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  1. Will it be hard to implement the taskbar as seperately (like the start menu is, I imagine)? Losing the classic taskbar would f****** suck :-(
  2. Sorry if this is considered off-topic but does anyone know how to get rid of the white selection boxes on the Windows 10 flyouts? I've already tried the proposed solution here, but it ain't that. It's ugly as f***.
  3. lol @ the tutorial video linked to in the taskbar section
  4. Is it possible to get the lastest version of Telegram working? Nothing happens when launching the installer.
  5. Do you think the Windows 10 style fly-outs could be made to look more like the Windows 11 style, i.e. padding on the side and rounded corners?
  6. Any idea why I can't get new icons in this context menu? It's the only one lacking them, I think.
  7. I hope it remains possible to revert to it. I don't hate every change but I don't really see what the new navpane does well? Also, I guess I didn't manually enable it with vivetool, since I saw it on a clients PC this week as well, along with the tabs in explorer - something I haven't seen on non of my 22H2 PC's. Not that I care particularly much for it.
  8. Will you be able to bring back the old navigation pane in explorer as well? EDIT: Ah, seems like I enabled it with vivetool at one point on this computer. Don't even remember. At least it's disable-able again but I dread if they make that ugly s*** the default.
  9. Any idea why the icons on desktop context menu aren't the new ones? It's enabled and there are new icons elsewhere.
  10. It's so accurate to the real thing it must be reverse enginered. The fact that msstyles (albeit Win8 ones) work in it speaks for itself. @Tihiy, any chance you'd consider adding the 'classic drive groupings' functionality that ExplorerPatcher has? I've been using both EB and SAB since I moved to Windows 11 but in 22H2 the incompatibilities are getting too much (plus they seemingly unf***ed alt+tab) so I've uninstalled EP.
  11. Geez man, it's default taskbar behaviour. Stop moaning about it, and complain to Microsoft for not allowing you to hide the damn profile picture inside the Edge icon.
  12. Anyone else (with accent color in titlebar) experiencing that it also applies to e.g. StartAllBack window? It didn't use to, and it looks like s***. I'm sure 22H2 is to blame.
  13. I personally like what is being done, honestly. @Tihiy once in a while, when rightclicking the startbutton, it shows a light menu rather than dark. Any idea what's causing this? Video of issue. On this PC I am not using ExplorerPatcher as well. These are my Windows theme settings:
  14. Sorry, it was caused by ExplorerPatcher, I should've tested with EP disabled first.
  15. Actually seems to be after each reboot that the setting is lost and have to be re-set.

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