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  1. With your builds, I use the custom theme you've included by default (which is amazing, and a throwback to the good old days of early Chrome). With Humming Owl's builds, I use the 'classic' theme. Some sites are optimized to use a dark interface if they recognize you using a dark browser theme. It seems they can read the dark theme in 360EE (at least in Humming Owl's builds), and for certain sites such as YouTube and Twitter they'll display a dark interface while you are browsing those sites. I'm not sure how much the Google monopoly ties into that, but as I rarely if ever use the dark theme I wouldn't know for sure. It's a nice touch, but again I stick to the 'classic' theme in Humming Owl builds and the custom theme in your builds. I prefer the old-school look over the overly simplified feel of modern browser aesthetics.
  2. I have tried the dark theme in v12 and v13 and can confirm that it does affect certain pages, as long as those pages are optimized to display a dark version. For most pages it has little to no effect...though the dark theme and dark pages are easier on the eyes (especially at night), I've been sticking to the classic theme, simply because it feels more 'sane'.
  3. No worries! I just like to be helpful whenever possible, and the timing was incredible because I was actually considering going back to NM26 (but upon further testing found that NM27 suits my needs more). Hopefully those old Mypal repositories have been backed up somewhere, because Feodor did some damn good work on it over the years...and I'm sure whatever he does next will also be fantastic. It seems he may be planning to try and get post-Rust (Quantum) Firefox working in XP--if he pulls it off that would be a massive feat. 'Secret' updated builds of Mypal 27/28 (or if nothing else, one-time 'final' builds of his last updated codebases for 27/28 to port over the cubeb overflow fix) may also be a possibility, though I doubt this will happen anytime soon.
  4. @ClassicNick - If you'll forgive me for speaking up (and of course I'm always glad to hear @ArcticFoxie's input on these sorts of topics), I actually tested Roy's most recent build of New Moon 26 (the first version with the cubeb overflow fix), and found it still works very well for a fair number of sites. However, I wasn't able to get this forum to display properly in it (I couldn't even load the message box to type and send a reply), and YouTube videos won't work because YT seems to have deprecated VP8/WebM support some time ago (Invidious doesn't work in NM26 either). Since NM26 lacks MediaSource, lav dlls can't be added, but they do work with NM27. NM27 works with YouTube and with this forum; it's the only browser Roy maintains which has four optimized builds (Win32, Win64, SSE and IA-32), meaning it will run on literally ANY XP compatible hardware (even pre-MMX Pentium, which is the bare minimum for XP). For what very little it's worth, NM27 also displays emojis properly (NM26 uses black-and-white fallbacks, even if you natively install the Twemoji font to XP). NM28 will work with more sites overall due to its more advanced UXP engine, but NM27 targets older hardware better by loading mobile versions where applicable for some sites (and additional custom user agents for certain sites can be established in about:config). There is an SSE-optimized version of NM28, and I doubt it would run that much slower overall, but you will get a speed boost with NM27 (in fact, I'm going back to NM27 myself due to the superior speed overall). Both NM27 and NM28 should work fine if you keep JavaScript turned off as much as possible, but NM27 will use your 512MB of RAM better than NM28...it is the oldest browser I've tried, after tons of testing, that can still keep up with the modern web fairly well. At one time I would have recommended Opera 12.18, but it is showing its age and while it can still be used with a fair number of sites, you will not have a great user experience because the web has changed too much for its aging Presto engine to consistently manage. If you want more compatibility, NM28's your best bet, but if you need speed NM27 still has good compatibility and a faster engine. I hope this helps!
  5. Thank you for another fantastic release! They truly get better and better with every update...I'm using the latest v11 right now with no issues to report. If I should end up using a newer PC (or need to use a certain site that won't function properly even with workarounds) then I'll absolutely be making the leap to v12 or beyond, but for now v11 is still performing like a champ!
  6. Thank you for all of these great releases! I was using the 2021-06-06 release for several months...your mplayer builds are truly rock-solid and well optimized for fantastic performance. It uses only twice the RAM as TCPMP to play a 1080p mp4, while having no audio or video glitches (meaning everything plays perfectly), and plays a TON of other formats flawlessly too. As an XP user, I'm grateful for your efforts!
  7. Whatever happens from here on out, I will continue to support @roytam1 in whatever he decides to do with his browsers going forward. MCP seems hell-bent on destroying anyone and anything that tries to get in the way of their 'vision' for their browsers. The way I see it, they're on a road to self-destruction...their browsers are going to fade further into irrelevance, while people will continue to follow Roy and many others and support their hard work. MCP and their browsers are going to become more and more the reflection of everything they were once fighting against, everything they had tried so hard not to have their browsers be or to themselves become. It is a shame that they could be so arrogant not only to XP users but users of the 'regular' Pale Moon and Basilisk, so greedy about the source code, and so selfish in not allowing people to take their work and build upon it. And yet, without Mozilla they would have had nothing to build from, no starting point to begin with. They were (and are) nothing without Mozilla, much as Atlas in Teen Titans was nothing without the mechanic who did maintenance (see the episode "Only Human"). When the mechanic abandoned Atlas he was battered into spare parts...and as people abandon MCP and/or if Mozilla themselves should see fit to abandon them, they too will be battered & broken. Thank you, Roy, for all of your hard work--I appreciate you and your efforts VERY much. It ain't over 'til it's over!
  8. The TLS 1.3 flag...there is a drop-down menu in chrome://flags which allows you to pull up your preferred option. I did a simple CTRL+F search for "tls 1.3" and selected "Enabled (Final)" from that list. (This only applies to v11, as the TLS 1.3 flag was removed from v12 and v13 [since those browsers have TLS 1.3 fully integrated and activated out of the box].) EDIT: The name of the specific flag is #tls13-variant and the specific option is Enabled (Final).
  9. Thank you--that works perfectly! It even works in v9.5, too, but I'll be sticking with v11 because of the TLS 1.3 support. I appreciate your help and testing!
  10. Actually, yes! I did try to access the site with a Chrome 92 user agent, and it still wouldn't load the article. v12 and v13 work just fine with Time.com...thank you for your help!
  11. I tried to activate all of the flags, but none of them worked. Not sure if it's an XP issue or not, but even then I've actually upgraded back to v12. Time.com does not seem to work properly in v9.5 or v11--the homepage does load and you can access articles, but an article I tried to read would not load properly. I was able to read it in v12. I'm still going to hold off on v13 unless there's a site I need it for, but for now v12 gets the job done flawlessly.
  12. @Humming Owl - Sorry for not saying anything sooner...I became inactive from the forum for a few days as far as posting, and that was so I could do some more browser testing. I tried all kinds of browsers, including older versions of Opera, Firefox, classic Chrome 49, and even the Otter Browser (unstable and crash-prone--I don't recommend it unless you need an Opera 12-esque browser with more modern capabilities). After a lot of trial and error, I've settled on New Moon 28 and your build of 360 v11. 360 v9.5 seems to have the capability of using experimental drafts of TLS 1.3, but I couldn't get them to work. On the other hand, v11 has the final draft of TLS 1.3 included, though it's not activated by default (a quick trip to chrome://flags solved that issue). v12 is also fairly snappy on my old Pentium D, but v11 runs faster...it basically feels like a more advanced version of Chrome 49, similarly fast but more future-proof thanks to having TLS 1.3 and other modern features. v9.5 is still a great option for ancient SSE2 processors (early Willamette-era P4, for example), but v11 is my favorite of the bunch for sure. I will be using v11 from now on, but if I use a more powerful PC in the future and/or need to access a certain site that doesn't work well with v11 I'm always open to upgrading. Thank you for all of your hard work...I'll be following your future releases closely!
  13. Opensearch is a perfect solution on Firefox-compatible browsers...in fact, @RainyShadow kindly reintroduced me to the Mycroft Project, which I had used long ago and forgotten all about. It's a great alternative to downloading search plugins from the Pale Moon or Basilisk websites--in fact, I'm currently using the "!Google" (Google NCR) engine from the Mycroft website, their #1 offering out of the top 100. Ah, okay! I understand now...thank you very much!
  14. Same here, pretty much! I tried antivirus software for a while, but haven't used an antivirus in years because most of them eat up CPU and RAM like it's going out of style & because I'm not too fond of having to get permission from one program to run another program. So I've been taking my chances since then, and in my lifetime it has only happened ONCE that a virus from a spyware site wiped out my OS, way back in 2010 (when I was a lot younger and dumber than I am today). On older machines with 512MB of RAM or less Opera 12.18 used to be the king, but now I think NM27 has stripped it of the crown (because Presto Opera is losing compatibility with many modern sites--while most still work well, it has issues displaying many others [including this very forum]). Based on my own experiences, this is as good as I can make a recommendation: for machines with 512MB of RAM or less and/or a processor that doesn't have SSE, go with NM27. If you have more than 512MB of RAM and/or a processor with SSE, go with NM28. In both cases, the more you can keep JS/animated images turned off, the better your overall browsing experience will be.
  15. Ah, okay...so you'll be 'setting up shop' at another website. If you can DM me and others, or provide basic instructions here on where to find and obtain your future binaries, I'll definitely be grateful. And no worries--I'll keep it 'hush-hush'. You're very welcome! NM28 is more convenient because it has everything you need built-in. NM27 you have to configure a bit (lav DLLs and such), but once you've got it up and running it is nice and fast. NM28 isn't much slower than NM27 on my Pentium D...in fact, it runs very well (especially when I keep JavaScript and animated images turned off). The choice is yours, and on your hardware NM28 should be fine! NM27 is a great choice for older machines, though.
  16. Turning off JavaScript and animated images makes a big difference towards making the overall web experience faster...while some sites don't work properly without JS, the ones that are excessively JS-heavy are in most cases not really worth visiting, to me anyway.
  17. It's quite possible...honestly, I don't use any extensions, with one exception: the last fully working build of QuickJava ( As the PM website doesn't host this version, I'll be happy to share a direct link: http://web-old.archive.org/web/20191029202435/https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/1237/quickjava-
  18. @nicolaasjan - Wow! Thank you for the tip! @roytam1 - No worries! I'll do my best to stay on top of the latest releases, even if we have to use a little ingenuity to get the links (in the event of any confusion or uncertainty, I'm sure good samaritans will do their best to help). Thank you for all of your efforts over the years...I've said it before, but I can't say it enough, because you've been at this for a long time and I appreciate all that you do.
  19. I remember when YouTube still served up a mobile version of their site that would work even on older Win95-compatible browsers (like Firefox 2 and Opera 9/10). You could stream videos in .3gp format through VLC, directly from the YT servers. Sadly, as most if not all of us already know they discontinued the legacy compatibility, and their current mobile site is now geared more towards smartphones (though it will function well in sufficiently modern browsers, like New Moon, Serpent, and 360). Speaking of which, the mobile site hasn't crashed for me in New Moon, but I have yet to test it in 360v12 (regular YouTube works fine). Back on NM28 and loving it...thank you for the links, @kwisomialbert! (And thank you, @ArcticFoxie, for your fantastic 360 builds--rebuild 2 of 12.0.1247 is running like a champ! If you release any more 12 rebuilds I'll be glad to try them!)
  20. It all comes down to your personal preferences--I have experience with both NM27 and NM28. If your focus is on compatibility and you want more sites to work well, NM28 is your best bet. NM27 is faster overall (and will in some cases, including YouTube, serve 'mobile' sites that run better on the older engine), but not all sites work well in it. However, there are optimized NM27 versions for every use case (Win32/Win64/SSE/IA-32), so it can run on anything that can run XP (which makes it the safest choice). You would have to download LAV DLLs for audio/video playback and extract them to the NM27 file folder (refer back to the first page of this thread), and again Roy offers versions for all use cases. Based on your specs NM28 should run fine, but NM27 would offer a performance boost.
  21. For what it's worth and if I'm not mistaken NM27 is the only browser for which Roy offers 4 optimized versions (Win32/SSE/IA-32/Win64) That makes it a safe choice for all XP-compatible hardware because it works on anything that can run XP (including pre-MMX Pentium). I'm considering going back to NM27 myself because it does run a bit faster than NM28 on all of the machines I've tried, works flawlessly with mobile YouTube, and still supports most websites to this day. By the way, everyone, I apologize if I've made a bad impression with anything I've done or said. I wanted to stay quiet and simply remain a silent but appreciative observer, but after seeing the situation with Feodor I had to speak up. Hopefully I won't be too much of a nuisance from now on...I'm interested in and passionate about XP just like everyone else here, but I don't want to waste anyone's time (especially as I can't contribute much on the programming front, since coding isn't my strongsuit). I'm grateful to Roy and everyone else here for their efforts. I just don't want to seem like a parasite...please rest assured, I NEVER take your hard work for granted.
  22. Oh, wow! Thank you for pointing that out! It's been so long since I last used the Mycroft site, and it's definitely more efficient than going through the Pale Moon or Basilisk websites (they've got a LOT more engines you can add, too).
  23. I did and was unsuccessful. Thank you very much for your help anyway.
  24. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, or if anybody will be able to replicate this, but I'm currently unable to add search engines to Serpent (52 or 55) or New Moon (27 or 28). I'm sure this was an intentional move on MCP's part, breaking certain things to ensure that more people use the 'genuine articles'.
  25. Yes, indeed...my apologies. Thank you for a very nice discussion! We can definitely talk more through DM if you want.

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