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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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Thank you - please let me know what you get as results.


first of all, most of your questions have already been answered in this thread.

second, you should use the most updated version, unless you have a specific reason for not doing so.

in the latest version there is an option in config.js for timer. its near the top. find it.

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WPI is great !!!

but... what about "dependence" ?

it's possible insert feature like "if i select A then automaticali select B,C,D...."

and deselect ofcouse...


i want choose MUI, if a select MUI so automaticali select MUI for Media Player 10 (if MP10 selected, if not selected MP10 - so not select MUI for MP10)

and many other samples like automaticaly select "all software for cd-burning" and other.... or simple select Group Multimedia, or Office....

i'm not programmer so i don't know how hard release this, but i think this will great feature.... if it's not so hard to realize...

ps. sorry for my bad english... :(

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If you know how to make html pages then you can completely change the looks of WPI. The WPI.hta is a html page. Just load it into a html editor such as Dreamweaver and you can play about with the looks.

Not only move the timer but you can also change the 'Windows XP Post Installer' at the top. This is actually a picture. Not sure on the copyright of this though but I would leave that in to give credit to the original programmer.

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it is about time that the mods came to clean up this thread. It has gottens so monsterous that u hv to look at so many pages to find what u are looking for. I will pm one of the moderators to clean this thread.

I am using the lastest build 2.98a.

As bulldog mentioned caps is not mentioned in the guide that comes

with the wpi.

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just tested it and it works perfect on mine. No 'prepairing blah blah' in the list.

maybe you can post a snapshot of it and maybe send me your files WPI etc?

as for lower case most programmers are taught to use them when programming :D


did you get this solved?

how can i change the font of the Title of the Category and spacing.

the colour settings are in the wpi.css file in the common folder. Open it with an editor and change the hex value of the 'color' in the section .category.

most of the sections are obvious so just play around with some of the values.

Interesting is the 'font-family' but make sure you know the correct name if you change this

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