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  1. I am here today to show you off my website called Windows Enthusiasts. There are 18 tutorials on the website as of now. It also has an external links page that links to various threads from here, a downloads page containing some items used in the tutorials, a news archive containing all the post entries I made from the prior months, etc, etc. There is a mobile site link, but that is very incomplete. The site itself is nearing two years old, which it will hit on November 4th. You can view the website here: http://windowsenthusiasts1.epizy.com/?i=1
  2. If you are running Windows 7 on a modern-ish laptop that supports 7 (e.g. Skylake, Kabylake, Coffee Lake, and later AMD and Nvidia), and the touchpad isn't working and you can't get its drivers installed, please save the following thread. Hopefully @George King can get the 8.0 I2C driver working under 7! Couple this with the Extended Kernel (if/when the driver is ported) and you'll have a sturdy Windows 7 laptop!
  3. Awesome! I do not know if this file is also present in any 8.0 builds or if it was introduced only in 8.1. Also, the Intel Serial IO drivers will need to be made to work, too, from my understanding. I tried these (linked below), but I get a Code 37 if I install these after booting Windows 7 via Opencore (By booting 7 this way, it causes Intel HID Event Filter driver to show itself within DM). Maybe I should try installing those by booting Windows 7 normally (that is, not through Opencore). EDIT: My Intel Serial IO device ID's are A368 and A369. A369 is the most important one as it is that one that allows the touchpad to function under 8.1. Another thing, the touchpad also does not function under 8.0 as the Serial IO drivers Code 37 there as well. For reference, Code 37 is "Windows cannot initialize this device (Code 37)"
  4. Dell Precision 7530, Intel UHD630 graphics, Intel 8th Generation, Windows 11, 8.1, and 7. As you'll know, Windows 8.1 contains a generic I2C HID Device Driver. This doesn't show up in device manager until after the Intel Serial IO drivers are installed. Intel Serial IO drivers do have drivers for Windows 7, however, as far as I know, there is no generic I2C driver, meaning you would need to install touchpad drivers before the touchpad works. This isn't a problem when installing on machines that support 7 like Skylake as either everything works or you can flip into PS/2 emulation mode in the BIOS. When installing onto an unsupported machine like Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake, that's where things get dicey. For Windows 8.1, you can just install the chipset, restart into startup options, disable driver signature enforcement, mod the Skylake Serial IO driver to include your device (i.e. A368 and A369), and then install both to get a working driver, no Elan, Synaptics, or ALPS (Dell Touchpad primarily) drivers needed. For Windows 7, it is not as clear cut! For instance, the Intel HID Event Filter driver, despite being unchanged since Skylake, will most likely not show itself within DM. This can be fixed by using Opencore to load a modded DSDT table and subsequently boot Windows 7 with it. Even then, the standard Windows 7 driver may BSOD upon installing (although, this may most likely be due to not having KB3125574, which brings in many stuff, including WdfLdr.sys driver that it relies in). This driver does not appear to be needed for the Serial IO drivers to work, Now, if you load Windows 7 without the modded DSDT, installing the Serial IO driver will throw a Code 31 error and not work. If you use the modded DSDT, this will switch to Code 37 (after reinstalling the drivers of course). Even if we get the drivers to work, there would still be most likely no mouse function as there is no generic driver in the form of I2C HID, like in Windows 8.1. This would mean the touchpad driver (whether it be ALPS, Synaptics, or Elan) would have to be installed, but people have reported problems doing so, likely because they added in new HID touchpad devices since Skylake. To get around this I2C HID (hidi2c.inf) from Windows 8.1 would have to be backported. This would introduce a basic I2C touchpad driver, like in Windows 8.1. While you wouldn't have access to the touchpad settings provided by ALPS (Dell Touchpad), Elan, or Synaptics, you would still be able to control it from the Windows Control Panel. Now, the question is, how can we backport hidi2c.inf from Windows 8.1 to 7? I wonder if @George King has any ideas here. This is currently the only device not working under Windows 7 on my Dell Precision 7530. Not only would this help me, but it would help several other users who may be in the same boat as me.
  5. Under the Intel Serial IO A368 and A369 devices (currently labeled Intel Device), I found this under "Parent" in the DM: ACPI\PNP0A08\0 This is also present under the Unknown Device. Updating this turns it into the Dell Free Fall sensor, but with a yellow mark (idr the exact error code I get when I updated it last). This suggests whatever that ID is tied to is "broken" and that getting it working will result in all three aforementioned devices working (I don't care about the Free Fall sensor, I just happened to see that it has the same "Parent" as the Serial IO devices). EDIT: This id is also shared by the already working UHD630, meaning, this may not be the issue.
  6. Hi @blackwingcat! I keep forgetting to tell you this. Basically, your modded Qualcomm Atheros AR5B125 WiFi driver works under Windows 2000, however, I notice that when the driver is enabled, the computer becomes INSANELY slow, and I don't know why. If I disable the card, the slowness goes away and the computer is speedy once again. It's almost as if it is hogging all the resources, but idk. Any help on fixing this greatly appreciated!
  7. Even after adding your device id? Rats! You may be out of luck, unfortunately.
  8. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/82186/intel-ethernet-connection-i219v/downloads.html Try these. They should work. If not, you'll need to mod your device ID into these.
  9. Main Article: If you read that post, you'll see that @kar1 appears to needs KMDF from Windows 8.1 backported to Windows 7 to make my Intel Serial IO A368/A369 work under 7. This already works under 8.1 with no mods needed except to a Skylake Serial IO driver inf. On Windows 7, it has become more complicated and after days of back and forth with kar1, come to the conclusion that KMDF 1.13 is needed on Windows 7. So, my question is, can this be backported to 7? kar1 has said this has been done before when people backported KMDF 1.11 from 8.0 to XP (it was also released to Vista and 7 as an update), so I'd think backporting 1.13 from 8.1 to 7 wouldn't be impossible. Any help on this is greatly appreciated!
  10. Interesting. Idk where the KMDF files would be stored at on a Windows 8.1 and 7 installation. Maybe someone here could help out.
  11. Here is the Computer tab opened up. The "Dell Inc. Precision 7530" driver does not show up under 8.1 or 7 (and nothing is affected by its absence on the former and latter). I am not seeing a device called "System Board" under System Devices unfortunately.
  12. I got a Code 37 (Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware) upon installing your Serial IO drivers. I followed the steps in the provided ReadMe, too. I found this Device ID in Windows 11's Device Manager (found by clicking on Serial IO A369, Details, and Parent): ACPI\PNP0A08\0, but idk if it's the correct one for ACPIex. If it's not, what would ACPIex be known as in the Device Manager?
  13. Alright, so I tried your driver, and Intel HID Event Filter driver installs successfully with no error! Unfortunately, the touchpad still does not work as the Intel Serial IO drivers do not want to install. I tried the ones here https://www.mediafire.com/file/23np1m85w5za00a/Serial_IO_7th_Gen%2B_Win_7.zip/file but when I install them, I get a Code 31 error (Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware) or whatever that error is called. These are Skylake Serial IO drivers modded to include my 8th Gen Serial IO. Idk why this Windows 7 Skylake Serial IO driver isn't working as the Windows 8.1 Skylake drivers I modded work just fine under 8.1, so theoretically, the linked drivers should work, too! This should be the last hurdle in getting the touchpad to work under 7. I appreciate anyone's help in getting those drivers to work without producing a Code 31 error. EDIT: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A368&SUBSYS_08311028&REV_10 and PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A369&SUBSYS_08311028&REV_10 (Intel Serial IO A368 and A369). Forgot to include my Device ID's for reference.
  14. Hi! I tried your modded DSDT table. The Intel HID Event Filter driver now shows up as an Unknown Device within Device Manager, however, I still get the 0x07E BSOD when attempting to install the driver. This happened with Snappy Driver Install, as well as the official Intel installer (which no longer throws "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements" when launching it). Below is what should be BSOD logs as well as the Intel driver, which is unmodded as it already supports my device and Windows 7 (as nothing has changed with the device from Skylake to 8th Gen Coffee Lake). And yes, I even tried the GeorgeKing thing, and no changes BSOD logs: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l9cpkpm0adh1k4c/73BSODEVENTFILTER.zip/file Intel HID Event Filter driver, unmodded: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7y8y4i36t71qtqr/HIDEventFilterDriver- Any help on figuring out why the driver still BSOD's even after using your modded DSDT is greatly appreciated!
  15. Great! Idk why mine threw the message then.
  16. Sorry for the late response. Got sidetracked by the 4th of July holiday. Anyhow, I have uploaded the ACPI table (dsdt.dsl and dsdt.aml) here: http://windowsenthusiasts1.epizy.com/Downloads/dsdt.zip There were dumped from the Windows 11 install on the same laptop (as opposed to the Windows 7 installation), but I see no reason these shouldn't work. If, for some reason, you need them dumped from the 7 install, please do let me know and I will do so. EDIT: If you get a "File not downloaded, potential security risk" message when downloading this, just ignore it and allow the download to continue. Idk if Chrome will throw this error, but Firefox can/will.
  17. I may be closer to solving this problem! It appears that the issue is this: https://winraid.level1techs.com/t/win-7-64-not-working-touchpad/94960/19?u=moline I can gather that the check on this laptop checks if you have Windows 8.1 or above, and if you do, the touchpad will be enabled and allow successful installation of the HID Event Filter Driver, and thus, the Serial IO drivers. If you have Windows 7, the check will fail and disable the touchpad entirely, meaning Windows 7 won't know it exists, and one of two things will happen when you try to install the HID Event Filter driver: 1. The setup.exe will tell you your computer doesn't meet the requirements (This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software), which is expected as the OS, and thus the app, do not know that the touchpad exists, or 2. you get a 7E BSOD with IntelHidEventFilter.sys identified in the stop screen when you try to install it over a HID driver from an external device, like USB Wireless Mouse. To fix it, the following will need to be done: https://winraid.level1techs.com/t/win-7-64-not-working-touchpad/94960/33?u=moline I'm still working on deciphering this. Basically, if the DSDT table is extracted, we can modify the check so that Windows 7 will pass and allow the touchpad to be seen within the OS, and allow it to function after installing the aforementioned drivers. The way to do this is commonly used for Hackintosh installs as Macintosh will fail the check no matter the version, meaning you'd have to edit the check so that Darwin (Macintosh) pass and allow the touchpad to work under it; since I'm not dealing with Hackintosh, we just have to adapt the tutorial for Windows use. I'll report back later.
  18. I'd ask over at win-raid. They do BIOS modding over there, and may have a modded BIOS that brings up the Advanced Options.
  19. I can't believe I haven't posted this here yet, but K4sum1 managed to get AMD Radeon Graphics drivers, for use with AMD hardware such as Stoney Ridge, working under Vista, meaning we get Aero Glass now! This also opens up much newer laptops such as Acer Aspire A315-21 from around 2017-2019, meaning you don't have to go Ivy Bridge or 2015 AMD. All of the AMD Chipset drivers will work (you will need the latest one that supports Vista), but you will need to mod each INF to include your device ID, and you will also get many unsigned driver warnings, but they all work from AMD SATA to AMD USB 3.0. The AMD TPM 2.0 driver causes a BSOD (PSP 2.0 does not), so do not try to install it. The WiFi card and Bluetooth adapter will also not support Vista, so you'll either need to use USB WiFi, Realtek Ethernet, or swap out the WiFi card for a vista capable one. Out of curiosity, everything even works under XP except for the WiFi/Bluetooth driver as well as the graphics driver. You will, however, need a modded ACPI file. And a sidenote, I've never been able to get the VESA graphics driver to work on my Aspire A315-21, even with copying that one file manually. I do not know why it won't work despite doing it all seemingly correctly.
  20. Ah, ok. I thought there was an option for thread creators to delete their own posts. Welp, they can go ahead and delete this since this thread is pointless now.
  21. I guess I completely overlooked that. I will remove this now.
  22. Removed due to the forum rules.
  23. Interesting. I don't think I have quite the expertise to do this, but I know someone who may. Would this also apply to post-Ivy Bridge Intel graphics drivers such as for Haswell and later?

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