my addon to add Screen Meditation ScreenSavers to my Base Install.
  3. [Linky] Okay I've linked to some AutoIt scripts I created...fairly beta stuff...and these are really only for those that have experience with AutoIt, for the time being. Now the base idea is to be able to make a fairly orderly Start Menu post Unattended...rather than having the typical cluster f***. It is my hope to get a fair amount of folks involved in this...so that a lot of software shortcuts can be covered and a fairly common convention can be established. !!WARNING!! The primary script will Delete all shortcuts on your Desktop & Quick Launch...if you read the script you'll see where and how to disable this. Further it will move shortcuts around in the Start Menu...and Delete some folders...and create new folders. This occurs in Current User, All Users & Default. Now it will not move everything...or at least not likely...given I dont' have every speck of software out there installed right now...hell not even a lot of common apps. However one of the scripts "Get Shortcuts.au3" will dig through Current & All users and create some text files on your desktop...the contents of these can be edited and pasted into the main script to move stuff around. There is already a text file included...that is called "Exclude List.txt" that is meant to shield certain folders from being parsed...mostly to help cut down having to rummage through stuff that has already been moved...should you install more stuff later...or you don't wish to expose something. The base folders that are created are: Internet Media Tools Development Tools DVD Tools General Tools GFX Tools Internet Tools Media Tools Network Tools P2P Tools Security Tools Shell Tools System Tools Text Yeah rather bland and probably not well liked. I am up for suggestions on naming and arrangement. Right now all shortcuts are moved to All Users...this can be over ridden. Basic Markup is: _MoveShotcuts( $Origin , $Destination , $Where = @ProgramsCommonDir , $QuickLaunch = False ) What it typically looks like: _MoveShotcuts( "\7-Zip\7-Zip File Manager.lnk", "\Tools General\7-Zip.lnk" ) _MoveShotcuts( "\7-Zip\7-Zip Help.lnk" , "\Tools General\Help\7-Zip.lnk" ) Which moves some links that are somewhere (checks all menu folders) in \7-zip\ to all users \tools general\ with the help file being placed in a sub folder called help and then renamed to the application. The main idea is to organize the actual applications & their corresponding help and helper app's...while getting rid of useless uninstall links and readme files and the like. I highly suggest making backups of your start menu items before running the main script...while it should do the right thing...you may not be pleased with the result...or you may have forgotten to keep a shortcut. Anyways I hope some folks will get involved ether by creating complete edits or submitting dumps of their start menu. I'll try and clean up this post to give better explanations & examples...but I'm tired now so night. Oh thanks for all that take part in this.
  4. First off a link to the package: [Linky] All you really need is WinRAR installed...ideally in it's default location...and some True Type Fonts...those are the ones with the TTF extension...this doesn't work with the others sadly. 1. Download the package and extract it anywhere. 2. Copy fonts you wish to install into the sub folder named Fonts. 3. Execute ether the AU3 script or the Executable named "Package TTF Fonts". 4. Wait a few seconds You should have a new CAB file ready to integrate into your Unattended Disc...just use nLite or RVMIntergrater. If WinRAR isn't in it's default location the script will prompt you for where it's at...and it does expect the name WinRAR.exe...anything else and it'll exit. Now this isn't designed for you to have multiple Font packs...but you could certainly edit the script to do so. Just take into the fact of the nature of Add-on's. Anyways have fun.
  5. Misc Add-on's

    You are very welcome, and yeah for freeware its very nice indeed.
  6. Misc Add-on's

    [Linky] MediaFire folder. * Hold up * - seems I got one of my addon's screwing up the install process...ether that or VirtualBox is being picky...things ran fine on Virtual PC...anyways the short of it is dont' deploy with my addon's till I get things squared away. == All fixed it was ThreatFire that caused the hang...so everything is golden again. The following are available at the above link: ProgramAddons Adolix Wallpaper Changer 2.2.cab ProgramAddons Agent Ransack 2010 (762).cab ProgramAddons CDisplayEx 1.8.cab ProgramAddons Cobian Backup ProgramAddons ComicRack 0.9.142.cab ProgramAddons ConTEXT 0.98.6.cab ProgramAddons Defraggler 2.05.315.cab ProgramAddons EditPad Lite 7.0.4.cab ProgramAddons Exalead ProgramAddons Fast Explorer 2008 ProgramAddons FileMenu Tools 5.8.1.cab ProgramAddons Find and Run Robot 2.99.01.cab ProgramAddons Free Download Manager 3.8.1041.cab ProgramAddons Free Launchbar 2.0.cab ProgramAddons GeSWall 2.9.1.cab ProgramAddons ImageXtender ProgramAddons jane 1.65.cab ProgramAddons John's Background Switcher 4.4.cab ProgramAddons JPSoft TCCLE 12.11.69.cab ProgramAddons KeePass 2.15.cab ProgramAddons Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ProgramAddons MediaTab 1.1.9.cab ProgramAddons Miner Mole 1.11.cab ProgramAddons Multi Monitor Mouse 1.1.cab ProgramAddons MyFonts.cab ProgramAddons PeerBlock 1.1.cab ProgramAddons Pidgin 2.9.0.cab ProgramAddons RJ TextEd 7.43.cab ProgramAddons Sandboxie 3.56.cab ProgramAddons Screen Meditation ScreenSavers.cab ProgramAddons Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0.cab ProgramAddons Send To Toys 2.61.cab ProgramAddons Software Informer 1.1.657.cab ProgramAddons Stickies 7.1a.cab ProgramAddons SUMo ProgramAddons TED Notepad 5.4.2.cab ProgramAddons TotalEdit Lite 5.4.7.cab ProgramAddons UltraVNC ProgramAddons Update Checker 1.038.cab ProgramAddons uTorrent 2.2.1.cab ProgramAddons VirtualBox 4.0.10.cab ProgramAddons WinPatrol 20.5.2011.cab ProgramAddons WizMouse I'm new to going this route...so quality will likely improve, as well as frequency of updates. Hehe the quality of my posts will most certainly improve...this is kind of lack luster just to get stuff out the door.
  7. My application switches

    Odd bloody place to ask for an AutoIt script. ; This will install SUPERAntiSpyware $Search = FileFindFirstFile( "SUPERAntiSpyware*.exe" ) If $Search = -1 Then Exit $Install = FileFindNextFile( $Search ) If FileExists( $Install ) Then Run ( $Install & ' /SILENT' ) Else Exit EndIf ProcessWait ( "SUPERAntiSpyware.exe" , 30 ) ProcessClose( "SUPERAntiSpyware.exe" ) Make sure the installer is NOT named "SUPERAntiSpyware.exe" or the AutoIt script...ether will cause bad things to happen. Actually if you look at the code it assumes the name will be based on the application. The name I used for the installer is "SUPERAntiSpyware4551000.exe" since it's version 4.55.1000. Anyways it'll run the installer silently then kill the app as soon as it starts it's post install setup. First time you start it...will then start the Post Install setup again. ** Update ** While what I put up there works fine when fully in windows...it fails when done during the install process...this would have to be fully scripted or repackaged.
  8. Windows Blinds & BSPlayer

    Well WinBlinds is a major pain in the a**...with AutoIt depending on how much you wish to tweak things...as the skinned interface is really not AutoIt friendly. Course I haven't messed with any of this stuff in years...plus AutoIt isn't exactly silent...mostly just automated. Exactly what are you getting hung up on?
  9. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    muiz - You never seen that AutoIt sticky thread at the top of the page? Exactly how did you think it became a sticky? It was originally titled some thing else and the only script in it was one that Fuzzball did for WinAmp then I spammed 40+ scripts in it and before you know it, it was stickied and renamed...why do you think Fuzzball makes so much mention of me in the first post? hmm maybe I should ask Alanoll to make a post here, since I think it was him that made it a sticky, and I know for certain it was him that cleanned it up for me a few times. Most scripts in that thread are based off my coding style and format. That CopyToDVD autoit script you used the other day...your work or was it some thing you clipped off me? seapagan - They ask for money, phrase it how ever...money is still being asked for. Tell me when you bought windows...did its source code become your property? Doesn't matter, as I've stated before, there will be no sale, donations. Frankly at this point, I'm looking at s*** canning all freeware, open source projects I'm involved with. MAVERICKS CHOICE - Thanks for the kind words.
  10. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    hmm nLite, Driver Packs, are a few big ones that ask for money...they are still here so I would say its safe to ask for money here. Always spinning things eh...I don't recall ever stating I would be forcing any one, nor did I ever state I would be asking for money here. I simply asked if people would pay and if so how much for what. Nah its not really over at this point if any thing hopefully this thread will make others think twice about contributing here.
  11. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    Exactly who the hell you think you are? Your not xper or any mod here...yet you seem to act like your the s*** here, and have some real say over what happens here and what doesn't. I've seen your AutoIt scripts, and there is a world of a diff between what you write and what I write...or should I say what I write and what some generater does. hmm it seems to me that the bulk of the quality stuff here is produced by people looking to get some sort of return. Any ways have fun playing with your script makers.
  12. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    Kelsenellenelvian - Very big of you for the above statement...respect.
  13. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    Removed out of respect to Kelsenellenelvian
  14. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    Francesco - That may have been an idea prior, but at this point...things are done and over. Yzöwl - Yes I called them scum, and still will from this point on, you and Scuba have made that perfectly clear that, those are the type of people that make up this forum. Really what does it matter what I call any one...I've already stated there will be no sale, there will be no sharing...there will be nothing. So why would I now need to kiss any a** or be nice about any thing? Spin things how you want...its of little concern to me, at this point.
  15. Question: Pay for AutoIt?

    You are incorrect, I should not be expected to defend my self from an unknown attack. You made the statement based off no facts...if any thing the context of the thread should have left you with the feeling that I did in fact have scripts posted some where till such point that I removed them...which again under the context of the discussion should lead one to believe that it happened upon a threat made. Your spinning this yet again. I asked a question pure and simple, looking only for a simple reply...which I didn't get...instead I got people issuing threats, and badgering me about stuff that frankly isn't even dirrectly in context with the subject at hand...which is if people would pay...and if so..how much for what...not very difficult eh? Sitting here looking for approvel or giving information away to help others by pass paying is out of context, and by all means frankly wrong. Taking and giving of my files and my feelings about it is not what the context of the original discussion was on. Frankly if I had gotten simple feedback that I couldn't make money off selling the script I would have left them be and still helped around the forum. That how ever is not how things have gone...so scripts will not be making a come back..nor will I be helping any more around this forum as you and others have outlined those that make the bulk of its populance are scum. Any ways I'm not going to sit here and discuss warm hearted banter about helping people...since I now after this discussion no longer view it as warm hearted...simply now just being played by cheap scum.