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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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On 1/18/2024 at 9:38 AM, mackid1993 said:

Bud, it $8.99. I think you'll live.

Out of fairness to the developer as well as trying to avoid any additional negative replies I have been in communication with the developer of startallback and after explaining what I was wanting to do he has reset my two device license back to the way it was in the beginning , I DID NOT even bring up the subject in any way shape or form of the word REFUND. As far as the living part of the comment I plan on living as long as GOD allows me to and then I'll take the journey to my new home.

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On 1/19/2024 at 4:54 PM, JakubDriver said:

Upgrade SaB to the latest version 3.73

Argh.  That was it.  I'll have to redo my preferred order for the tray icons, but that's only a minor annoyance.

However, I saw the option in the installer to download and install updates, but I don't want my programs to update themselves.  (I'm old, so I've had to deal with many rogue programs that suddenly rearranged controls or removed features without my knowledge.  Admittedly, most programmers know better now, but my old habits die hard.)  Can't there be an option to "download and notify" (or just "notify") instead?

And a minor complaint about SaB's UI for this:  I kept expecting tooltips on hover, not wanting to click on anything before knowing what it would do.  It was only when I got brave and clicked that I found that the info I was looking for is only available in the submenu that appears after clicking.  (As much as Microsoft likes to think so, their icons are not self-explanatory.)


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"This version of StartAllBack is not intended for this Windows version"

Just had this popup twice in quick succession.  Think I was typing the first time so unintentionally hit Enter on 'OK' which resulted in something horrific I haven't seen in more than a year (the native Win11 start menu!).  I reinstalled 3.7.3 and once it enabled itself, I got the same message again.  I clicked "Enable" and everything seems ok but thought I'd report it.

Have attached the error and output of winver.




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Found a small bug:

When hovering over the Control Center icon, the Control Center tooltip appears, but after a moment it is overlapped by the Bluetooth Devices tooltip (or the network tooltip when bluetooth is tuned off).


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Is there possibly a registry key to disable the enhanced system tray? To bring back the Windows 10 default system tray, (I only ask because i'm using a windhawk mod that restores the windows 7/8 system tray but its not compatible with startallbacks, using startisback as a work around lol)image.png.2491ddc978b3c4f82cb17e4eead13ee2.png

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Bug: Toolbar background is always white.
How to check it:
create a custom ToolBar in TaskBar (right click on TaskBar->Toolbars->New Toolbar).
We get a new toolbar where files are displayed.
But its background is white, although all Windows is dark.
attached screenshot: https://ibb.co/sVfg57D
Program versions: Windows 11 (ver 10.0.22621.382) + StartAllBack v3.7.3




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I have some issues with 3.7.3.

I had to reinstall OS, and after finishing all the config and getting updated StartAllBack (v. 3.7.3), all the menus within the start menu looks like on the screenshot below.

I noticed that this colour changes when changing the Windows accent colour, but I was unable to make it simply black as before.

Any idea?


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OS: Win11-22H2(OS 22621.3085)

Version: StartAllBack 3.6.1

After updating the KB5034204 patch, the problem of disappearing the address bar of the resource manager appeared, and the control panel could not be opened.

Try to update the version, the new version cannot be covered and installed.

Try to uninstall the reinstallation. After reinstallation and before reinstallation, the modification of the resource manager is still invalid. And because the control panel cannot be turned on, and the start button does not add the "property" button, it can only be set by manually to the installation directory.

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I guess I'll soon be seeing how well this works with Canary these days, even though I'm in Dev. Dev has been moved up to the same level as Canary (26052). Canary will stay on the same track as Dev for a while (giving people a chance to easily change channels to Dev if they wish) before it shoots ahead to a higher series in some unspecified future week (I would guess at least a couple weeks from now).

Update: What we've seen be a sticking point in the past is the vertical toolbar, but that is not a problem. I initially thought it might be, since it was switched to horizontal (even after I thought I clicked Enable, as usual, post build update), but I went into Control Panel to enable it there, and once the shell restarted it was fine.

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