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  1. what are you doing with the debug ? Any way to let it start minimized in then first place?
  2. ok, I feel a bit stupid (:-(( It says I can generate 4 keys and asks for machine ID - where do I get that. Long time ago I did the registration, sorry
  3. got a new machine - is my donation still valid for the new one too. Old machine is gone for good
  4. looks like all of us get this - click cancel and you should be fine
  5. Anyone here willing to tell me how to install that UxTSB.dll Thanks
  6. same happened here - solution seems to be:
  7. Thanks mostly harmless :-) that is one hell of precise info
  8. anyone knows when aeroglass starts to hook into windows 10. I explain why I would like to know. I did the updgrade today - worked fine till I tried to login, screen went on and off all the time with error sound. In the end I had to do the hammer method - unplug computer 3 times on startup to get into repair otions and go back to 511
  9. experimentla built is for 64bit systems only, right. Can't find a 32bit version so far, gonna have to wait than
  10. Could you show us a screen of your aeroglassgui.exe settings - thanks
  11. one more - I don't see that search bar on the taskbar - right click on taskbar doesn't shwi otion to enable - ideas?
  12. I used program files in 8.1 Pro but it looks like 1o doesn't like that as much (;:-)) I installed in c:\aero glass and symbols did download. I still got an errro message abot a dvm library not compatible - seen this in this thread in several cases. I clicked cancel and it stopped bugging
  13. Thank you very much but I place them where (I put them in "C:\AeroGlass\win81_x64_1.4" because I always have the same message after restart. Thank you Ps: I have a doubt: it is good to me whom you answered? Paste the folder in C:\AeroGlass\symbols nod is complaining about dangerous site - anyone has another place to upload symbols
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