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  1. Indeed... And I see that the PCIe Intel 82574L supports XP as well... Good to know. Why did you pay so much for it? I see them going for less than $100 on the used market.
  2. I assume it's the Intel 82599? I'm not aware of any XP drivers for it. how did you accomplish this?
  3. You can also use PCI GBE cards that are compatible with XP.
  4. Thanks Fedor. I will figure out why my Windows XP is not producing dumps on BSOD, and when I fix it, I will post mine per your instructions here. What about SSE3/SSE4.x build please?? The audio from Youtube streams gets choppy when browsing in a different tab... Mypal performance would really benefit with such a build in XP.
  5. Indeed... I am getting the occasional win32k.sys BSOD.
  6. Ah, indeed, thanks. I ended up using Custom CSS for FX, once I figured out how it works I was in business right away, and I even added a couple of my own .js scripts (staus bar always shows, custom tab height -- though custom tab height adjustment is best left alone, it does weird things if enabled). But I am using your .js files to force the necessary preferences.
  7. Thanks Fedor for backporting DirectX9 to Beta 4... I am currently transitioning to MyPal from Serpent. May I be so brazen as to request an SSE4.x build (perhaps this would improve performance even more)? @i430VX - Would you please consider adding MyPal to your Browser Installer program? Thanks
  8. Yes!!! D3D9 Compositing is now available and enabled, WebGL2 can be force enabled!!! Perfect... I may just switch over from Serpent now if MyPal proves to be stable.
  9. Yes, I do that currently, but a fix would still be nice.
  10. @roytam1 Any possibility of a fix in the near future for Reddit "view entire discussion"? Thanks sir
  11. This didn't fix my restart issue on my B250M-Pro4 either... Not a complaint, just a bug report :-)
  12. With Mypal, no it is not using OpenGL as the compositor because it is quirky - as you say... Everything is shifted up when this is enabled, and it is not functional. Oh well, that's a deal killer for me... If D3D9 could be backported to Mypal 68 then it would be ideal... for now I'll stick with Serpent... He fixed a lot of stuff in the last release and it is running well.
  13. Please see these screenshots: Serpent: MyPal: On a side note, I would like to make a feature suggestion that D3D9 be hacked into Mypal68 if possible... Notice that in Serpent, the compositor is set to "D3D9", but on Mypal it is set to Basic, since Firefox Quantum had D3D9 removed and replaced with D3D11, which is not available on XP.
  14. I created a new profile, and my crash went away... I think I tried to enable too much stuff like hardware acceleration and such, and that may have caused it to trip up. I think it's a shame D3D9 support was removed from FF68 though... WebGL2 fails in about:support, whereas with Serpent, it works if you set it to use D3D9 rather than Angle... This is accomplished by modifying "webgl.disable-angle" to true... Serpent falls back to D3D9, and then WebGL2 works. I wonder what would happen if I forcibly inserted D3D9 strings in about:config in MyPal.
  15. Is anyone able to use the latest release without getting this error two minutes in? Nothing peculiar about my system... Serpent works fine...
  16. Can't something be done about the crude, jagged, aliased fonts in the Ungoogled versions please? Yes, I know about the fix in uBlock Origins about disabling third-party fonts - I've done that. There are two problems with this though: 1) A lot of websited show squares and weird characters when this is enabled, and many websited don't look right without their correct fonts 2) I get a memory leak when this is done and the symptom is that after a while, all characters on all websites are corrupted This problem doesn't affect all sites... But Youtube is a great example. Open a video and look at the comments... The text is almost unreadable it is so jagged.
  17. Thanks... I also want to report that this latest ACPI.SYS did not fix the reboot issue on the B250M-Pro4 (screen goes black on shutdown...restart from XP menu, but never reboots).
  18. I tried the 4.0 release, and I now have an unknown device: "ACPI\INT33A1" The motherboard is an AsRock B250M-Pro4 Any ideas? Thanks
  19. @grey_rat I spoke to soon about the errors in the log not being there. Sure enough this shows up again: "CompositorD3D9::CreateRenderTargetFromSource: Failed to update texture Error code: 2289436780" ...and it's still flagging "Blocklisted; failure code BLOCKLIST_FEATURE_FAILURE_DL_BLACKLIST_g37" when that happens... Is there a way to tell Serpent to ignore the error? The problem is that every time that happens it also sets "gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d9" to "3", when it should be null. Thanks for the process count tip. Indeed this XP machines has 4GB (modded XP)... We'll see if upping that to 8 helped as well.
  20. @UCyborg Thanks, noted. @grey_rat Thanks, much appreciated. I followed your settings and that seems to have removed the errors Yes, "browser.tabs.remote.force-enable" is "true" and it is showing as enabled: GPU Accelerated Windows 1/1 Direct3D 9 (OMTC) My GPU spec is as follows: Active Yes Description NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 Vendor ID 0x10de Device ID 0x1382 Driver Version Driver Date 9-13-2015 Drivers nv4_disp Subsys ID 249a174b RAM Unknown Diag results: Diagnostics AzureCanvasAccelerated 0 AzureCanvasBackend cairo AzureContentBackend cairo AzureFallbackCanvasBackend skia Decision Log HW_COMPOSITING force_enabled by user: Force-enabled by prefs D3D11_COMPOSITING disabled by user: Disabled due to user preference for Direct3D 9 D3D9_COMPOSITING force_enabled by user: Hardware compositing is force-enabled DIRECT2D unavailable by default: Direct2D requires Direct3D 11 compositing D3D11_HW_ANGLE unavailable by default: D3D11 compositing is disabled disabled by env: D3D11 compositing is disabled Thanks to you all. Everything is running much better now... Google drive spreadsheets, PDF Viewer, loading pages, etc...
  21. @DanR20 Thanks, actually it's "gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d9" that needs to be reset to null... The problem is that it keeps setting itself again to "3" which blocklists it. In the failure log of about:support, I see this error: "CompositorD3D9::CreateRenderTargetFromSource: Failed to update texture Error code: 2289436780" I don't think that's too important, the compositor is probably still working fine even with this error, but is this what keeps triggering "gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d9"? @grey_rat Thanks, I was unaware WebGL2 could be enabled as well under XP. "webgl.bypass-shader-validation" and "webgl.disable-angle" fixed this and it is now showing as enabled.
  22. @DanR20 @UCyborg Thanks, already had those enabled except for "layers.low-precision-buffer" which I set to true. I also changed "gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d9.failureid" which had "FEATURE_FAILURE_DL_BLACKLIST_g37" in there in about:config So both blocklists/blacklists have been circumvented and it's working noticeably faster now... Much better I would say and more usable. I'm going to hold off 360 Chrome for now, I prefer Firefox.
  23. @roytam1 Is there any way to enable these features in Serpent (Windows XP 32)? GPU Accelerated Windows 0/1 Basic (OMTC) Blocked for your graphics driver version. D3D9_COMPOSITING Blocklisted; failure code BLOCKLIST_FEATURE_FAILURE_DL_BLACKLIST_g37 PLEASE start focusing on improving performance rather than only backporting... There are so many things that Mozilla disabled in later versions of Firefox when a planned obsolescence of XP was effected. All you need to do to disable these performance regressions is to remove the blocklists, blacklists, or otherwise in the source. Thanks EDIT: I am able to override the GPU blacklist by using the "spoofed firefox" instructions here. But D3D9 compositing would be very nice. This browser is so unbelievably slow. It borders on unusuable.
  24. Which GT730 do you have? There are two varieties, Fermi, which is just a relabeled GT420, and the much newer Kepler variant. I'm running a GTX745 on XP, which is Maxwell - and that is newer than Kepler, so yours should work. I'm running stock 355.98 drivers, but you're trying on Windows 2000, so that's probably a different story. But if your card is in fact a GT420, then I recommend perhaps trying a much earlier driver version.

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