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  1. If choosing Win10 Ribbon UI, there is White fonts, showing folder name. It's unreadable at this light UI Background color, it should be black fonts color:
  2. How should this one work correctly? Show Details, if marked or hide details if marked?
  3. Are you not interested in knowing bugs, in you software? To fix it an provide a flawless software you even charge for? It would bei kind of different, if SAB would be an open source project. We make the effort and invest our time and test your program and report the errors - free of charge. It would be the least if you would honor this and be grateful.
  4. If taskbar is blured (with highlight color) setting, the expand taskbar is only blured, with any background color. If you expand it on withe background (browser), the (white) icons are not visible.
  5. @MaXeLL I can't fonfirm this. For me it's okay in RC3. I've had another "strange" issue: If I disable one of these two options, there was played a sound, like clearing the recycle bin. ...it's not a big issue, but a bit strange. Edit: If you untick this settings, the lists will be cleared automaticly. So the buttons on the right: Clear list, are redundant or the lists didn't have to be cleaned, if you only untick the settings.
  6. >Explorer Style >Details pane on bottom ...works vice versa (if it's disabled in SAB, it is enabled in Windows and vise versa) ++++++++++++++++ Some right clicking menus in taskbar has blue highlight (Colorize everythig with accent color is disabled) ...normally they only has some transparency:
  7. RC3: 7zip-icon in classic context-menu looks really bad: In new context-menü it's fine:
  8. @Tihiy Maybe you want to add the possibility to switch to Win10-Startmenu to SAB? Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced +DWORD: Start_ShowClassicMode "1"...Reboot
  9. Finally I changed to the good, old NetSpeedMonitor, which mainly don't works on Win11 classic taskbar (for that I only changed to TrafficMonitor), but after using SAB it works again.
  10. Win11 classic taskbar is already supported. The screenshot was from Win11 without SAB. So clearly SAB ist the Problem...

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