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Compiling ACPI v2.0 driver for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003 SP2 (x32/x64)

Mov AX, 0xDEAD

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3 hours ago, Dave-H said:

Presumably this new version of acpi.sys will make no difference on my Lenovo Flex 10?

I think I answered my own question!
I tried it, and it works, but no differently to the previous version.
The machine still hangs on reboot, which was the only outstanding problem it still had.

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Has anyone tried to backport this to Windows 2000? It is currently not possible to use ACPI under Windows 2000 if your laptop (and possibly Desktop too) has an InsydeH2O BIOS, even if you use @blackwingcat's modded ACPI that supports Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell, as trying to do so causes setup to freeze at "Setup is starting Windows 2000" and there are no ACPI options in the F5 menu, forcing the user to choose Standard PC. Trying to change from Standard PC to ACPI PC from Device Manager throws a 0x07b BSoD upon reboot. Windows XP installs perfectly under this BIOS, so if we could backport this ACPI to 2000, it should allow it to work under InsydeH2O BIOS, but idk how to even go about that.

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2 hours ago, Jakob99 said:

Has anyone tried to backport this to Windows 2000?

Win2000 acpi driver sources was not leaked, only acpi.sys binary patch possible, no peoples who can do this job (adding acpi2.0 extended syntax and fixing know acpi incompatibilites on first page of topic)

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21 hours ago, Dietmar said:

Waaoooh, this acpi.sys counts the cpu's correct:cheerleader::cheerleader::cheerleader:!!!

Nice, seems proper _UID handling is important

21 hours ago, Dietmar said:

But this is the by far best benchmark result for Geekbench 2 until now for XP


PS: With my modded Bios, this cpu is not so fast, 36% less but also less Watt.

@Mov AX, 0xDEAD Any idea, why this happens?

I dont trust benchmark score as one number(in exUSSR these numbers called "score in parrots" ), run pure cpu load like 7z/WinRAR/What-you-like and check "XP vs Win7+" compression/decompression speed with same CPU

Edited by Mov AX, 0xDEAD
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@Mov AX, 0xDEAD

I cant install Win7 SP1 , win8.1 , win10 all bit 32 versions

on the Asrock Extreme z690 board.

Just now I remembered my tries from before on that board, also without success.

So I tried an already installed win7 SP1, win8.1 32 bit.

Both crash and on repair mode no input is possible at all


PS: I check other benchmarks under XP SP3 also. Now with this new acpi.sys, they are all about 30% faster than with old acpi.sys or modded Bios.


EDIT: So I use win10 bit64 on the Asrock z690 Extreme board with 12900k cpu.

Results: Cinebench 11.5 bit32

XP SP3  43 points

win10     29 points

win10 22H2    39 points with 24 cores


with 7 zip compress of whole system32 folder (1.3 Gbyte) on Optane drive

XP SP3  46 sec

Win10    68 sec bit32 7zip, 69 sec bit64 7zip    72sec Windows 10 22H2 :unsure: with 24 cores(!)



XP SP3  37428

Win10    31900

Interesting is also the power consumption: Under win10 bit64 it also reaches 250 Watt with prime95

and with zero load 29 Watt.

This is about double as with my modded Bios under XP,

thanks to @Damnation.


2000000! with Mathematica 5.0 on this nice XP SP3 on Optane 905P 27 sec.

2000000! with Mathematica 5.0 on i920 cpu, XP SP3 needs 62 sec on my daily compi, also nice.



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@Mov AX, 0xDEAD

I found out, what happens.

The old acpi.sys and also after my Bios Mod, XP SP3 uses only the 8 power cpu cores with 16 threads.

But the new acpi.sys for XP SP3 makes use of the 8+8 cores with 24 threads!

And the Win10 version, bit 64 version 1803 also uses only the 8 power cores


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5 hours ago, Dietmar said:

Or you can just use the tip from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD

and take 7zip bit32 time compress for a large folder, full with different files

7z and WinRAR has internal memory-load benchmark mode with using all available cores. If Win7+  has better cpu managment, it may has better compression/decompression speed

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