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  1. I own all of Stardocks applications. I purchased them to fix the inexcusable and unforgivable aesthetic atrocities the Redmond Reprobates have hurled onto us after they commited digital genocide with Windows 7. I don't use them because the added bloat and waste of system resources that results from using Stardock applications is more than I can tolerate.
  2. Message me. Curtains is better than aeroglass. Very small footprint, and you can set it to only change the frames. I am using my own custom frame images, and looks great. I was very hesitant to use it as well, but after trying it, I was sold. You can message me here, or email me cpolizzi@mail.com


  3. You cannot generate a new donation key. I am still using it on one system. I had the ability to generate about 50 keys and now I can't generate any because the page where you do that is no longer online. I discovered the problem on a new system build.
  4. About $200 over the course of a couple of years.
  5. That is not accurate. I have been using it up until now (still using it on 3 computers) and the newer broken versions of Windows are irrelevant to me. What sucks is the honorable sum of money I wasted contributing to Big Muscle's efforts and now I cannot generate a key for my fresh install of Windows 10 LTSC 2019 on my newest laptop with Aeroglass. I guess now I need to start hunting for a creative workaround to remove the watermark since Big Muscle has left his financial supporters high and dry.
  6. I have, and will continue, to remain on LTSC 2019 (v1809). It is the newest version of Windoze I can tolerate, and it supports AeroGlass 100%. There are just too many things I find displeasing about newer versions to put up with. I dropped by to see if @bigmuscle ever renewed his interest in supporting AeroGlass and it appears that he has not. Bummer.
  7. Yeah, I tried WindowBlinds and hated it. Just bloatware crap that didn't look good to me at all. Windows 10 is extremely ugly without AeroGlass, but even uglier with WindowBlinds. I stopped using Stardock products back in the early Windows 8.X days. I don't really need or care about Windows security garbage updates, so I just stay on an older version of Windows 10 until AeroGlass support exists. I also still use Windows 7 and haven't used any Micro$lop updates for Windows 7 since probably 2014-2015.
  8. As much as I despise the look and feel (and performance downgrade) of every version of Windows 10, I found the Windows Blinds thing just didn't cut it for me. In fact, find all of Stardock's stuff is bloatware that isn't done well. Even Start10 is junk compared to StartIsBack, not to mention it is also overpriced. But, anyhoo, Window Blinds... I almost bought this piece of garbage a couple of weeks ago since it's not clear how much longer it will be until we have AeroGlass for Windoze OS X 2004, and OMG... so glad I did the trial first. It sucks. Removed it within a few hours after tinkering with it and hating it more the more I used it. And, then I tried Stardock Curtains and found it was equally a bloated and buggy piece of crap that make Windows 10 uglier-looking instead of better. There's just no substitute for AeroGlass and StartIsBack as far as I am concerned.
  9. Well said, bro. Windows 10 is a pile of $hit by any measurement. AeroGlass is the only thing that makes it tolerable as far as I am concerned. Nothing will ever make it a truly good product. The Redmond Retards are losers that have completely lost their way and couldn't find their a$$es using both hands. All they produce in garbage now. Their nonstop streak of failures started with Windows 8 and there is no end in sight to their stupidity.
  10. After you reboot, do you still see the error message about hooking DWM? The total transparency is how I set my systems up on purpose. I love how that looks. I do not care for the partial transparency or opaque/frosted look. I know some people do not like the title bar to be clear. If you download the AeroGlassGUI tool you can probably tweak it using that if you prefer opaque title bars. You can get that from the downloads page. Scroll down to Others and it is the link in the middle (shown in bold red below). https://www.glass8.eu/download DLL tool to bypass UXTheme signature verification - Windows 10 compatible (use AppInit_DLLs registry value to install) Testing version of GUI application to modify Aero Glass parameters Command line tool to change window's composition attributes (for very ADVANCED users only!)
  11. Works perfectly for me on 1909 already. And, there is a new version of AeroGlass for 1909. (Remember to remove the "s' after the http or you'll get an error (http NOT https) attempting to download. http://www.glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.13.exe Thank you @bigmuscle. Another donation sent, as promised. Really appreciate your continued support, bro. Have a nice Christmas.
  12. SWEET! New version of AeroGlass is available now! WOOT! Thanks @bigmuscle. No more having to hit cancel for Windoze OS X v1909. Donation sent, as promised. I hope many others follow suit. (Remember to remove the "s' after the http or you'll get an error (http NOT https) attempting to download. http://www.glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.13.exe
  13. I'm still hoping... ready and willing to make another donation if @bigmuscle fixes it. Would be nice not to have to click the "Cancel" button at every logon to have AeroGlass function.
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