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  1. Hey Guys, sorry for the delay, but actully i was in a vacation and when i take one i like to be away from all kind of technology and devices anyway i will review your questions and see what i can do to make this easier. it is a good thing to hear from all of you this feedback is very helpfull to me thanks
  2. can you please check if your seconed partion is primaty partition ? are you getting hal.dll error when you are going to GUI Setup or directly after you restart WINPE to get to TXT Setup??
  3. Dear robekia if you succeeded to instal to c: then 1,2,3,4 you are doing correctly. now for installing to D: you have to change this line changes is in bold you will find this in xp2003.cmd please report if this worked for you regards
  4. Upgrading from 32bit XP to 64bit 7 is not supported, windows seven instlation will complain about that and it will rename windows folder windows.1 and install a fresh copy. better to back up your data to external hardisk so you can format then install
  5. in XP2003.cmd file you can comment the line diskpart /s diskpart.ini then you can do your own custom partitioning and format using diskpart tool to read more about diskpart tool you can chack here after that you can run xp2003.cmd to applay the rest of fix and then install also you may need to change the drive letter in /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: as jaclaz mensioned if you are installing do a drive other than c: please note that the clean command will delete all the partition on the selected drive s skip this step if you have more than one partition in one single phisical drive Good Luck
  6. wow!! thanks alot for the stiky man, this will give me extra push to make this better and easier for all
  7. you are more than welcome, i learnd alot from your topicts keep up the good job
  8. Dear all i have been reading alot in the last few days and i want to share my findings with you all. this will be a small project and it will be updated frequently so please show support by testing it and give advices\corrections Requirements: 1- Windows AIK from HERE 2- FileDisk 1.7 from HERE 3- PStart Application Lancher from HERE Part 1: Preparing your Windows PE Enviroment 1. Install the Windows AIK using default options. 2. Create Winpe 3.0 environment using the Windows AIK by excuting this command : D:\ Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\copype.cmd x86 D:\winpe_x86 this will create the Windows PE output in the directory D:\winpe_x86. 3. mount the winoe image so that we can edit it D:\ Program Files\Windows AIKTools\x86\imagex" /mountrw D:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 1 %D:\winpe_x86\mount 4. now will will install FileDisk to our WinPE Enviroment, installing FileDisk involved to setps a. Copy the Driver "filedisk.sys" to Windows\System32\drivers directory b. add some registry values this can be done by using the below commands reg load HKLM\Winpe D:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows\System32\config\System regedit /s D:\Winpe3.0\Tools\FileDisk\Filedisk.reg filedisk.reg is in attachments reg unload HKLM\Winpe 5.now we will copy the STARTNET.CMD to Windows\Syatem32 and we will add the rest of our files and folder to D:winpe_x86\ISO folder xcopy D:\Winpe3.0\Tools\Start D:\winpe_x86\ISO\Start\ /s /e copy D:\Winpe3.0\Tools\Scripts\STARTNET.CMD D:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows\System32\ 6. now we have to unmout the image and commit changes D:\ Program Files\Windows AIKTools\Tools\x86\imagex /unmount /commit D:\winpe_x86\mount 7. now will copy the winpe.wim image to sources folder and name it boot.wim copy D:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim D:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim and now our Windows PE Enviroment is ready. Part 2: Preparing PStart and our Windows Setup Command The windows PE image we just did will boot from USB Flash or Hardisk in 30sec and load PStart.exe so we have to prepare our Setup.cmd file that will partition, format then start winnt32.exe. installing XP from Windows PE will require some special registry entries and format style in our Windows PE Enviroment for more details check this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/installing-winxp...-pe-t88270.html for that i already added all the needed files in D:\Winpe3.0\Tools\Start\Setup folder the command i am using here to do the job is XP2003.cmd that will do the folowing 1. Set ISO files root 2. Set Unattned files root 3. will the needed registry entries needed to correctly partion your harddisk for Windows XP usage check this (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931760) 4. will partition and format usr hardisk using diskpart.exe and diskpart.ini the holds the format script NOTE: the included diskpart.ini will format your drive C: 5. you need also to fix the boot sector after you format your hardisk to be compatibale with Windows XP 6. Finaly it will mount you Windows XP iso file and Start the Setup Proccess. SET ISO_PATH=%~d0\Start\ISO SET UNATTEND_PATH=%~d0\Start\Unattend regedit /s fixbootxp2003.reg diskpart /s diskpart.ini bootsect /nt52 c: filedisk /mount 0 %ISO_PATH%\%1 /cd V: V:\i386\winnt32 /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: /makelocalsource /unattend:%UNATTEND_PATH%\%2 7. Now you have to add a new entry to PStart to launch XP2003.cmd with 2 command parameters 1. ISO file name 2.Unattended file name XP2003.cmd XPSP3.iso Unattended.txt Part 3: Preparing Your USB Flash or HDD and BOOT IT ! 1. format your usb drive from windows vista/7 open cmd windows and type #first excute this command to check your drive number list disk #then use it as below mine was 2 diskpart select disk 2 clean create partition primary select partition 1 active format fs=ntfs exit 2. copy all the files\folders in D:\winppe_x86\ISO to the root of your drive 3.copy your XP ISO file to you usb drive in U:\Start\ISO 4. boot your USB you will find in the attachment all the files needed and Setup.cmd the will do all that job for you, to run it correcttly you need to do the folowing: 1. extract winpe3.0 some where in c: or d: drive 2. open Setup.cmd and edit the first 3 lines SET WINPETOOLS_DIR=L:\Winpe3.0\Tools <-- path for the tools you downloaded here SET WINPE_ENV=L:\winpe_x86 <-- path where Winpe Enviroment working directory SET WAIK_DIR=C:\Program Files\Windows AIK <-- path to Windows AIK @ECHO OFF SET WINPETOOLS_DIR=L:\Winpe3.0\Tools SET WINPE_ENV=L:\winpe_x86 SET WAIK_DIR=C:\Program Files\Windows AIK ECHO. ECHO Creating Winpe 3.0 Enviroment ... CALL "%WAIK_DIR%\Tools\PETools\copype.cmd" x86 %WINPE_ENV% CLS ECHO. ECHO Mounting Winpe Image ... "%WAIK_DIR%\Tools\x86\imagex" /mountrw %WINPE_ENV%\winpe.wim 1 %WINPE_ENV%\mount CLS ECHO. ECHO Installing FileDisk Driver... copy %WINPETOOLS_DIR%\FileDisk\filedisk.sys %WINPE_ENV%\mount\Windows\System32\Drivers CLS ECHO. ECHO Installing FileDisk Registry Values... reg load HKLM\Winpe %WINPE_ENV%\mount\Windows\System32\config\System regedit /s %WINPETOOLS_DIR%\FileDisk\Filedisk.reg reg unload HKLM\Winpe CLS ECHO. ECHO Coping Other Tools.. xcopy %WINPETOOLS_DIR%\Start %WINPE_ENV%\ISO\Start\ /s /e copy %WINPETOOLS_DIR%\Scripts\STARTNET.CMD %WINPE_ENV%\mount\Windows\System32\ CLS ECHO. ECHO Unmounting Winpe Image ... "%WAIK_DIR%\Tools\x86\imagex" /unmount /commit %WINPE_ENV%\mount CLS ECHO. ECHO Coping Winpe Image to ISO\Sources.. copy %WINPE_ENV%\winpe.wim %WINPE_ENV%\ISO\sources\boot.wim CLS ::OSCDIMG -N -M -O -B%WINPE_ENV%\ETFSBOOT.COM %WINPE_ENV%\ISO %WINPE_ENV%\WINPE.ISO @pause you can uncomment the last line to build the project in iso format so you can test it in Virtual PC or Virtual Box Download ver0.1 Windows Vista\7 Users should right click and run as administrator Setup.cmd file THINGS I WANT TO ADD\UPDATE your Suggestions is more than welcome 1- Using a GUI Disk Managment Tool that is Free and easy to use (for XP/2003 instlations) 2- Replacing PStart with more advanced specific application (maybe i will code it my self) 3- adding on the fly unattented file generator 4- Give the Project a Name THINGS I AM WORKING ON RIGHT NOW 1- Integration of Raid Drivers WITHOUT CHANGING THE ISO 2- GUI Tool for the Project 3- 64bit setup.exe will not run from 32bit Winpe i am looking for a solution
  9. i have a usb drive and i have wrote a small batch file to copy files from usb to the hard disk "C:\" but the problem is it is working on my system because the usb is always have the letter F: on my system however it is not working on other systems becase drive letter is being changed another workorund will work for me if i can use volume name instead of drive letter for copying thanks
  10. is there any way to give my usb hdd a fixed letter so it is uses same letter in any pc i plugit on ?
  11. i am planing to devolope a new pice of softwear similar to ua registry tweakage but it will be dynamic cuz i will make the tweaks to be read from somthing.ini file that help to make my software upto date i need beta testers suggestions anything that helps and some one who can update the ini file wht do you think ???
  12. if any one can get me the source code of this tool i can improve it and support it i think it is nice one and i can build a new one but it will take a really time so if any one can get me the source i gan do really god improvments thanks
  13. why batmeter.dll has been removed from Xpize 4.1 is there aproblem with this file i use xpize on 3 laptops and i dont get any problem with this file ?? the meter looks better why you removed it ?? thanks
  14. yes it is working in your exmple it will not work !! try to edit the command lins to this if you want to test it from hard drive prog[16]=['Sygate Personal Firewall'] desc[16]=[''] regb[16]=['systemdrive','XPCD\\APPLICATIONS\\Sygate\\reg.reg'] cmd1[16]=['systemdrive','XPCD\\APPLICATIONS\\Sygate\\pspf.msi /qn REBOOT=Suppress'] cmd2[16]=['',''] cmd3[16]=['',''] rega[16]=['',''] dflt[16]=['no'] but if you are going to burn to a cd or dvd you command line are ok and it should work.

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