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  1. I'm sorry but this looks like Warez to me.
  2. This IE7 + SP3 is a Microsoft mess again... I've been waisting so much time with this. I tried GreenMachine solution but my installation is rebooting at T-13 so it goes into an infinite loop (restart at T-39) Do I need to install the Rootsupd.exe or it has nothing to do with this?
  3. It looks like the ball can start higher now... I got 5703 without cheating: HULK - 5703
  4. I bought a PS3 recently exactly for theses reasons... however the gameplay if much more fun on the Wii!
  5. You can write to a XML file without any problem with a HTA. My only concern would be in the WinPE environment...
  6. Then you cannot build a file larger than 4GB on this drive. You need to format as NTFS or remove stuff from your DVD so it is below 4GB in size.
  7. If I am not mistaken, Blu-Ray is winning this war? I heard that there is only a few company left in the HD-DVD boat so it is only a matter of time before thoses exclusive titles are available to Blu-Ray. Also, there are report in the states that there is 2 Blu-Ray player for 1 HD-Dvd sold to consumers (the PS3 is helping out). Last thing to know, Blu-Ray burner are available for PC since 1 year now. HD-Dvd burner? Yet to be seen...
  8. I gave one for Christmas to my brother. I used a small business server with Adaptec 1210SA Sata Card to get RAID1 security. This card was a nightmare to install... too many drivers on Adaptec website and none working properly (as they use to do on a Win2K3 Server). This issue is related (I beleive) with the way Windows is now installing thru WinPE. Anyway, I finally managed to install on a EIDE hard drive (must be over 80GB) then installing the RAID Card in Windows Home Server and then using Ghost to clone the EIDE drive to the Raid Array. Pheew. I must say I am too a little dissapointed. First, It is still too complicated for most people to setup (not talking about installing from scratch) this thing. Then there is some interesting features but I was expecting some other stuff in there: PRO: - Stability of Windows 2003 Server - Console Interface Easy to understand - Remote possibilities thru Web Interface - Search Engine Built in - Possibility to add extra plugs-ins? CONS: - Ugly front page for the Website - Website is mostly useless. Must go thru login to see something (why no public stuff available right from main page?) - Website allow you to download you music and pictures files (no slideshow!!! OMFG, no music streaming) - Icon on client always in RED meaning you have something wrong on your network (updates, domain name, WTF) - Strange access problem for a domain integrated laptop you bring home. - Only allow to select a .homeserver.com domain (blocking some options if you don't activate the domain) So I sincerely hope Microsoft or other software makers will boost the features of this server. PRIORITY #1 is a picture slideshow **** it. I don't want to download my picture you moron, I want to show them to other people.
  9. Yes I saw that and I deleted the redundant topics. I must admin I have a hard time figuring out what this user wants...
  10. I don't think there is a choice to be made here, we are already at the 4GB barrier... using 32-bits systems for the next few years will only delay development of the 64-Bit platform
  11. Try to run a 32-bit system with 4GB of ram... what a nightmare. I personnaly think Microsoft should have enforced Vista in the 64-Bits flavor (and maybe one limited 32-bit edition) so software maker would embrace more quickly...
  12. Thanks for the update... One of our "Big Boss" insisted to get is new computer (a simple Dual Quad Xeon with RAID10 of 15K SAS drives... looks like a virtualization server to me!) with Vista 64-Bits. I must tell you that I have big problem on this computer with USB ports (not to mention Vista trouble + the 64-Bits variant). Upon now, I had previously found KB937187_x64 which somehow kind of solved the problem but it is still shaky... Darn Vista. On some computer, no problemo at all and on others only troubles...
  13. I get KB939683 and KB933360 shown as critical today on my french windows XP SP2 setup...
  14. I think you have to unpack the KB905474 (with WinRAR for example) and you'll get a file named: WGANOT~1.EXE This file can be used with /quiet /norestart /nobackup just like any "regular" hotfixes... I am using the downloaded file, renamed "KB905474.exe". No other changes. - John
  15. Currently, I am building some "hot" workstations as research workhorses. Those beasts are equiped with 2x Quad Xeon 2.33Ghz (8 processor), 8GB of Ram, a RAID10 of 15K SAS Drive for fast workspace and a RAID5 of 1TB drives for storage, Quad Gigabit NIC, Etc... you get the idea: expensive and no compromise. Currently, I have three of them installed with Vista Ultimate Edition having a trully annoying issue: they don't want to work with USB Storage devices (Flash drives, External drives, etc.). The "fun" part is that they worked for a while but now they don't! Whenever you plug a device it says the driver could not be installed blah, blah, blah. I tried several tricks I found on some forums with people having the same issue but no luck. I found some other stuff I will try but for now this is a real pain in the a**. Thanks Microsoft.
  16. JAVA and JAVASCRIPT should not be together.
  17. Until there is an "official" guide here at MSFN, this one is a sticky.
  18. Take a look at this pinned topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58410 Once the modification is done, you can integrate the 64-bt version just like a regular 32-Bit OS
  19. NOW Everybody calm down. This is the only warning I will give before deleting this topic. I had to edit some post to remove flamming comments...
  20. Here is my two cents: In the last 3 years, I bought exclusively Seagate Hard Drives (SATA) from many series 7200.7, 7200.8, 7200.9, 7200.10 and recently the Barracuda ES series. I never had ANY drive to return out of 200 except for 1 drive that didn't pass a week-en long Burn-In-Test but this could have been caused by handling, etc. So no DOA, no RMA at 99.5% Buying Western Digital is kind of a lotery. I remember there was at least 3 or 4 different configuration (platter, density, etc.) for their 200Gb SATA drive BUT being tagged all the same (same part number regardless of the configuration of the drive). I find theses practices innaceptable. On a positive side I'd like to thank Western Digital for being the first and still the only company to manufacture a 10K RPM SATA Hard drive (since they don't make SCSI drives they don't fear loosing sales in this branch). As for Maxtor I didn't touch them for a long time... I had a failed 6Gb many years ago. I sold many of them in the retail (before and after they bought Quantum) and it was ok... a bit noisy but ok. You forgot to add Hitachi (IBM), Samsung, Fujitsu and Toshiba to your list! Remember that EACH of theses manufacturer had at least one bad series to their record (a series of drive where failure rate is more than 25%)! Keep in mind when choosing a disk drive is that the less heat they generate, the better durability you get. Now bring me some SSD (Solid State Drive)!
  21. Yep! But if he is willing to get the money at the Western Union Agent location that means he must be nearby in the UK...
  22. OH! My scammer just answered to my last Email! he says: So I guess the guy lives nearby!

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