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Compiling ACPI v2.0 driver for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003 SP2 (x32/x64)

Mov AX, 0xDEAD

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The methode does not work so easy on every compi, when you modd DSDT and SSDT1.

But this nice methode from you seems to work everywhere, to modd only DSDT.

You can see, what I did when you compare with Beyond Compare both *.dsl files.

The numbers of processors is here in DSDT always 64, this I check before


PS: I dont need to do any other with the Asrock z690 Extreme board for to flash this modded Bios.

Dont use this Bios on any other board!

As told on Website, disable before EVERYTHING about Security in BIOS Setup.

On Asus boards you have to put back its crazy cap, here no cap.



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I did the same Bios Mod (last version F20b from Gigabyte Webside) for the

Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4

board, for to enable the old processor definition thanks to @Damnation , which shows normal Processor in Device Manager and brings power consumption under XP down as much as possible. All the "Unknown Devices" are gone.


You have only to copy the Biosfile


to an fresh with Fat32 formatted USB stick.

Put this stick in USB port left side, most up with name Bios written on this port.

Compi is shut down, but power is connected.

Press Qflash_Plus botton (on board).

The orange LED on the board begins to blink, and on your USB stick also.

Whole process laasts about 5 min. Dont shut power off as long as the LED is blinking!!!

At the end, all LEDs are out.

Restart compi, voila you see Bios version F20b, which also works for 13900k etc.


EDIT: Now no crash because of USB on this board

Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4

when running dxdiag.exe .

Before, this Bios even do not recognice a CD-Rom device. Now it does.

Gigabyte repairs a lot in their faulty Bios.

Now this is also a nice z690 board for XP.

The Asrock z690 Extreme board still crashes with dxdiag.exe .


Biosflash is always a risk. So no garantie. For me it works.

BiosMod for Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4





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You can easy go back to your original Bios:

Just copy the Original Bios from Webside on the with Fat32 formatted USB stick, rename it and repeat the procedure.

The name of the Bios file on this USB stick depends on manufacturer:

It is

creative.rom      for Asrock

GIGABYTE.bin   for Gigabyte (letters big size and small for bin)

MSI.ROM            for MSI .

I just check this with reading out its new build DSDT, works



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And here is the same tested Bios Mod for XP for to show processors in Device Manager and bring power consumption down as max as possible and no more "1000" unknown devices there,

for the MSI z690-A Pro board.

Procedure is the same:

Copy only

MSI.ROM (BIG letters)

to an fresh with Fat32 formatted USB stick and put it into the MSI board,

very left down, and press the Flash botton, left direct next



Biosflash is always a risk. So no garantie. For me it works.



You can easy go back to original Bios from webside, copy for this the original Bios to the USB stick and rename the original Bios there to MSI.ROM .



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Is there any way to check the ACPI version supported by the motherboard, e.g. using some program in Linux or Windows? Some motherboards, e.g. ASUS P5B-VM DO, have in the bios the ability to set the ACPI version:


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That's interesting, I didn't know some boards let you do that.

As far as I know, there is no way to tell which version of ACPI spec your board uses, but I haven't looked into it.


I'm not sure how to extract the ACPI tables from this boards BIOS - do you know of a way to do it?

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19 hours ago, Jakob99 said:

Does anyone have ACPI files for Windows XP x86, Windows Server 2003 x86, and Windows XP x64? A friend I have on Discord wants them.


5 hours ago, Damnation said:


I believe @George King has compiled both of these, there should be a link in this thread for them somewhere.

Latest available version


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