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  1. Replacing the motherboard and CPU shouldn't have any effect on the programming installed on the HDD/SSD other than Windows (maybe Office if you have it because MS can be a bit sensitive). You will probably have to reactivate Windows, but even that's pretty easy, and is automatic if it's registered with a Microsoft account. (After doing the hardware upgrades, you might have to reboot and log in to your Microsoft account for the automatic actiivation to occur. If it doesn't activate, go to Settings>System>About>Product Key and Activation, select to activate by telephone, then switch to activation by text messaging when offered, and it's a pretty simple process.) If you do have Office, and have to reactivate it, you can do so from inside any of the Office applications by going to File>Account. It's then the same process as reactivating Windows. Of course, if you wipe the drive and start everything from scratch, all licensed software will have to be reactivated. I recently did these hardware upgrades on my desktop, had to reactivate both Windows and Office, but StartIsBack stayed registered. (I bought a new StartAllBack licenses for lmy desktop, laptop, and tablet anyway because it's so cheap.) Hopes this helps you. Edited to add: If you need to reactivate Office, MS wll ask how many computers you have it installed on. Just say one and it should reactivate.
  2. Thank you for this Tihiy. I've always liked StartIsBack, but StartAllBack is your best work yet. It's a beautiful start menu, not to mention the very nice task bar and notification area fixes. Thanks to StartAllBack, I'm enjoying having Windows 11 on my four systems (a duel-boot desktop with Windows 11 Insider and Public Release, a laptop and a tablet). Now if you could fix Edge to enable permanent pinning, resizing, and moving favorites to the left side of the screen like we could do with Internet Explorer, life would be great. You could call the new software BackToTheEdge and you'd sell millions. But anyway, thanks for all your hard work. It's very much appreceiated.
  3. Forgot to add an image to my above post.Start Menu Button.bmp
  4. I haven't been on this site in years, but came on to check if anything is happening/going to happen with Windows 11. I saw your comment, and decided to give it a shot. It seems to work fine, and actually maintains the new Windows 11 start menu while enabling the classic Windows start menu. It's like there are two start menu buttons; a small black one on top of a larger blue one. If I click in the black area, it launches the StartIsBack Classic Start menu, and if I get the tip of the mouse pointer on blue area and click there, it launches the new Windows 11 menu. And like I said, both start menus seem to work perfectly fine. Also, if I right click in the blue area, it launches the power user's menu, but if I right click on the black area, or if the whole start menu button kind of grays out when I hover the mouse pointer anywhere over it and right click, it locks the start menu up completely. It can be unlocked again in Task Manager by restarting Windows Explorer. (I think you have to select the first option, the black Windows logo as the button style in StartIsBack configuration to get this sort of double start button, but I haven't tried any of the other options since I don't really like them anyway.) Is that about the same as your experience?
  5. Thanks for another fine product, Tihiy! This looks and works great. Is there any possibility of being able to boot to the desktop/Start Menu on the primary monitor, with the Start Screen launching on a secondary monitor, like was possible with StartIsBack+ on Windows 8? Thanks. By the way, I'm assuming StartIsBack++ will require new licenses with the final release? Will the purchase options be posted at the same location as before? Thanks again!
  6. @Soritzi: In Windows 10 Settings, Personalization, Start, turn off "Use Start full screen", then when you press "Ctrl+Win" or "Alt+Win", you should get the Windows 10 Start Menu instead of the Start Screen. That's how I have it set, and it works great.
  7. I've seen this question asked a few times already (once by me), but haven't seen it answered by anyone who actually knows. Is there going to be a StartIsBack for Windows 10? Tihiy, I know you're busy with your real job and all, so I was just wondering, and hoping. Thanks.
  8. Last Saturday, I went online to one of my favorite sports blog sites, and having noticed a dramatic slow-down in stories posted to the site over the past few weeks, I got the gut feeling that it was about to shut down. Later that day, it did just that. Each of the staff writers posted a farewell, and they shut the site down. Now I'm wondering if there's anything in development for StartIsBack on Windows 10, or if this is about to come to an end as well. So anyway, I have to ask, is there going to be a new version of StartIsBack for Windows 10? Thanks.
  9. OK, I tried again, and for some reason I can't figure out, it installed this time. However, there are three problems. First, I have no Shut Down button in the Start Menu. Second, I have no access to the Start Screen because none of the hot corners work, and none of the options for launching it in combination with the Windows key work either. Third, on the Start Menu, All Programs Menu, everything is sort of faded out and hard to read. Any help with these would be greatly appreciated, and sorry for the multiple posts.
  10. I have a question for anyone who is able to run StartIsBack on Windows Technical Preview Build 9860. How? I had it installed and (sort of) working on the first release, but when I try to install it on Build 9860, I can't get past the error "This version of StartIsBack is not intended for this Windows version". I've tried everything I can think of, with both versions 1.6.2 and 1.7 Beta, but it just won't install. Thanks.
  11. Oh well, StartIsBack didn't work after installing the new build, so I was going to uninstall and reinstall it. Of course, it uninstalled with no problem, but the installation program won't run so I can't reinstall it. I've tried troubleshooting compatibility, telling it to run as Windows 8, but no go. I just can't get past the "This version of StartIsBack is not intended for this Windows version" error. (Even downloading a fresh copy of the installer didn't work like it did with the first build.)
  12. Microsoft is releasing it's first major new build for the Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9860) today, and will push it out via Windows Update during the next few days (nights). Or it can be downloaded and installed manually via PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Preview Builds. Microsoft says the download size will vary from 2 Gb to 2.7 Gb. I think I'm downloading it now, but there's no indicator of progress other than the spinning-circle-of-dots thingy. Oops, the circle-of-dots thingy just stopped spinning, and has been replaced by an "Install now" button. Wish me luck.
  13. Well the Windows 10 start menu still sucks IMO. You can't have a flyout control panel menu on the right column, or a Run item, or Recent items like you can with Windows 7 (and StartisBack). Me, personally, I am going to use StartisBack unless Microsoft lets us pin items - including submenus like Control Panel and items like run - on the RIGHT column. I don't mind the live tiles, but I want to be able to pin text based non-icon items too on the right like I can with SiB. So, StartisBack still has a place in Windows 10, for people like me. Why should it be free? Do you give your work away for free?
  14. I have a quick question for (prematurely) using StartIsBack with the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In Control Panel, Taskbar and Navigation, Start Menu tab, should "Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen" be checked or left unchecked? I've tried both ways, but when it's checked I lose my monitors and they just start randomly flashing on and off if StartIsBack is installed. If it's unchecked, the desktop (with StartIsBack start menu) launches when I log on, but the start screen doesn't launch on the secondary monitor as is selected in the StartIsBack settings. The only way I can get to the Start Screen is to click the icon in the Start menu, then it opens on the primary monitor, replacing the desktop. Just curious if this is just me, or if this is typical. Thanks.
  15. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit. My start menu has gone hybrid when using StartIsBack. The right column is a Windows 7 menu that appears just as it's customized to be in the StartIsBack settings, but the left column is Windows 10. And there's no start screen unless I tell Windows to use the start screen instead of the start menu, in which case there's no start menu. Plus, when I am using the start screen, I can't move it to an alternate monitor. So I guess the error message/warning about StartIsBack not working well on Windows 10 yet" is right. Oh well, it's very early and I didn't really expect StartIsBack to work anyway. I'll keep it installed and play with it, though. See what happens.
  16. Very interesting. Have you changed something already, Tihiy? I decided to download StartIsBack again using the link in your comment above, and then installing it from the newly downloaded installer. I got an error that said "StartIsBack won't work well on Windows 10 yet!", clicked OK, and it not only installed, but it seems to work fine.
  17. Define 'good'. Works here on x86 http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlus_setupBETA.exe On 64-bit Windows 10, it gives the error "This version of StartisBack is not intended for this Windows version." I tried to troubleshoot compatibility, and got the same result.
  18. Hi Tihiy, hope all is going well with your new employment. With windows 8.1 Update 2 supposedly coming out two weeks from today (12 August), I was wondering if StartIsBack will continue to work with it, even with it's new built-in start menu? Thanks.
  19. A little StartIsBack publicity at Softpedia.com: http://news.softpedia.com/news/StartIsBack-Start-Menu-Gets-Windows-8-1-Update-Support-Free-Download-436107.shtml "Of course, software developers are also tweaking their apps to provide full compatibility with Windows 8.1 Update, and StartIsBack is one of the first programs to get improved in this regard."
  20. As mentioned by others, I doubt if MS's new Start Menu would have all of the same features as yours, and some people might still prefer StartIsBack+/++/- over the native Start menu just because it would look more familiar to them. There's no start menu in Windows 8.1 Update. Here's a quote from a Redmond Magazine newsletter yesterday: "... on stage during Microsoft's Build developer conference in San Francisco, (Joe) Belfiore explained that Microsoft will bring back a new Start Screen with the Windows 8.1 Update, which had been a longtime complaint by Windows 8 users. The new Start Screen (there's no Start Menu) was briefly shown ..."
  21. It's working with a relatively fresh install of Windows 8.1 with the 2014 Spring Update integrated. roirraWedorehT: I'm just curious where you were able to get the 2014 Spring Update. I've not been able to find a method that works, including a registry hack that supposedly enables getting it via Microsoft Update.
  22. Right click on the shortcut in the start menu and select copy, then right click on the desktop and select paste. Or put the mouse curser on the start menu shortcut, hold the Ctrl key and left mouse button, and drag it to the desktop. (Added: If you don't hold the Ctrl key you will move the shortcut from the start menu to the desktop instead of copying it to the desktop.)
  23. Do the auto-update check within SiB+ and it'll give you the download link directly. nothing I always download updates from here: http://www.startisback.com/#download-tab
  24. I was just wondering if, along with the new option to have the Start screen automatically launch on a secondary monitor, would it be possible to select which secondary monitor it launches on, for those of us who have 3-monitor (or more) setups. With my setup, my primary monitor is in the center, and when I boot the computer, the Start screen usually opens on the right monitor (which is where I want it), but sometimes it opens on the left monitor. Not a huge issue, though. Thanks.

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