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  1. Thanks! It worked. For anyone who is not clear: Just place the ZIP file in the same directory where chrome.dll resides (for example: Chrome\Application\13.5.2036.0). No need to extract it in the directory or in a subdirectory. Just the raw zip.
  2. I could not get it to work with 13.5.2036.0. I extracted it to the same directory with chrome.dll, but I still get the blank error page. Is there another step that is necessary? Thanks
  3. Looks like you finally did indeed fix the memory leak! Kudos :-) Might just have to switch over from Serpent. This is a heck of a lot faster. I had it running all day and it didn't glitch out, like the past many versions did. May I ask: Would it be possible please to fix the issue where the screensaver loads when a Youtube video is playing? Thanks
  4. Ok, I found the driver, the filename is i211_217xp.zip Now I need to see why it doesn't work... I did do something to the card which I'll reverse to see if that fixes it. EDIT: Yes! Driver works. What I did was solder back on the boot rom... With this particular NIC, the device ID changes from 1533 to 1531 if you don't have the boot rom. I can live with the PXE message at boot time. Yay No more USB ethernet dongle. Tested the speed and it is up to par with 1 gigabit. Fantastic.
  5. Aside from the "PRO2Kv3" drivers from the known Windows 2000 afficionado who shall remain nameless but likes to tease his wares without actually providing links for download, does anyone have working XP drivers? I have the i210-T1, but it doesn't work with his driver (device cannot start). Blackwingcat writes on his blog the following to someone who complained about it not working on XP: How wonderfully insightful. Does anyone here have working drivers, and would you please upload it? Thanks
  6. @i430VX Just a heads up - your browser installer stopped working recently with Serpent. It says "not retrieving"... I think the download URLs changed. Cheers and thanks. oops, I didn't actually check to see if there was a newer build - which there isn't... So your installer is still working fine. Please disregard.
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. Can you please check screensaver coming on while watching Youtube please?
  8. Whoops! I spoke to soon... Crash with many tabs open in "mozglue.dll". Now I have to go back to old, slow Serpent Also, there seems to be a regression where the screensaver comes on while playing Youtube (at least this happened to me in incognito mode). EDIT: Got this error on closing MyPal:
  9. The latest version is working GREAT! Excellent job sir. WebGL enabled, WebGL2 enabled, D3D9 enabled, multiprocess DISABLED With multiprocess enabled, I got a minor crash (browser recovered from the crash and restarted the tab) in xul.dll. With multiprocess disabled, it is completely stable so far, no issues, multiple tabs and websites. Performance is much better than Serpent, even with no multiprocess. Maybe in the future...
  10. Serpent (2023/04/13) does not work properly with eBay. Bidding or sending offers is no longer possible. There's also still a less serious but nevertheless long-standing issue with the watchlist page on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/mye/myebay/watchlist Serpent incorrectly renders the iframe horizontally which necessitates scrolling from left to right. Thanks
  11. Movie DVDs were dual layer, they worked fine on Windows 98 back in the day. That was my logic.
  12. Yes, and on Windows 98, and DOS too for that matter. This is drive dependent and not OS dependent. If your DVD drive can read 8.5GB discs, then your OS will too.
  13. Great news... I wouldn't call it a 'flawed' implementation -- but rather a limited implementation. In laymen's terms, if your hardware is too new, it won't work. But in other words, when it works, it works completely fine. I always install Windows 7 in UEFI mode (Windows 7 has a UEFI mode without secure boot), and now Secure Boot will be a great benefit, not to mention two more years of updates. Time to back up my laptop and do a new install. If/when Chrome is successfully backported to Windows 7, I no longer see the urgency to move to 8.1.
  14. From my own experience, it's insufficient to simply integrate KB2990941-v3 and KB3087873-v2... If you do, when you boot from the installation media, you'll get an error that it couldn't detect any suitable storage device or something to that effect. I never looked into getting around that,
  15. No, you're right... Ignore the size difference, that just has to do with how I did it, but looking at the actual font, they are exactly the same with or without it checked. So I'll leave it checked for Chrome.
  16. This fixes the issue: But I will keep it turned off for now, because I don't like font smoothing. In other words, I don't like when Windows applies it globally. I like my Desktop fonts nice and crisp without the antialiasing. But it seems that Chrome is inheriting something from Windows that affects its rendering if it is not enabled. In Firefox, setting Cairo to do the rendering as opposed to skia solved the issue: gfx.content.azure.backends;cairo,direct2d1.1,skia I wonder if there's something similar in Chrome.
  17. Hmmm.... Thanks for that. But won't that affect other programs where I want font smoothing?
  18. Maybe there's something different on your OS (You're using XP x64 -- which is SP2). On XP SP3, it does nothing to solve the issue.
  19. Yes, there's something weird going on with the fonts. I tried blocking remote fonts with uBlock as well, but the problem with that then is that a lof of characters on certain websites become squares. An easy way to see this is to just navigate to chrome://flags where you can see the very jagged-looking fonts.
  20. Unfortunately, this build also has a memory leak... I kept it open for a day and just now I see a "Virtual Memory Low" warning in my taskbar (Windows XP). I'll stick with Serpent for now.
  21. Thanks, I will give that a shot. I thought I had the latest version. Confirmed: Working. I had to use a different WebRTC blocker extension though, this one is Chrome 88+.
  22. Is anyone able to get past this Cloudfare verification? https://mybrowseraddon.com/webrtc-control.html Using 360ChromePortable_13.5.1030_rebuild_7_regular. Can't get past it with Serpent52 either.
  23. Thanks for this thread... I never trimmed my drive since installing XP, and I always thought this was something I would have to do manually by booting linux on a USB thumb drive one day... And I kept procrastinating. Naraeron did not launch originally with the generic NVME SCSI adapter, so I installed the backported Samsung adapter, and it does open (but throws an error before opening: "entry not found with id -241") and TRIMs the drive fine. Write performance has also improved. Before: After I approve
  24. Thanks... I purchased a one year license and I will try this side-by-side with Malwarebytes Premium.

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