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Thank You Big Muscle For New Aero Glass Build 1.5.10


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Everything seems good for the most part -- just some window border issues that seem to get slightly worse every Windows update (especially with Chrome/Firefox titlebar borders).

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Woohooo!! Thank you BigMuscle.

I've now updated to 1809 on my laptop and PC.   Such a pain to have reset all the privacy and assorted tweaks everytime MS rolls out a feature update.   Not to mention the constant tweaking of the GUI that always breaks aeroglass.

At least Aeroglass makes win10 tolerable :)

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2 hours ago, bigmuscle said:

Sure, "regsvr32 DWMGlass.dll" still works. Installer now automatically registers DLL only when you select Aero Glass design.

Oh nice, thanks I'll try it later! I use a custom .msstyles theme so I have the native Windows 10 setting enabled but still prefer the glass-titlebar for a more consistent look as the borders of modern apps still get affected. I'm with you through for the average user it's better to not have it injected when running in Windows 10 mode.

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2 hours ago, nitinvaid20 said:

dont know why but its not working for me i installed and it just open a window and search for dwm i think in cmd menu and no transparency and all windows 10 1803 Build 17134.407

You must dowload symbols for your build. Search forum for downloading necessary symbols.

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Well, glory hallelujah! :worship:

@bigmuscle has, once again, fixed the aesthetically emasculated UI of Windows 10 1809 just as he has every version of Windows since 8.X and restored what the Redmond Retards have taken from us.

AeroGlass in all of its crystal clear glory is back for RS5. Now I don't feel like I need to puke every time I use the filthy, nasty, butt-ugly, pastel-colored cartoon vomit Windoze OS X 1809 stock UI.

Yes, another donation is well-deserved and coming your way, bro. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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