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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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never change a running system :D

if you dont need to change then dont.

actually, I agree.

the reason i changed, was because there were some errors in the code of the previous WPIs, and a few new features I requested were implemented.

when the problems were fixed, i updated. (for the longest time i was using 2.7 - i didnt upgrade until this stable 2.9.8a came out)

i also learned a hell of a lot in the process. :)

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looking forward to doing some graphic changes to wpi. For now

perhaps the main backround, leaving everything else intact...........

I downloaded Pezzie's 911wpi , and can change the backround

but he changed the text, if I could change the text back to orig then I could

use his............just changing backrounds.....I'll test a few things



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in my version you can just \\ it off but then it's off.

it doesn't matter if what you do, if you click install the

install starts, if your taking a 1hr shower it just keeps




var msg;


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for some reason your hta file was not changed. so it was still using the original function CreateFile()

I have changed it and uploaded it again for you.

My generate.js is from a different version. It already has this in it, but yours should work fine now.

All i really done was make up a new function CreateFile2 without the message and changed the call up after the timer runs out. When you click BeginInstall it uses the original CreateFile(). Only a copy and rename plus a small edit part :D

TIPto remove this message box you just have to delete this line out of the generate.js


use your original generate.js


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