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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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17 hours ago, T. BugReporter said:

I now have plenty of crash dumps, but they're all bigger than the "Max total size" that this Web site allows for attachments.  How else can I get them where they need to go?

You can post some other file hosters then share the link here.

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On 10/14/2022 at 3:46 PM, dantearata said:

I am having this problem, the Edge profile image is not decreasing in size and is as you can see in the image, I have to say that I have even formatted, thinking it was something in the system, but it seems to be a problem of Edge with StartAllBack.

By the way, I have tried in the stable and insider version of windows, in all the same problem, also the versions of StartAllBack, I have tried up to 3.4.4, and also the same. Hope you can give me a solution, ty.

Screenshot 2022-10-14 153319.png

So nothing about this? sad

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Also is there any way to revert the navigation bar look to pre-22H2? This big a** thing looks horrendous.



UPD: I mean to get the pre-22h2 look, without turning the full compact mode on, like here:


I tried to do so using ViVeTool:

vivetool /disable /name:SV2Navpane

but apparently it doesn't seem to work anymore

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StartAllBack 3.5.3


- Improved acrylic tooltips DPI scaling

- Some RTL fixes

- Some dark mode fixes

- Fixed tray overflow shown empty until screen is redrawn

- Improved configurator drawing performance

- 22H2: Fixed IME context menu not working

- 22H2: Fixed clipping on Control Center with some multi-mon configs

- 22H2: Enabled network/battery Windows 10 flyouts

- Dev: 'Always show scrollbars' works for all DPIs

- Dev: Fixed taskbar icon spacing not working

- Dev: Fixed new Win hotkey

- Dev: Fixed new touch optimised taskbar mode


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1 hour ago, Tihiy said:

Mica on classic titlebars does not work in 22H2 if you're using color on titlebars. End of story

Thank you so much for the reply back, I really do appreciate the clarification. I'm amazed at the great work you do to restore productivity to Windows. Thanks again!

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Is the dragging up or down of pinned items in Explorer (Quick Access section) supposed to work with SaB, at least on 22H2?  It looks like you can drag them, but nothing happens.

Seems to work fine in Sandbox, which of course is vanilla 22H2.

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