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  1. Hey, i solved the problem with skylake computers. I patched Longhorn 5048 ACPI BIos driver, what is compatible with Server 2003 and XP. So, now i able to boot windows XP/2003 on my Skylake computer (COre i7 6700k). I think all others Longhorn and Vista pre 5365 build can be patched and work with modern computers. https://www.adrive.com/public/3gKU2q/acpi.sys Who has Ryzen Computer, please, try load too. I'm not AMD architecure for now, only on future.
  2. Hey Dietmar, Can you do it for x64/amd64? Regards,
  3. Well, i mean hex patches (like made to acpi.sys)
  4. Hey dear Dietmar, can you post to us patches to intelppm.sys and hal.dll?
  5. Hey, is possible find what broken Firefox 54+ on XP, like "restoreXP.git.diff" used on basilik for XP? It can help me to add native support of One-Core-API on XP/2003 run directly.
  6. Presentation Hello everybody, i'm skulltrial or samuka, from Betaarchive and i'm here to present my project called Shorthorn, the biggest mod for XP/2003 and it keep aliving. The most known module or subproject is One-Core-API, the base to get compatibility of newer applications designed for Vista+ systems. Site Shorthorn project now has official site: shorthornproject.com You can found links to download, material to read and others. Screenshots Shorthorn has a long history. Many things was made. You can see a litle artifacts here:
  7. Skulltrail


    Unfortunally, i'm still using XPDM drivers. With One-Core-APi, i don't have time to work about WDDM yet as way i'm want, but, i have plans. Only wine D3D for Windows made by Svyatpro was used.
  8. Skulltrail


    Hello man, i will relese on my adrive. Better to Binaries. Version 1.0 is comming. Svyatpro and i have big news about dx10/11 games. I'm testing dx10/11 games now
  9. Skulltrail


    Hello guys, sorry my delay...Well, my short goal is get compatibility of newer applications on XP/2003. And long goal is get all ecosystem of NT 6.x on XP/2003, including initial purpose, interface. Now, i'm making the oficial website project, organizing the development (with repositiories on GitHub, Deveo SVN and managing with HostedRedmine), will create a page on facebook and topic here. All things usable made until now will be avaliable on site, including iso of legacy shorthorn builds. And, i will start development of Kernel extension, to run drivers like xheci for usb 3.0 support.
  10. Skulltrail


    Hello everybody, i'm Samuka, from betaarchive. I'm male, apropos, and i live on Brazil. Well, my initial project was based on transplant longhorn/vista shell files to get apparence. But, the project was growing. Now, have a subproject called one-core-api, to get windows vista+ compatibility, because now xp and 2003 are out of support. I will release official project site on January, with download links. Now we have source code on git hub, and management project on redmine. I will create a extension for kernel too, and x64 will be supported. Sorry for delay, but, I'm working on this project (windows shorthorn) about 8 years, because is very, very,very complex. Well, drivers are a area "supported" on project, and i have intention to run wddm drivers on xp. I will create a topic on msfn too. Only wait end my vocations. Thanks

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