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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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hasi or BB

you know how you told me to add the <p> into the boxes file to add a blank line before each category???

where would i add the <p> or what woudl the code be to add a blank line in between sertain programs... i'm jsut trying to space out my stuff better... i know this is cosmetic but it woudl be most helpful.....

see attached pic ................



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New version 2.9.9b on the homepage.

6 command lines

sort by ordr / category determined by config.js setting

use HTML-tags in program definitions

Not really great advances this time. Someone asked for the possibility to add spacing between apps and that's it. The other changes were made to keep consistency to Bulldog's branch.

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is this something that has been released or will be released? sorry :confused:

With the ordr property you could set, at which point you want to install a prog. So say, if you want to run a cleanup skript at the very end of installation, xou could define it like any other prog and set ordr[pn]=999

If no other prog had a higher ordr, the cleanup would be executed as the last install step (but before WPI exits - mind that). ordr does not affect the display-order - only installation order.

If you install by category and have a single category 'Cleanup' containing any such skript, then you have to make sure, that category is installed at the end - that's it.

If you do not use a cleanup skript in this way, then it won't matter, if you change install order to 'by category'

is sleep an addon?

must be some external utility. could not find it on my system.

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WPI homepage -> help -> read

Note: there is a setting sortOrder in config.js that affects the sort order of categories in WPI. This only affects the display sort order - not the installation sort order (there would be more to do that just copy and modify a single function. I took it in to keep consistency with bulldog's version)

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