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Shorthorn Project


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Hello everybody, i'm skulltrial or samuka, from Betaarchive and i'm here to present my project called Shorthorn, the biggest mod for XP/2003 and it keep aliving. The most known module or subproject is One-Core-API, the base to get compatibility of newer applications designed for Vista+ systems.


Shorthorn project now has official site:

You can found links to download, material to read and others.


Shorthorn has a long history. Many things was made. You can see a litle artifacts here:











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6 hours ago, informaticapowered said:

Sorry , but I got a legal product key of windows XP , can I use it?

Everything is legal in his site . He provide resources you have to mod xp your self as per your taste .

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2 hours ago, FranceBB said:

You have to download everything from github and compile it yourself.

Without instructions, and with a catch all ReactOS (outdated) README (and more docs from the same source):


ReactOS Version 0.3.x

Updated Dec 16, 2006

I am probably getting too old for this kind of things :(, but all I can see is a large number of nice screenshots :) and a bunch of files largely (probably) an outdated fork of ReactOS.

The probability that anyone, exception made for a handful of top-level programmers/hackers, already very familiar with ReactOS code and with Windows NT, can actually compile anything working from that is - in my personal estimation - so low that the Improbability Drive of the Heart of Gold could use it to go to both ends of the known Universe, twice. :w00t:


As said, nice screenshots . :thumbup


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rpcrt4.dll is incompatibile with 2003 crash at starup BSOD missing function:  I_RpcBindingIsServerLocal

I manually replaced dll.


  • I_RpcBindingIsServerLocal

OneDrive needs


  • 380 (17C)
  • 381 (17D)


From VISTA is incompatible.

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22 hours ago, Dibya said:

Everything is legal in his site . He provide resources you have to mod xp your self as per your taste .

Good, if you have actually checked each and every file (everything) against possible redistribution limitations, copyright infringements and/or IP violations of the "provided resources", we will take your motivated opinion, given also the vast experience you have in these matters as a green light.  :yes:

Dibya said it's fine.


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Very intriguing project. But I haven't the slightest idea how to install it? Downloading the packages and extracting the resources onto XP x64 or Server 2003 x86 simply renders the OS unusable. Looking further on the dev's website, I found bootable ISO's. However it requires a product key to proceed.

I must be very punctual here. I'm not asking how to illegally circumvent activation. But what is this OS/distro even based on? Would you activate it using a Server 2003 key?

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  • 9 months later...

Is there documentation on how to install all of Shorthorn and the research kernel onto 2k3? Also, what's the point of the Main Development builds? Also, was Vista/7 RTM's interface ever ported?

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