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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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hi all

me and my friend gresh was working on wpi for many hours and we finaly finished our final version WPI 2.7 FINAL

there is alot of new featuers, many improvments, and many bugs fixing plz try it and give us your opinion

featuers added

1. timer can be turrend on or of from config.js

2. time interval could be set from config.js

3. load with defults or all or none could be set from config.js

4. timer supports up to 3600 sec 60:00 min

5. registry files support

6. forced instalation will install applications even if not checked

7.ReallyForce (yes, no) opption to install forced application even if Exit button pressed

8. next and back buttons fixed when the programs more than 20 for all reslutions

9.800*600 FIXED

10. Added Support For Multi DVD OS 24/9/2004 (gresh)

after all i am very thankful for my friend gresh (one of the members of this forum)

for his time and effort


Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. WPI allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications.

for anyhelp on how to use this program plz download it and you will find everything in the docs folder.


WPI 2.7 added on 24/9/2004


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6. forced instalation will install applications even if exit button pressed


Soooo close to perfect...

Everything I need is right here except that.

Please change it to:

Forced installation will install some applications even if UNCHECKED (and you click Install). BUT, Clicking EXIT allows for NOTHING to be installed.

THEN I will finally be happy with WPI.


Also, what happened to "wpi.cmd"? You removed it? It used to be in the same directory as "WPI.hta".

Oh, and do we really need the "docs" folder anymore? It hasn't been updated since who-knows-when.

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no need for docs if you want to delete it , it is ok

forced apps will be installed also if not checked you just try it and it will work

wpi.cmd is not a part wpi main program it is just to run it you can make your own one

i think it is perfect now ;)

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forced apps will be installed also if not checked you just try it and it will work

You misunderstood me. I know forced appz will be installed if not checked. but i want that ONLY if I click "install". So if nothing is checked, then FORCED apps install when I click "install".

However, if i click EXIT, then NOTHING should be installed, even the forced should not be installed.

Forced should mean: IF (and only if) anything else is installed, the forced apps MUST be installed, as well.

BUT, if the user wants NOTHING to be installed (and clicks EXIT), then NOTHING, NOT EVEN THE FORCED, should be installed.

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i understand you and edit it and now working just perfect as you want

forced will install if not checked when pressing the install button

reallyforced(new) if on forced will install on exit if off will exit without installing anything

download the new file

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I'm been having a problem with your WPI since your first release. Everytime time I start it, the left side doesn't show up with all the buttons. My resolution is at 800x600. When I put it in 1024x764, the buttons show up. It looks like this software is only made for 1024x764. I don't understand because WPI 2.0b Kampfwurscht 1.5 works fine. I read something about his edition adjusts automatically to all resolutions. If you fix that, I'd be extremely happy. :yes:

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well done!

Just moved over all my settings/coding. :)

one thing, you may want to know:

there is a cursor under the logo, above the selection boxes. i can actually type there. i am assuming thats where the clock goes? well, mine is off, so i can type there...

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Hey..great work. Upgraded my Installer and wrote it to german :)

But one question:

The descritptions I put into the config.js don't come up.

In 2.0 that worked fine.

Any suggestions???

EDIT: It is the same in the original v2.5, so I didn't add wrong things to the configs.. :unsure:

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oh yea, i forgot about that.

the descriptions were disabled back in WPI 2.0b Kampfwurscht 1.5. He said the reason was that he had to use looping to allow for up to 48 checkboxes, instead of 18.

I'd rather have 48 without description, than 18 with!

However, it was a nice feature....

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