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Hey Folks, I have read thru this a few times, dont seem to see my answer needed, excuse me if I missed it!

Been using MyPal, latest version was great for me 68.14.1b, then I tryed the TestCrash427, which crashes when launching the program, no error messages. Tried to go back to last version ... get message ... you have launched an older version of MyPal and need to create a new profile, which I dont want to do. how I fix this?

How do a launch in a single process mode? Not sure if it was doing it already.

I got WinXP pro uSP4 fully patched, been working great except not having a good broswer. Found MyPal, fell in love!!

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Posted (edited)

Damn, I just re-downloaded TestCrash427 and installed it, everything works again!!

Edit: To add, that now I get lots of crashes, "Exception Breakpoint"


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7 hours ago, GH0st said:

then I tryed the TestCrash427, ...

If I may ask, what is this TestCrash427 supposed to be anyway? And what does it have to do with Mypal 68:dubbio: In Google, there are no results for TestCrash427:o

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@feodor2 - I must say the latest version (68.14.1b) is working great for me so far on XP.  I have D3D and Multiprocess enabled and so far it is completely stable.  I'm very tempted to use this instead of Thorium. Great job!

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On Thu May 16 2024 (GMT+0000) at 8:56 PM, feodor2 said:

Sure you get something else not related with carsh427

Yeah. But your last official release is good on my set up.

One issue, though: linkedin now spits a lot of "undefined" tags where the text of posts used to stand. Cheers!

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