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  1. Everything seems good for the most part -- just some window border issues that seem to get slightly worse every Windows update (especially with Chrome/Firefox titlebar borders).
  2. Same thing happened to me when 1.5.9 was released. I had to generate a new code. I had to do the same thing for 1.5.7 but this time the new code generated was (I think) the same code I had before 1.5.7 so it's definitely not your fault -- the issue lies within Glass8 and it's hacked-together nature.
  3. Is there a watermark on the Experimental Version? EDIT: Nevermind, I tried the Experimental DLL and there is a watermark, so I reverted back to the Stable DLL which is working fine for me in 1709 just a nag screen whenever I restart my computer.
  4. Are you using the default transparency setting or a custom theme/atlas file? I'm using the default theme with default transparency. I haven't tried using a custom theme via the new UXTheme Patcher from https://www.syssel.net/hoefs/software_uxtheme.php?lang=en and the custom themes need to be updated for 1709 anyways so if you're not trying the defaults maybe try those, otherwise I don't know why mine would work and others wouldn't. Just to be clear for anyone else, I had 1.5.6 installed then updated to 1709 with 1.5.6 still installed. Every reboot I just click "cancel" on the dwm prompt and everything works fine after that. Hope the newer version gets released soon though.
  5. So I upgraded to 1709 with 1.5.6 installed and it warned me with a dwm.exe prompt that Aero Glass wasn't supported for this version of Windows. It offered "Retry" or "Cancel". Figuring I'd be safe and press "Cancel" it then opened dwm.exe in cmd and showed it making several successful attempts to talk to the local dwm server. I waited several moments after it had finished scrolling the messages and then closed the cmd window. Well I don't know what it did but everything is working fine. xD Hopefully the beta for 1709 gets moved to stable soon so I can update without having to have the watermark because of development version.