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On 20/8/2017 at 5:38 PM, Tusticles said:

Same, I just don't want these apps to be touched by aero glass...


This problem was solved with the new version 1.5.6, at least in my case, Aeroglass no longer interferes with those applications that use Acrylic like People or Calculator.



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well the donation itself is valid. but you need to get a new key file.


usually you have depending on how much you donated, multiple slots to you so it's even less of a hassle.

the only thing you have to remind is that when you deactivate your old slot, you can npot use that slot for 30 days.

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After installing 1.5.6 my "Welcome" screen is way longer as usual. I'm on, relative, fast machine: i5 7600k, 16GB RAM, Samsung pro 850. Before update i saw welcome screen for some about sec. now some about 10 or more. Annoying bit :D Any one?


Never mind, looks like problem with Start is back.

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