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  1. Well, glory hallelujah! @bigmuscle has, once again, fixed the aesthetically emasculated UI of Windows 10 1809 just as he has every version of Windows since 8.X and restored what the Redmond Retards have taken from us. AeroGlass in all of its crystal clear glory is back for RS5. Now I don't feel like I need to puke every time I use the filthy, nasty, butt-ugly, pastel-colored cartoon vomit Windoze OS X 1809 stock UI. Yes, another donation is well-deserved and coming your way, bro. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  2. Windows without AeroGlass is like a day with no sunlight. Tried 1709 a few days and it was too ugly and disgusting to put up with without AeroGlass.
  3. Not to my knowledge. It might be something one can manually add to the right-click context menu with some third-party utility, but it is a stand-alone portable application.
  4. That's entirely possible. Since I do not allow Micro$loth Updates (W7 or W10) to automatically corrupt my systems, that may be why I am not experiencing the issue.
  5. I just downloaded and viewed the video. Did disabling the Gaming stuff I mentioned earlier help at all? Something with those silly "features" does not play nice with either of my systems and I know of others that have bizarre issues with them enabled as well, and the problem came only since the release of 1703. It almost seems like a graphics output issue. What drivers are you using for the 960? If you uninstall the GPU drivers do you still have the blinking.
  6. Noel, I agree with you. I am reasonably certain it is Creators Abortion and has nothing to do with AeroGlass, because that issue predates the ability to use AeroGlass for Creators Abortion and disabling the Windows 10 XBOX gaming feature filth makes those problems go away for me.
  7. Chill dudes. I was providing friendly assistance to a fellow that thought he might be having a problem with AeroGlass and sharing a possible solution to his woes. If you expect me to tippy-toe around and say nice things about Windows 10, or pretend it's not a piece of garbage, that ain't gonna happen. AeroGlass is one of the third-party necessity things that is an absolute requirement to make this extremely feces-like piece of trash OS a lot less disgusting. The Redmond Retards owe an unpayable debt to guys like @bigmuscle for fixing all of their screw-ups and making this otherwise hopeless abortion a tolerable product. I'm a nice guy, but I don't beat around the bush when it comes to expressing my opinions about filth. Without third-party mods it is a PUP-bloated malware-ridden eyesore, LOL. Thank God for @bigmuscle and AeroGlass for sorting the eyesore part for us.
  8. Even without AeroGlass, I randomly have issues with clear squares like a window frame outline, randomly folders that appear to be empty when they are not. Clear start menu with no text or icons. The problem may not appear for days, then suddenly resurfaces. Using any UWA app crap triggers it. All of this nonsense started with 1703 Creators Abortion. Here is what I found to make the issue go away. Open Settings. Go to Gaming. Disable all of the available options under Game Bar, Game DVR and Game Mode. Reboot or logoff/logon. When I do that, those problems go away. If I go back to RS1 or older versions of W10 those problems go away, so it is only an RS2 bug related to their gaming gimmick garbage. And, I have to disable that stupid gaming crap on two different systems to eliminate this problem.
  9. No glitches here that I can identify. It is working fantastic for me on both of my systems now with Creators Abortion (1703, 15063.483) Dual display also has no issues...
  10. That worked for me as well. Thanks for posting it. Even temporarily installed the Paint 3D and Music UWA crApp that I have no use for just to check AeroGlass functionality and it worked.
  11. Below your name and avatar it shows Windows 10 x64. Do you have a system running 32-bit Windows 10 that requires the 32-bit version? Or, is there a reason you prefer using the 32-bit version of AeroGlass with 64-bit Windows? I hope that doesn't seem like a stupid question on my part, but I am sincerely curious since I saw you post it a couple of times. Am I missing out on something special in terms of aesthetics or functionality by using the 64-bit version instead of 32-bit?
  12. Thanks for saying something. I do not use Windows 10 UWA software for anything. (I remove just about all UWA apps from the ISO prior to installation, including Cortana, Skype, OneNote, etc.) I could have gone for the rest of my life and not known the items you mentioned are not working correctly with AeroGlass. Good catch!
  13. Hey folks. Never version v1.5.5 is up for Creators Abortion. The machine that was crashing is stable now. All is well... both monsterbooks are working great now. Thanks @bigmuscle - I sent you a few more thank you Euros even though I am all set for life on key creation capabilities.
  14. I had similar problems with Windows OS X Creators Abortion (1703) without AeroGlass. Sometimes Windows and the Start menu would be clear with no text or solid white with no text. Using UWA crApps made the problem worse than if I never launch any UWA crApps. What cured it for me was turning off all of the worthless Windows 10 gaming filthware. Go to Setting > Gaming and disable EVERYTHING in Game Bar, Game DVR and Game Mode then reboot. That may help. It completely eliminated those issues for me.
  15. Yup, same here. Installed and works flawlessly on one machine, as I posted earlier. On the other machine, as soon as I attempt to move an open window or application it freezes and creates a dump file, then unfreezes. I can minimize or maximize a windows or application, but cannot move it without a system freeze that lasts a few seconds. minidump file located here debug.log
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