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  1. This might be out-of-scope/irrelevant for this project but do you think a function to disable the colored "ribbon titles" when highlighting certain elemens in the "new" explorer, could be made? I'm talking about the, in this case, green box with "drive tools":
  2. Tak for opdateringen ;-) Howver it seems like the issue, whenever the 'extension' is installed/enabled, links in the old controlpanel get highlighted like so: also, has the update done anything about the occasional scenario where the classical drive groupings would end up looking like:
  3. Shame that we're not seeing a new version. kinda works but I'm experiencing the same trouble as the posts quoted below... and I really like the feature to use 'classic drive grouping'. Anyone know of an alternative to oldnewexplorer?
  4. Oh i was experiencing the same.. ffs i just got happy with using my external hdd instead of dvd
  5. Worked like a charm here.... kikinviento Im uncertain but try and place the dll's in SysWOW64 too
  6. There's a "Have XP? Try nLite" on the very first page at vlite.net... how can you miss that
  7. http://www.askvg.com/fix-compatibility-tab...-windows-vista/
  8. That post was so amazingly f***ing dumb
  9. Yes. even if it is active, the detect application installations and prompt for elevation policy should be enable. One thing i do to bypass this is the following command before installing synaptic REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" /v EnableInstallerDetection /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f Why not just run the dpinstall.exe or whatever its called, which is in the same folder as the setup.exe? smartasses took me 20 secs to figure that out
  10. Nah im too lazy to 'just' do that.. Thanks anyway
  11. When i removed Windows Image Acquisition from my Vista x86 install, i think it made it impossible for me to install my webcam drivers. It just gives me an error.. Is there a way to re-add Windows Image Acquisition or something? Anything lol. thanks
  12. It was just me being silly, i disabled one of the DWM features by mistake which apparently made aero not usable it all works now
  13. I use 175.70 :| and yes DRM is on
  14. Hey! I chose Windows SAT as removal when i made my vlited vista x64, and apparently that made it impossible for me to use aero (?) I was thinking if there was a way to adding it back so i can use aero? Thanks
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