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  1. Had I not come here and asked I wouldn`t of gone with the corsar. It`s been in since friday and I`m very happywith it, PSU`s have come a long way since two and a half years ago and with the 5 year guarantee I`ll not be buying one for a while, accept, like the tagan I probably will because by then they`ll have come even further I`ll want a newer, greater model, but still. Thanks all.
  2. I see it`s actuall inards are made by Seasonic who are apparently also good, so I thought to go with a seasonic because they have lower watt models available, but they have an extra fan and don`t have modular cables :/ Looks like it`s a Corsair 520HX then.. time for price hunting. Thanks for your help guys.
  3. I use onboard graphics, meant to mention that.. Reading around the Corsair has got all praise, I like the modular cables. My only concern is even the 520W version might be a bit overkill, there is a 450W version I see but it doesn`t have the modular cables. I`m going to look into your suggestions now DonDamm. From what you`ve said 330W would be ample? I guess with most people using beefy cpu`s and graphic`s, there`s not going to be anything in the lower power range that checks every item on my list.
  4. Yesterday after nearly two and a half years my Tagan TG420-UO1 420W PSU went bang with a flash of light and stream of smoke, thankfully, it didn`t take the rest of the system with it. I like the tagans build quality and it ran fine (up untill it blew up of course), but expected it to last a bit longer TBO so looking for an alternative. My Current system: MSI KM4M-V AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2X Crucial 512MB, 184-pin DIMM, DDR PC2700 Onboard Graphics 1X WD 40GB 1X WD 80GB 1X 90mm CPU fan Plextor Premium CD Writer Floppy drive I`m after something that`s capable of running the above (and maybe a few extra HD`s in the future) for at least 10 hours a day, be as quiet as possible, energy efficient, stable and eventually blow up gracefully I`ve got my eye on these http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...plies/qt-07400f http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...ies/nesteq-psus (450W) http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...ies/fanless423w Not sure if these are over kill but their quiet http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...s/yes-fl-550atx http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...pplies/nova600w Maybe even this but it`s tagen and not sure if 320W is enuogh anyway http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....123&subcat= Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  5. rumrak, No need to extract. Just add it as a hotfix. I agree the site needs to be clearer which is why i have a re-design of the website ready to go live when i release the next pack. Madhits45, You nor anyone else have reported my pack causing copy errors. Next month it will have been out for a year.
  6. You can edit winnt.sif by using AddDirective and EditFile Example 1 Will create a new directive and add a line under it: ; Createing [GuiRunOnce] directive in WINNT.SIF [AddDirective] WINNT.SIF,GuiRunOnce ; Adding a line under the created directive [EditFile] WINNT.SIF,GuiRunOnce,GuiRunOnce [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install\start.cmd Example 2 Will add lines to an existing directive, notice how multiple lines can be added: ; Adding lines to an existing directive [EditFile] WINNT.SIF,Unattended,Unattended [unattended] WaitForReboot="No" NoWaitAfterTextMode=1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode=1
  7. If you get file copy errors it`s because you`ve done something wrong or it`s a bug in nLite. Check your methods and if you still get copy errors make a new thread with steps to reproduce the errors so it can be reproduced and debugged. btw my pack installs legitcheckcontrol.dll so you can access microsoft update.. it doesn`t install the tray nag.
  8. Like i say at ryans forum: I`ve always done everything with nLite and had no copy errors, whichever pack i`ve used. Get on MSN RaGhul and you can walk me through exactly what you do to get copy errors. If it`s reproducible we can figure out why it happens.
  9. This fix is available in 4 languages from my hotfix share archive: http://hotfix.xable.net/ You can also upload aswell as download so if you have any unofficial hotfix`s please upload them there for everyone to share.
  10. He musn`t know that nLite now supports 7zip, Zip and RAR compression. Changelog excerpt:
  11. Link not working again xper. If you send me the site files i`ll mirror it.. lots of invaluable info gosh had collected there.
  12. Yes and ryan already said that, i agreed, then went onto explain the only other way to do it was to record the changes yourself.. i think you misunderstood my reply. I`m thinking he doesn`t have the unmodded CD and want`s one without SP.. maybe wants to go back to SP1 or just have a clean cd without a SP ready to slip SP3 into it.. I know I prefer sliping SP`s into clean rtm cd..
  13. I do realise that.. there is also a howto for requesting fix`s if you bother to look
  14. For unofficial fix`s I run a hotfix share with a forum for requests hotfix.xable.net 911262, 912784 and 915415 are there but only english verisons i`m afraid. 919071 is publicly available. Hope this helps.
  15. I know exactly what nLite is capable of thanx very much.. i test the alphas...
  16. Ye unless you have a log of everything that changed on the cd after the slipstream and a backup of the files which were overwriten your chasing a lost cause i`m afraid.
  17. I updated the key and cleaned the layout for myself, it`s attatched for those that want it. Full cred still goes to Jotnar i didn`t add anything usefull.. thanx Jotnar for this great list.
  18. Does anyone know the label for "Windows XP Professional SP2 Retail Reduced Media Edition"?
  19. marjorieproops, One users ideal setup is another users nightmare setup, you`d probably spend more time testing each install to find the `ideal` setup for you than if you dived in and learned how to create your own, and really it`s not that difficult once you get your teeth into it. If you realy need this then you`ll make the time.. otherwise you can probably do without. I imagine he said that before somone jumped in accusing him of not owning a copy of windows, which is usually what happens in these types of threads. Yep and it`s also ok to want a second opinion from someone more in the know on the subject. More often than not it sparks of discussion where you can generaly learn something. Something you wouldn`t of learned if you had kept your gob shut
  20. Can`t say if you should be worried but, upgrades can be messy; After i upgraded from 98SE to XP i had loadz of weired problems, in the end i backed up my files, wiped the disc clean and re-installed a full copy of xp. Everything then worked like a dream not to mention the extra space gain. If i was you i would format the disc and install a fresh copy of xp. Good Luck.
  21. Not realy... i`m just too lazy to update it.
  22. Sorry could of sworn i updated the first post. This is discontinued now due to lack of interest... it`s easy enough to update yourself though. Here`s a link to the old version. http://rapidshare.de/files/10406287/OfficeUpdater.7z.html Happy New Year
  23. You could try using Control Panel File Maker

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