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  1. The debug window is just part of the "beta" version. I just hide it by right clicking the task bar -> select "show task view" button -> click task view icon on task bar -> drag debug window to 2nd desktop -> then deselect "show task view button".
  2. Experimental atlas for Creator Update?

    I modified this atlas to have no borders and subtle smoke tint to title bars no borders screenshot . No layout file needed, just apply with AeroglassGUI tool. Having some issues with the link for screen...here's another one if the link above doesn't work. https://s19.postimg.org/7919pu2f7/no_border.jpg
  3. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    I was just researching and reading about the Fluent Design/Project NEON stuff. I'm really looking forward to seeing these changes implemented and keeping the UI moving forward. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed (and still do) the Aeroglass 1.5.3 app and I appreciate EVERYTHING that bigmuscle and supporting members have put into it, I'm excited for native transparency throughout the entire OS...but like you said raiden89, not needing 3rd party apps for transparency is long overdue.
  4. ModernFrame replacement

    I had this same window appear every time I opened any modern app, ie: settings, system, personalization...etc. If I closed the cmd window, then the system app window would close too. I just deleted the modernframe.dll from aeroglass folder and it went away...along with aeroglass on modern apps. I still have aero, just not on any modern apps.
  5. Transparency level of Win10 Start Menu

    My question was in regards to the start menu only... I'm running my own modified atlas and layout. Thanks for the response though.
  6. This seems like the most obvious place for this question since it is related to aeroglass/transparency..if not, please move to appropriate location. Does anyone know how to, or has ever, tweaked the transparency level (made lighter) of the default start menu for Win10? I've done the Start10 thing, which lets you adjust the level of transparency for the two other menu styles (ie, W7 and W8 versions) but I'd like to keep using the Windows 10 start menu, but make it lighter. I've done the registry tweaks to enable/disable blur, which helps a bit but I want to keep the blur as it matches well with the BM AeroGlass settings I have in place. I tried using Resource Hacker to identify which registry items are tied to the transparency slider in Start10 but I had no such luck. Thanks for any info or help an advance.
  7. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to bigmuscle and to anyone who gave feedback to keep AeroGlass going. I'm currently using AeroGlass 1.5 along with the new GUI, a modified default atlas on Windows V.1607 B.14393.223 and everything looks spot on.
  8. Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

    Modified default atlas. Lightly tinted _ /◻ / X buttons w/ white glyph and title bars have slight tinting as well. Also made the active window frame just a little more pronounced. 1st atlas post, so take it easy on me with the criticism, but feedback is certainly welcome...I'm learning.
  9. [OLD] Experimental builds

    Can anyone post a link to clsharp v4.4 in "Theme Atlas" section? I'm either blind or unusually stupid today...but I can't find it anywhere.
  10. [OLD] Experimental builds

    I too would love to know what the numbers represent. For example: Does line item 47 represent the same thing across different layout files?, or is it the same across different builds of the OS? etc... I've managed to fumble around and customize the clsharp layout and png files using notepad and photoshop and have managed to change frame shadow, open/close-min/max-button glyph's, etc...but it was a very slow process of changing one line item at a time with the layout file then changing a single row of pixels (png) and restarting aeroglass. Slow and steady but not without a very high number of screw ups along the way.
  11. Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

    Well said...I too, hope Big Muscle doesn't give up. I've given up on using custom themes though. I'm sticking with the default M$ theme so at least I don't have to worry about mapping, atlas or .layout files.
  12. "UPDATE" (at least for me) Symbols updated about 5 minutes ago on reboot. AeroGlass loaded and hooked DWM with no issues. Seems to be working fine now.
  13. Same here...W10 Pro x64 Build 10586.122. Although, Aeroglass is still applied and seems to be functioning...I still got the same message.
  14. Aeroglass window title bug

    Are you, by chance, using oldnewexplorer? If so, the option in there to remove the title caption and title icon would explain why those are missing. If you are using default theme then the buttons won't show up until you hover over them.