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  1. These are just for drivers searching speedup reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DriverSearching" /v "DontSearchWindowsUpdate" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f >nul reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DriverSearching" /v "DontPromptForWindowsUpdate" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f >nul reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DriverSearching" /v "DontSearchFloppies" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f >nul
  2. Disable New HW UI XP reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceInstall\Settings" /v "SuppressNewHWUI" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f >nul 2003 reg add "HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\PlugPlay\Parameters" /v "SuppressUI" /t REG_DWORD /d "1" /f >nul
  3. Hi, great package! Just check line 56 in Install.bat. It should be %SystemDrive% instead of %ProgramFilest%. Also using %%SystemDrive%% to keep them as variables in registry could be fine too. And line 68 have unneeded colon (:) in InstallDir %SystemDrive%:. SystemDrive returns drive with colon like C:
  4. Everything was changed - see used structures in storport 7 vs 8. After 8056 was changed build environment - see other drivers for PoFx.. functions. It will probably never work. And If then only for specific driver, like Daniels NVMe 8.1 for 7. which have working TRIM in 7. Maybe you can start there instead. I tried patch his already patched files for 7 to XP in past. But without success.
  5. @Damnation Because after 8056 was changed build environment and they pushed more incompatible code there. Trying to port whole 8 storport probably can't bring much benefits at all as structures were changed a lot. When I was porting 8.1 StorAhci code to XP with Kai 8 port I saw these changes. Instead of patching 8 storport would be better to start adding needed functions into Kai storport source based on 2003 sp1 storport. Same as Mov does with ACPI.
  6. @Ratte Your mentioned drivers cannot be ported with Extender, as I already told you in PM, there are too much missing imports in newer drivers than 8056. I have already tried adding all PoFx.. functions as blank stubs. This wont work. Until you decompile and rewrite these functions. They have a lot of callbacks and probably not possible to rebuild them without some code leak.
  7. @Dietmar Perfect! I works like a charm! Can you please patch XP 5.1 halmapci.dll with same patch too please? I would like to have option for HAL Timer patch without needs of usage PAE patch- Here is untouched file https://ufile.io/19fgyio7
  8. @Dietmar Apologies, here is on better hosting https://ufile.io/sedncwt5
  9. Hi @Dietmar, here is halmacpi.dll from 2003 x86. https://file.io/UwwY04hoZIj2
  10. Hi @Dietmar I have tested on my machines PPM and HAL patches for XP 5.1 and 5.2 x64, my testing machine works very well with them. When I'm not use them I receive random freezes on applications. For example Snappy Driver Installer. I think your PPM patch works as expected for 5.2 x86. But I don't have HAL patch. Thats currectly missing piece in my puzzles. Cna you please try to install on your machine Server 2003 and find correct HAL patch? Your timer patches for x64 HAL and PPM works well. For example when I use your PPM patch for 5.1 I need to use PAE patch otherwise nothing changes. (Doesn't matter if use 4GB or 128GB it must contain some HAL timer patch too)
  11. @Mark-XP It would be interesting to perform same test with Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86 as Windows XP x64 SP2 boots "fine" in UEFI from GPT disk partitioned by Windows 7 x64 setup. These builds should come from same source tree, so there is a chance 2003 x86 can do it instead of XP. And probably can be done by disk.sys + partmgr.sys from 2003
  12. I'm not sure if we speak in same language. As your reaction have zero context to my post.
  13. It can be easily de-timebomded. In issues on GitHub is HEX patch to get rid of TimeBomb
  14. @reboot12 Have you tested it with FlashBoot 3.3p too? Changelog Jun, 24 of 2023 Minor update 3.3p released. Hardware compatibility improvements for "Windows 7 installation to the modern computers" feature. Starting from this version, VGA emulation patch for UEFI loader skips GOP video modes which are advertised by UEFI firmware but do not fit into the firmware-allocated framebuffer. This fixes black screen problem for recent nVidia GPUs whose UEFI Option ROM truncates UEFI GOP framebuffer to 1024x768 but leaves higher-resolution video modes in the UEFI GOP mode table.
  15. Nope, porting newer HDA seems impossible. You can try one of ported beta HDAs. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/gpl7nk2osi3vl/Generic_HDA
  16. @Mov AX, 0xDEADHi, any news on providing your latest source code patches for public Please?
  17. Yes, It's new for me too. I have downloaded it and installed on offline Windows XP x64 machine. I have not found silent install switch. Installation was fast and in English. UI doesn't looks bad. I will post some screenshots later. Good is it run on XP, hopefully they not spying a lot.. Someone needs to check if there are any hidden connections.
  18. Anybody tested Huorong Internet Security? Link https://www.huorong.cn/person5.html Download: https://www.huorong.cn/downloadv5.html?status=hrstat&src=19
  19. @Dietmar Please let me know how your Win7 32bit test goes. I have Asus B360 and I can install my modded XP without issues with all drivers and everything seems fine. But when I try Windows 7 32bit with same generic driver set, no USB works. Same process I do for Win7 x64 and here works everything. Any idea why this can happend? Windows 8.0 32bit and USB doesn't work. But when using XP with same ported Windows 8 driver all works.. EDIT: Windows 10 32 bit have same issue as Windows 7 32 bit on my board. No USB at all. On 64bit it works fine..
  20. I need to find your latest HAL patches here in topic... Specially x86 5.2. About ACPI, I'm using these post compile hacks for files builded for latest sources from first post. I think they are fine. REM 5.1 hacks "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x33\xFF\x0B\xC7\x75/:5" -e "s/\x33\xFF\x0B\xC7\x75/\x33\xFF\x0B\xC7\xEB/" "%~dp0XPSP1\NT\base\busdrv\acpi\driver\nt\obj\i386\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\x75\x08/:6" -e "s/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\x75\x08/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\xEB\x08/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x85\xC0\x59\x59\x7C\x21/:6" -e "s/\x85\xC0\x59\x59\x7C\x21/\x85\xC0\x59\x59\x90\x90/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x8B\x48\x18\x7D\x34\x8B/:6" -e "s/\x8B\x48\x18\x7D\x34\x8B/\x8B\x48\x18\xEB\x34\x8B/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0PEChecksum.exe" -c "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.1\acpi.sys" REM 5.2 x86 hacks "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x33\xFF\x0B\xC7\x75/:5" -e "s/\x33\xFF\x0B\xC7\x75/\x33\xFF\x0B\xC7\xEB/" "%~dp0Win2K3\NT\base\busdrv\acpi\driver\nt\obj\i386\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\x75\x08/:6" -e "s/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\x75\x08/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\xEB\x08/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x85\xC0\x59\x59\x7C\x21/:6" -e "s/\x85\xC0\x59\x59\x7C\x21/\x85\xC0\x59\x59\x90\x90/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x14\x8B\x50\x18\x7D\x21/:6" -e "s/\x14\x8B\x50\x18\x7D\x21/\x14\x8B\x50\x18\xEB\x21/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0PEChecksum.exe" -c "%~dp0Files\ACPI\X-hacked\5.2\acpi.sys" REM 5.2 x64 hacks "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x0F\xBA\xE1\x19\x72/:5" -e "s/\x0F\xBA\xE1\x19\x72/\x0F\xBA\xE1\x19\xEB/" "%~dp0Win2K3\NT\base\busdrv\acpi\driver\nt\obj\amd64\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\x75\x20/:6" -e "s/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\x75\x20/\x00\x00\x84\xC0\xEB\x20/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\xC0\x78\x2E\x48\x8B\x05/:6" -e "s/\xC0\x78\x2E\x48\x8B\x05/\xC0\x90\x90\x48\x8B\x05/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0bbe.exe" -b "/\x8B\x41\x20\x79\x2C\x48/:6" -e "s/\x8B\x41\x20\x79\x2C\x48/\x8B\x41\x20\xEB\x2C\x48/" "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" -o "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi2.sys" del /q /s "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys" ren "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi2.sys" "acpi.sys" "%~dp0PEChecksum.exe" -c "%~dp0Files\ACPI64\X-hacked\acpi.sys"
  21. @Dietmar Do you have archived latest patches for HAL*.dll and intelppm.dll for most newer files that we have available? 5.1 x86 intelppm.sys 83 28 20 -> 83 50 21 83 74 1F -> 83 50 21 40 28 74 -> 40 28 50 14 20 22 -> 14 50 21 5.2 x86 intelppm.sys 68 2B 01 -> 90 2C 01 04 83 B4 -> 04 83 90 40 28 B4 -> 40 28 90 14 60 2D -> 14 90 2A 5.2 x64 intelppm.sys 4E FC 00 -> CC 7B 01 8A A1 FF FF 4C 8D 35 03 A2 -> 4A A1 FF FF 4C 8D 35 43 A1 8D 0D 5E -> 8D 0D 1E 0D 29 8B -> 0D 69 8A 5.1 x86 hal*.dll unknown 5.2 x86 hal*.dll unknown 5.2 x64 hal*.dll BA E2 0F 73 -> BA E2 0F EB E0 0F 73 0E -> E0 0F EB 0E Can you please check these patches or send me working modded files?
  22. @Jakob99 I will check that file. I think I have ported one for XP (Generic_Touchpad_6.2.9200.16384), but have not tried it real machine. Will check it soon, as your not alone who searching for Generic_Touchpad driver solution. I will check 6.3 driver to see missing imports and if we can get needed code for missing imports..
  23. @AstroSkipper I have builded new testing machine capable to run XP - 11 (Asus B360, Intel i5 9400F, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA 980 Ti). I will try today install XP x64 with everything until 08-2019 to see how it goes. I think I have succesfully installed Panda on my x64 images in past. But I will download latest offline installer to confirm it. On x86 was everything fine. No issues at all.
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