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Hacked homepage ?

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Posted (edited)

 It seems your homepage has been hacked.
 The text below appeared in the (old) news item of 17 June 2019
"Windows 10 update will intentionally break some Bluetooth connections" :


 I removed the quote, because there has been time enough for the administrators become aware of the problem, so there is not needed to keep a duplicate of the offending text here.


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Removal of possibly offensive content
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Posted (edited)

You mean you used the report button on OP's post? Not that I know much other ways for them to check other than contacting one of the mods directly and report button on the post is probably meant for offensive/problematic posts, this post was just quoting the text from the article at https://msfn.org/windows-10-update-will-intentionally-break-some-bluetooth-connections/, though indeed it is the way to let everyone behind the scenes know.

Maybe only @xper has access to those articles.

Just wanted to say it sounds funny in the way, to report the messenger. :lol:

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