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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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var deps=[];             // dependency, fill in uids of progs, this one is dependent of

                        //  if a dependent program is selected, its 'parent' gets selected too

                        //  if 'parent' is deselected, program is also deselected

First of all, Hey hasi!

I didn't know if you left for good; I haven't seen you post in a while! :)

Now, could you explain, or post an exmaple, of how to use the dependency? Sounds really useful, but I'm not enitrely sure how it works.

NO confirmation message, when timer reaches 0:00

Did you also remove the standard confirmation message? (the one where user clicks Begin Install)? Or do I still have to comment out that line "window.alert(getText(msgStartInstall));" to remove Alert?

Thanks again!

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to stop WPI from installing twice you must edit the WPI.hta file

find the text

<!-- The continue button. -->

about 11 lines below is this

onClick="CreateFile(); self.close();">

change it to

onClick="stopInterval();CreateFile(); self.close();">

one line below is this

<font class="side" onClick="CreateFile(); self.close();">

change it to this

<font class="side" onClick="stopInterval();CreateFile(); self.close();">

The problem was the timer is still running after clicking BeginInstall, why it only does this if everything is selected i am looking into.

This applies to all versions so far a i can see...

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Thanks BritishBulldog i'll give it a try. Btw i'm not sure i only happens when everything is selected. I tried last time like this: On my config file i set nero to Default=no and when wmi started i just clicked begin install (everything exept nero was installed as it was set in default) but secont wmi still started when countdown ended...

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So you do not want the confirmation message. Ok - removed it. And the problem with the timer not stopping is solved too.

New Version: 2.9.9a at the WPI homepage.

The homepage's docs, config and faq sections were also updated to reflect the new possibility to make progs dependent on each other.

Have a nice time...

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