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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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59 minutes ago, geneticplasma said:

Win11 classic taskbar is already supported.

The screenshot was from Win11 without SAB. So clearly SAB ist the Problem...

Problem with classic taskbar on Win11. Traffic Monitor detects Win11 and positions differently, but it shouldn't with old taskbar. I can't fix it from my end

Or use V1.80.3, it seems okay

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Finally I changed to the good, old NetSpeedMonitor, which mainly don't works on Win11 classic taskbar (for that I only changed to TrafficMonitor), but after using SAB it works again. :thumbup

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the rounded close button for taskbar thumbnails was fixed. however there are some apps wich still have this buggy button, like AIMP. does it deppend on the app itself? 


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where is the Chat icon?

Enabling it in the windows settings taskbar options but the icon does not appear on the taskbar.

It appears only if I use the native taskbar.


Thank you.

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Apologies if I'm missing something or it has already been requested and/or addressed; 

But will these customization options be implemented in the future from StartisBack++ into StartAllBack? I am mainly interested in getting ALL context menus on the taskbar to have their GDI-ish spacing between rows, and not the 'touch-friendly' boosted spacing that the new menus have.  Reason I desire this is because I use a 16:9 display which obviously has less vertical screen real estate and I add a lot of custom items to the 'power menu' (right clicking the start button) and with the added spacing it limits how much I can add a lot more than it did on 10.

I'm evaluating Windows 11 and StartAllBack RC in a VM to ascertain whether or not I can make the taskbar and start menu how I made it look on 10 using SiB++

EDIT: Also, the jumplists seems to be limited to 10 in my testing with Notepad pinned items with no option to change it like before, so is this functionality going to be added at a future release?  EDIT: Not really a big deal for this one, since a registry setting was brought over from 10 that adjusts this (see Edit2)

EDIT2: It seems the jumplist limit is resolvable by adding DWORD 32-bit keys for both Start_JumpListItems and JumpListItems_Maximum under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced  

(Number in decimal, takes effect immediately)

EDIT3: Was added in RC3 so struck out text for jumplist thing since no longer relevant.




To illustrate what I mean by the spacing difference in the 'power menu':

Windows 10 with StartisBack++:


And StartAllBack on 11:


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Thank you so much for making this software. I finally made, kicking and screaming, the move from my beloved Windows 7 to Windows 11.

I did not like Windows 8 and 10 because their GUIs are a mess but Windows 11 finally comes with a polished, functional and nice looking interface. With StartIsBack I can keep the task bar and start menu style that I love and makes the move a lot less painful.


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New update has deleted my Win 11 Start icon so I can no longer open what one I choose, was this intentional?

As much as I did not like Win10/11 Start Menu is is handy for some things so use both, ClassicStart used to let you open one or the other via right click or shift so both co-existed.

Also my Apps Nest and Eufy (installed from Edge) were gone and so were some items pinned to Start.

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On 10/6/2021 at 4:20 PM, ChrisK said:

is there anyway to center all icons in the taskbar?  I have to admit I like the centered look on a wide screen monitor.

I would really like this as well! Also @Tihiy, is there a changelog/version history on the StartAllBack website?

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