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  1. Guys, have you seen this? Questions - PM me. Glass&Blur
  2. Especially considering that it works (almost) for the 16232 which is quite close to the FCU
  3. Aeroglass 1.5.3 works for the build 16232. Even Modern Apps partially works with some inconsistencies that may be due to the atlas theme. I'll try other themes and report. also works but not with the Modern Apps. The Classic Shell though gets screwed on this build with Aeroglass running. However, the windows taskbar becomes transparent and blurred the same as the title bars.
  4. Yeah, that's it. It opens though a command window concerning downloading symbols. Is it necessary? Can it be cancelled?
  5. Ah! So this is it. Well, still didn't get to disable it. I'll do it and let you know. Thanks.
  6. Sure I used the dll you mention. Just renamed it to be sure the registry doesn't get confused by the long name (with MS you never know...). Tried to use the UxTheme... dll once and it screwed everything so much that I got rid of it immediately and never tried to investigate the reasons. Still ModernFrame doesn't work. BM, any advise?
  7. Looks really terrific. And I here cannot get ModernFrame working. The dll is not injected, although I set the registry as instructed. The address of course is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows. Am I missing something?
  8. Trying to login into: http://www.glass8.eu/login.html and get this: Server Error We're sorry! The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please try again later. error 500 My donation confirmation number is: 8VA18961XC564131D
  9. Runs beautifully on 14901. The 14905 is totally screwed up in regard to themes engine generally, not only DWM and AeroGlass. E.g.: inability to set the theme background and other things. So I suggest to avoid this build.
  10. Thanks cordially. Works great and looks great. It's just perfect for me.
  11. The RoundedCorners theme atlas is terrific. I love it. Would it be rude of me to ask you for its mod with no extra color? As a matter of fact the AeroGlass scheduled task for me does start on system startup every time. Triggers: At system startup - Enabled
  12. This version of the AeroGlass does not work with these symbols. Don't put them into the symbols folder in the C:\AeroGlass. Let's wait for BM's new version for 14393 build (Anniversary Update).
  13. Symbols for 14393 are available: https://download.microsoft.com/download/D/1/9/D196C4F3-FC5B-48D2-A5D9-D3D42CE5F4F0/Windows_Rs1.14393.0.160715-1616.x64FRE.Symbols.msi
  14. 14393.10 asked me politely if I would like to install it now. What'd'ya say about that?...
  15. It installed it automatically without my sensing it even, as it didn't require a restart. Too bad, gotta change that. Should be asking me permission to install it...
  16. Yeah, 14393. And it looks the most stable one so far. Getting closer to RTM...
  17. Works the same as in the previous build - everything works except modern apps (like windows 10 settings, edge etc.) and some of themes atlas. e.g. clsharp_v4.4.png (w/o layout) works fine but RoundedCorners.png doesn't (since it depends on the layout). Turn off Glow Effect to have a clear title bar for apps. Generally, I'd surely recommend it.
  18. I think I found a workaround for the opacity to stay as defined in AeroGlass GUI after restart. Go to "Personalization" and select Aero Lite theme. Then set all the parameters in the GUI. Restart and the values are kept (after you say "cancel" to the message about symbols). As a matter of fact, the Clsharp_4.4.png theme atlas doesn't work for Aero Lite theme. Only the atlas I extracted from the Aero Lite works. And all windows have a millimeter wide glass frame (including modern apps). You can go back to Aero theme. The settings defined in the GUI are still kept after restart. For this theme the clsharp_4.4.png atlas works and there is no frame. Warning: don't try the Colored theme. Got my system stuck. Had to go into the safe mode and run the Windows repair... Why is this happening? Your guess is as good as mine or maybe better. Something to do with this theme being obsolete (it's pretty old if look at it's date). Looks like MS just spit in there own well... Just buy this for what it's worth. I feel like an id*** since I have no idea what the MS guys are doing to the theme mechanism every new build...
  19. I am having that too. I tried to change the ColorizationColor alpha (leftmost 2 digits, like c4 in 0xc47a7574 are opacity: c4/ff =~ 77%) to 0x34... , which is supposed to be 20.4%. But after restart it goes back to 0xc4... and the opacity goes back to 77%. I noticed that the aero.theme, aerolite.theme and colored.theme have now the ColorizationColor variable and it is set to 0Xc40078D7. So I set it to 0X340078D7 (in safe mode). This did not help. And the values of ColorizationColor in the registry all go back to 0xc47a7574 after restart. So, maybe some more experienced and knowledgeable friends on the forum can advise?

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