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who wants gmail?


Do you have a Gmail account?  

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  1. 1. Do you have a Gmail account?

    • Yes
    • No
    • What is Gmail?

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heh that's no magic don't worry, everyone got promoted to 50 invites, frankly bc everyone in the world has gmail and there are other providers like gmail who offer same or better services...

i think this thread has become so useless i shouldn't even be posting in. haven't heard anyone in msfn that doesn't have gmail acc :P anyways too much talking..

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There was *NO* poll before! Only now its been added.

Anyways, everybody just vote in the poll please. The purpose is to see if there is anybody at all in msfn who DOESN'T have a Gmail account! (i.e., to see how many votes are accumulated for "no")

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???? its not that i have given them all away

no wonders the google guys said that you do not even have 5 friends to give out u r invites to. so they figured out that its useless giving you 50 invites. lolz.

AND you really must have done some bad deeds in your past life and also this life. like the thought and the words you'll give me after reading htis post :P

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