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  1. No, it will identiy itself as 1909, when the official update is out. 1903 (19H1) is 18362, 1909 (19H2) is18363. That depends if BM will add it at some point.
  2. Are you sure you are running as admin? The titlebar of the cmd window doesn't mention that (also i don't get that when i run it nor do i have DGB tools installed). Also make sure that C:\AeroGlass is the default folder. Deleted symbols folder, AG redownloaded them, the incompatibility warning is there. I guess it's normal, as 19H2 (aka1909) isn't hardcoded yet into AG as safe.
  3. I don't know, mine does that, i have donation.key loaded. Didn't bother to delete the symbols before, this might be the problem. Right now, i'm on 18363.388.
  4. Some screenshots would be of help. Plus hardware/software specfications (gpu/motherboard/cpu ; windows10 version).
  5. Install latest version 1.5.11 in C:\AeroGlass, get the experimental dll. Reboot into safe mode, copy the file over (in C;\AeroGlass), reboot. When the prompt about incompatibility appears, click cancel.
  6. As the title says. I have mine in a VM, so no use to test AG there.
  7. Can confirm too, no crashes here, taskview works as intended. Thanks @bigmuscle
  8. Can confirm it's working but i also have DWM crash on taskview open. Debug attached. debug.log
  9. Donate as much as you wish, there's no minimum amount (but it feels weird anyhow to donate under 5eur/usd, considering PP fees). The machineid is the little popup with a big string of numbers and letters.
  10. Maybe symbols were put offline too, as they paused RS5 for the moment. And something tells me that AG will be updated to 1.6.x at some point.
  11. @Cris_ : press Cancel, wait 2-3 seconds, cmd window should appear and will download symbols. @bigmuscle : yes, we know it's up to 17134, but we like to try to see if it works. Again, if you need debug/input or tests from us, we'll gladly help.
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