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  1. The GH0stPak is great for use when doing a fresh install, I think I got everything in there
  2. yeah, I got it before they pulled it! As I was collecting things for the GH0stPak, which can be DL'ed from Google drive, more info on Ryan forum ... should this help anyone, it does work great. GH0stPak GoogleDrive WinXP Enhanced Security Options
  3. I have this one stored on my thumb drive, will it help anyone? windowsxp-kb4501226-x86-embedded-enu_708fe12ecfbbb070821a87fd538af3b6b6fd3084 morroco time
  4. Does this mean there are some newer updates (May2019 forward)?
  5. KB4500331 does not come thru the WU. Has anyone installed it?
  6. OK, found the problem ... was seated behind the keyboard. I was trying to install a driver which was for W7 or newer, which is why the installer was making a call for a newer SHELL32 (v6). The site showed it was good for WinXP ... but ... Working further, I found a way to get it to work, thru their driver section ... just was not easy at all! and NOT clearly marked!! So there was no tie between this problem and kb4494528 ... thanks to all who were willing to participate in finding the cure!
  7. Still working on it, with fresh install, will report back when I work it out
  8. Thanks Heinoganda, I am pretty dedicated to uSP4, so I will continue to work on through this service pack. Has not been a problem till now, which I am sure its with kb4494528. I will now do another fresh install, but not include this one update in my GH0stPak. Will try to install prior to GH0stPak and After, see if I can really pinpoint this. Will report back!
  9. I think there is still more problems with kb4494528 I have just done two fresh install, trying to resolve a problem. WinXP Pro (sp0) --> uSP4 --> GH0stPak_26Apr19 Error I get while trying to install Printer driver (Canon Pixma TS3122) is ... " SHGetKnownFolderPath could not be located in Dynamic link library SHELL32.dll " Recent/previouse installs worked just prior to kb4494528, so this is why I suspect this. Wondering if we have seen this error yet regarding recent and a possible fix?
  10. Question: kb4012598 is a custom update, to deal with WanaCry problem. Are there any more "Custom" updates for to fix cia-nsa-fbi back door issue? I thought there was a few that came out around the time there was vault 7 leaks, or something like that. Other custom updates that may not show on MS updates!
  11. GH0st Pak XP Security enhancements Storeage - uSP4, update packs and some Unreal Tournament (UT Classic)
  12. My Response: Wow!!!!!! No one can accidentally do this! Especially someone who is actually developing software ... you are actually developing software?!?!?!

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