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  1. I got some needed updates for English build. But these updates are still missing. KB982664-ie8 KB976002-v5 - Browser Baloot - this we don't need as its really useless KB3012176-ie8 Any idea how to get IE8 updates? If i can sucessfully rebuild English pack, then I can start with other languages - Will see what modifications are needed due to missing updates. Some of them are suitable for all languages. And if there are some files non-localized and file exist in setup media, we can create RES patch for localization.
  2. I downloaded all needed to build OnePiece packs in all languages except these from first post. Where you get original download link? I tried search for mentioned KB923845 in expanded wsusscn2.cab using Notepad++ but nothing was found. If there is any chance to get them all I would be happy
  3. Hi, I'm looking for these hotfixes in all 18 languages for Server 2003 x86. KB923845 - Bits 2.5 KB932716-v2 KB944043-v5 KB955417 KB955704 KB960680-v2 KB971314 KB976002-v5 KB982316 KB982664-ie8 KB2467659 KB2669182 KB3012176-ie8
  4. I have included it in my XP2ESD project too. It's good to have it preinstalled in image for future
  5. Windows XP Notice: VC++ 2019 version 14.28.29213.0 = VisualCppRedist_AIO v0.35.0 is the last version compatible with Windows XP https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist
  6. Anybody figured out how add new languages into 360 Extreme Explorer?
  7. Hi zerocoolroot, for silent install for current user just use /silent switch. To perform installation for all users use /elevated /silent George
  8. Hi Tihiy, Lot of text was in English, so I decided to create update for Czech. Here is updated file with translated strings. I don't need free license, I bought family pack. Thanks for update cs-cz.txt
  9. Woow Welcome back I was working on nLite addon pack, which will transform Windows Server 2003 (5,2) into Windows XP 2003 version like http://win2k3.msfn.org/ But maybe you can add this option into nLite with multilanguage support What do you think about this idea?
  10. Can you tell me, how i can change the blue byckground during ROE? I only want to change it without your addon...
  11. How i can translate this program? I´ve looked into program folder and i think i can translate WinIntegrator.resources.dll and make new folder cs-CZ. I tried open file with Restorator 2007 and see here is nothing to translate...
  12. New update released: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=491874d4-5eea-4545-9b7d-3861857c862e
  13. Does somebody know which package i can remove? (Packages.txt) Can someone post components names for remove packages this packages? (Settings.txt) EDIT: To SausageHack: can you post for me direct link to Jeronimo´s post? Settings.txt
  14. I created .net 2-3.5 addon with all updates and langpack, but windows update show langpack for 3.0 (Installation fail....) and family update. Is there a way, how disable show these updates? I think via registry tweak....
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