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we're gonna try and make this the definitive Gmail thread. All those who want to talk about gmail have hereby been given their call! :P Let's have info, details, views, and other angles of insight upon Gmail.

If you don't know what Gmail is, then this topic is surely not of your interest and you can give it a pass.

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Those of you who haven't yet got gmail - here's your chance. :D

Put in your request - WITHOUT EMAIL ID - just say that you want one. Based on the response, I'll either post invites right here or send it to your email box.

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Giving some info from my side (about what Gmail is) would be in order:

Gmail is short for "Google Mail". Yes, it is a service provided by Google (the search


It has a nice interface, with lots of unique propositions - the major ones being 1000 MB of reliable storage, 20 MB attachment size, and their fresh approach to email through the concept of conversations. And gmail's main features are as follows:

1. Offers 1000 MB of storage.

2. Is webmail but many utilities exist to retrieve it just like POP3 mail.

3. Mail is sorted into "Conversations".

4. It has a very fast interface.

5. Does not append ads to outgoing mails.

6. Has a powerful search facility, so you can search within your mails.

7. Uses fresh concepts for organising mails like labels, starred messages, etc.

8. Easy to use contact list.

9. The assurance that it is google who operates your mail, and so it is quite safe/fast/no-downtime.

10. Not supported on opera - but v7.60 preview1 of opera does have a workaround.

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How do you sign up for it?

First you need to have an invite from someone who is already a member. It seems that initially google employees and a few select individuals got invitations to sign-up. Then the gmail members are offered invitations which they can hand-out to friends and family. That chain of getting invited and then giving others an invite continues until google decides that they can't support any more members. Then when they feel that they have got more resources, another new round of invites is sent out, and it carries on....

Once you've got the e-mail id registered, you never know how long it would be before you are offered invites to distribute. It seems to be totally random, with no scientific rationale, nor pattern being followed. Some people do claim that you get invites based on your position in the chain of invites or upon your usage of the service - it is still not a confirmed fact.

@SimonSays and tiredoflogins

if you keep checking back at this thread, you will find invites for yourselves - right now you two don't seem to be reading at this topic. I'll give out invites right here to anyone who has asked for an invite and is still at this topic/page.

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Many of you might have already heard of gmail, and know a lot about it - the only thing being that you might not know someone who already is registered at google mail to send you an invite. Over the last few months, it has almost started to acquire overtones of some sort of status indicator for the owner of a gmail account. Gmail is going public in approximately 3 months, according to rumours (ABSOLUTELY UNCONFIRMED). So gmail invites is not a commodity you'd like to hoard. You might as well get other people join the numbers on Gmail. Hey dudes, I've got a few gmail invites dropped in my account, and would like to distribute it to others.Since I've gained a lot from here, I'd like to also give back here. :)

There's going to be links to invites posted here. I'm going to do so once in every XY minutes, and whoever was the lucky person to get it registered should post that he/she was the one. There's going to be atleast 10 invites given out now, over the next few hours. There's no fun in giving them all out at once. ;) Lots of browsers have a feature to "Auto-reload this page every X seconds". I request those who already have a gmail account to not use these invites - let those who are still outside the circle join ya - beneficial for all concerned.

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i'd love too have gMail, I've been using Google for about 5 years now. and am very happy with it and do all my surfin with google... so much so that my Unattended Windows XP CD's change my homepage, search, and installs the google toolbar for me.. lol... so yea.. :P

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[Edit]: Not in need of one anymore - thanks gamehead200

If anyone so happens to have a gmail invite code to spare, I would really appreciate. It's not for me (already have one-but somehow never get invite codes...) but for a website I'm going to be the new webmaster of soon. Thanks.

(As for how gmail is, well, it's 100% spam free so far, and decently fast, but I don't use it much).

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prathapml, I think it would be better to give them out to members who have been here more than a week and have a post count over 50 so that new members (such as members just registering to get one) will not get one, since that is unfair...

So if you would like a Gmail invite, please post a reply saying so (as long as you have 50+ posts and have been part of this forum for AT LEAST a week; spamming does not count) and prathapml and I would be happy to give you one! :D Also, please post your e-mail address in this format so that you do not receive any spam: name [at] domain [dot] com

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