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  1. With One-Core-API, that's works fine with Windows XP.
  2. It's interesting, what can i find this hack?
  3. Office 2019 can be installed on Windows 7.
  4. Hello friends, i have faced with some issues: - Windows XP x64 with winload and installed on nvme not restart normal. I think is related with acpi because it's ocours with Windows XP 32 bits and only restart normal when i use ACPI from Longhorn 5048 (patched) or ACPI 6666 (patched); - Windows XP x64 with Compiled ACPI freeze on my Core i9 10900k and B560 motherboard at boot screen with compiled acpi. Works with Longhorn 5048 acpi driver; - Both Windows XP 32, Server 2003 32 and Windows XP x64 freeze on Setup Hardware Detection portion. I think it is related with acpi too. I'm producing a Package installer as part of One-Core-API to prepare Windows XP/Server 2003/XP x64 to can installed using Windows Vista Setup engine, including boot with Winload.exe/Winload.efi. Its is not too complete than XP2ESD, however, prepare Windows for general install on any system, like Windows Vista+ does. So, it is hardware independent.
  5. You can install One-Core-API and will get 16 gb or more support, because PAE with support for 128 gb ram is enabled by default.
  6. Well, someone testes PHP 7.2, 7.3 or 8.3 with latest one-core-api's? version?
  7. Hey, i solved the problem with skylake computers. I patched Longhorn 5048 ACPI BIos driver, what is compatible with Server 2003 and XP. So, now i able to boot windows XP/2003 on my Skylake computer (COre i7 6700k). I think all others Longhorn and Vista pre 5365 build can be patched and work with modern computers. https://www.adrive.com/public/3gKU2q/acpi.sys Who has Ryzen Computer, please, try load too. I'm not AMD architecure for now, only on future.
  8. Hey Dietmar, Can you do it for x64/amd64? Regards,
  9. Well, i mean hex patches (like made to acpi.sys)
  10. Hey dear Dietmar, can you post to us patches to intelppm.sys and hal.dll?
  11. Hey, is possible find what broken Firefox 54+ on XP, like "restoreXP.git.diff" used on basilik for XP? It can help me to add native support of One-Core-API on XP/2003 run directly.
  12. Presentation Hello everybody, i'm skulltrial or samuka, from Betaarchive and i'm here to present my project called Shorthorn, the biggest mod for XP/2003 and it keep aliving. The most known module or subproject is One-Core-API, the base to get compatibility of newer applications designed for Vista+ systems. Site Shorthorn project now has official site: shorthornproject.com You can found links to download, material to read and others. Screenshots Shorthorn has a long history. Many things was made. You can see a litle artifacts here:
  13. Skulltrail


    Unfortunally, i'm still using XPDM drivers. With One-Core-APi, i don't have time to work about WDDM yet as way i'm want, but, i have plans. Only wine D3D for Windows made by Svyatpro was used.
  14. Skulltrail


    Hello man, i will relese on my adrive. Better to Binaries. Version 1.0 is comming. Svyatpro and i have big news about dx10/11 games. I'm testing dx10/11 games now
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