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  1. How properly? i replaced kernel32.dll in system32 directory & BSOD...
  2. Can you explain my, why your kernel32 crash with BSOD ? STOP c0000269 {invalid system DLL}... kernel32.dll was relocated in memory... ntdll.dll occupied the range of reserved addresses
  3. Hi. I tried to run game named GOTHIC on 2k with KERNELEX installed, but there is error when try run. Can you test and confirm? It works on XP SP3 and VirtualBox 6.1.18
  4. cześć. jaka jest ostatnia NAJNOWSZA wersja HFSLIP dla XPka? wersja: hfslip-1.7.10.cmd wyrzuca brakujący plik CAB wbemoc.cab. U ciebie ostatnia to 1.0.2 https://mega.nz/folder/2lBVBBLI#WqmqhpxuX0qyCY1LiX4-gw/folder/L0omSarK AKTUALIZACJE widze pare brakujących aktualizacji u ciebie na stronie porównując to z https://erpman1.tripod.com/wnt5xupd.html/ERPMan-s-Windows-2000-XP-Server-2003-System-Updates-Page Chce pobrać wszystkie aktualizacje i zrobić ISO dla XP PL i XP ENU
  5. Please update SHRestricted in shell32, you only renamed ordinal. but its incomplete. CHECK WinME there's misssing args to upgrade webvw.dll from early whistler XP build & get CATEGORIZED CONTROL PANEL WebViewBarricade: ShowWebViewBarricade I tried change script HTT in webvw and replace ShowWebViewBarricade but it returns ERROR NOT FOUND in SHELL32. In 2k we have only HaveToShowWebViewBarricade webvw->shell32
  6. How looks your progress on future releases: ... ; When you plane to publish & how we can help you with this?
  7. Copy all resources from taskmgr.mui to taskmgr.exe save & run, it works. Prepared for you MULTILANGUAGE ver of taskmgr: PL/ENG. password: taskmgr
  8. 1. SYS Drivers: %windir%\System32\drivers or %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers 2. INF Files: %windir%\inf or %SystemRoot%\inf
  9. Im looking your 'hotplug.dll' and its not compatible with original "2ksp4" ; there are missing: DIALOGS: 330 & 603
  10. GDI32.DLL - Please add function: ClearBitmapAttributes (XP) 5.1 USER32.DLL - Please add some functions: PaintMenuBar (XP) 5.1 CalcMenuBar (XP) 5.1 IsServerSideWindow (XP) 5.1 RegisterUserApiHook (XP) 5.1 UnregisterUserApiHook (XP) 5.1 ChangeWindowMesageFilter (Vista) 6.0 DisableProcessWindowsGhosting (XP) 5.1 DwmHintDxUpdate (Vista) 6.0 GetGestureInfo (7) 6.1 GetRawInputDeviceInfoA (XP) 5.1 IsThreadDesktopComposited (Vista) 6.0 IsTouchWindow (7) 6.1 LogicalToPhysicalPoint (Vista) 6.0 RegisterPowerSettingNotification (Vista) 6.0 RegisterTouchWindow (7) 6.1 SetGestureConfig (7) 6.1 UnregisterPowerSettingNotification (Vista) 6.0 UnregisterTouchWindow (7) 6.1 VIDEOPRT.SYS Please add to driver function: (code from 2k3 Sp2) VideoPortIsNoVesa: (XP) 5.1 mov al,[L00027041] retn L00027041: db 00h; db 00h; db 00h; TASKMGR - update taskmgr to version 5259, from early VISTA 5259 is last compatible with 2k and works fine. there's few news: -dumping process -open contain folder LOCATION -properties of file -network card as in XP/2k33
  11. What software are you using to modify icons in 'explorer' 100, 130 ?
  12. ofcourse, but its not compatible..... Replacing 01 to 11 at address 574F doesnt work
  13. Hi. I want to patch explorer.exe from Win NT 4.0 with Desktop Update v.: 4.72.3612.1700. dr-hoiby webpage is deleted, available in wayback, but theres no info about this version i found bytes to patch, but its not compatible with NT with Desktop Update, LINK_1 patch from this TOPIC doesnt work... on MDGX, i not found version with DeskUpdate
  14. your modification doesnt work.... STOP c0000269 {invalid system DLL}... kernel32.dll was relocated in memory... ntdll.dll occupied the range of reserved addresses
  15. ok , i want try. But dont know how: add code to dll add new imports what tools use etc...
  16. Can you try expand NT4.0?? yunior600 tried but his project is dead... ;/
  17. add to: CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3A CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3W ConvertThreadToFiberEx CreateJobSet DebugActiveProcessStop DebugBreakProcess DebugSetProcessKillOnExit EnumSystemFirmwareTables FindFirstStreamW FindNextStreamW GetComPlusPackageInstallStatus GetConsoleProcessList GetConsoleSelectionInfo GetLargePageMinimum GetNLSVersion GetProcessIdOfThread GetProcessWorkingSetSizeEx GetSystemFileCacheSize GetSystemFirmwareTable IsNLSDefinedString IsTimeZoneRedirectionEnabled NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePatchA NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePatchW ReOpenFile SetComPlusPackageInstallStatus SetEnvironmentStringsA SetEnvironmentStringsW SetFileCompletionNotificationModes SetFileShortNameA SetFileShortNameW SetFileValidData SetProcessWorkingSetSizeEx SetSearchPathMode SetSystemFileCacheSize Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection Wow64EnableWow64FsRedirection Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection DbgQueryDebugFilterState DbgSetDebugFilterState DbgUiConvertStateChangeStructure DbgUiDebugActiveProcess DbgUiGetThreadDebugObject DbgUiIssueRemoteBreakin DbgUiRemoteBreakin DbgUiSetThreadDebugObject DbgUiStopDebugging ExpInterlockedPopEntrySListEnd ExpInterlockedPopEntrySListFault ExpInterlockedPopEntrySListResume KiFastSystemCall KiFastSystemCallRet KiIntSystemCall LdrFindResourceEx_U LdrHotPatchRoutine LdrOpenImageFileOptionsKey LdrQueryImageFileExecutionOptionsEx LdrQueryImageFileKeyOption NtAddDriverEntry NtApphelpCacheControl NtCompactKeys NtCompressKey NtCreateDebugObject NtCreateJobSet NtCreateKeyedEvent NtCreateProcessEx NtDebugActiveProcess NtDebugContinue NtDeleteDriverEntry NtEnumerateDriverEntries NtGetCurrentProcessorNumber NtLoadKeyEx NtLockRegistryKey NtMakePermanentObject NtModifyDriverEntry NtOpenKeyedEvent NtQueryDriverEntryOrder NtQueryOpenSubKeysEx NtQueryPortInformationProcess NtReleaseKeyedEvent NtRemoveProcessDebug NtRenameKey NtResumeProcess NtSetDriverEntryOrder NtSetEventBoostPriority NtSetInformationDebugObject NtSuspendProcess NtUnloadKey2 NtUnloadKeyEx NtWaitForDebugEvent NtWaitForKeyedEvent NtWaitForMultipleObjects32 RtlAcquirePrivilege RtlAddVectoredContinueHandler RtlAllocateActivationContextStack RtlCaptureStackContext RtlCheckProcessParameters RtlComputeImportTableHash RtlCopyMappedMemory RtlCreateServiceSid RtlCreateSystemVolumeInformationFolder RtlDosPathNameToNtPathName_U_WithStatus RtlDosPathNameToRelativeNtPathName_U RtlDosPathNameToRelativeNtPathName_U_WithStatus RtlExitUserThread RtlFindClearRuns RtlFormatMessageEx RtlFreeActivationContextStack RtlGetCriticalSectionRecursionCount RtlGetCurrentPeb RtlGetCurrentProcessorNumber RtlGetFullPathName_UstrEx RtlGetNativeSystemInformation RtlGetThreadErrorMode RtlGetUnloadEventTrace RtlImageNtHeaderEx RtlInitAnsiStringEx RtlInsertElementGenericTableFull RtlInsertElementGenericTableFullAvl RtlIsCriticalSectionLocked RtlLookupElementGenericTableFull RtlLookupElementGenericTableFullAvl RtlMapSecurityErrorToNtStatus RtlMultipleAllocateHeap RtlMultipleFreeHeap RtlQueueApcWow64Thread RtlReleasePrivilege RtlReleaseRelativeName RtlRemoveVectoredContinueHandler RtlSetEnvironmentStrings RtlSetProcessIsCritical RtlSetThreadErrorMode RtlSetThreadIsCritical RtlSetUnhandledExceptionFilter RtlWow64EnableFsRedirection RtlWow64EnableFsRedirectionEx _vscwprintf _wcstoui64 ZwAddBootEntry ZwAddDriverEntry ZwApphelpCacheControl ZwCompactKeys ZwCompareTokens ZwCompressKey ZwCreateDebugObject ZwCreateJobSet ZwCreateKeyedEvent ZwCreateProcessEx ZwDebugActiveProcess ZwDebugContinue ZwDeleteBootEntry ZwDeleteDriverEntry ZwEnumerateBootEntries ZwEnumerateDriverEntries ZwEnumerateSystemEnvironmentValuesEx ZwGetCurrentProcessorNumber ZwLoadKeyEx ZwLockProductActivationKeys ZwLockRegistryKey ZwMakePermanentObject ZwModifyBootEntry ZwModifyDriverEntry ZwOpenKeyedEvent ZwQueryBootEntryOrder ZwQueryBootOptions ZwQueryDriverEntryOrder ZwQueryOpenSubKeysEx ZwQueryPortInformationProcess ZwQuerySystemEnvironmentValueEx ZwReleaseKeyedEvent ZwRemoveProcessDebug ZwRenameKey ZwResumeProcess ZwSetBootEntryOrder ZwSetBootOptions ZwSetDriverEntryOrder ZwSetEventBoostPriority ZwSetInformationDebugObject ZwSetSystemEnvironmentValueEx ZwSuspendProcess ZwTraceEvent ZwTranslateFilePath ZwUnloadKey2 ZwUnloadKeyEx ZwWaitForDebugEvent ZwWaitForKeyedEvent ZwWaitForMultipleObjects32
  18. I have big request. Please update these DLLS to port ADMINTOOLS from 2k3 to 2k SERVER version DCPROMO.EXE (Active Directory) NETAPI32: DsRoleIfmHandleFree NetValidatePasswordPolicy DsRoleGetDatabaseFacts ADPROP.DLL advapi32: LsaQueryForestTrustInformation LsaSetForestTrustInformation netapi32: DsMergeForestTrustInformationW DsGetForestTrustInformationW dsprop: ADsPropShowErrorDialog ADsPropSendErrorMessage ADsPropSetHwndWithTitle FindSheet CERTADM.DLL CERTCLI: ORDINALS 249, 251, 254, 256, 260 CERTMMC.DLL CERTCLI: ORDINALS 247, 253, 254, 255, 256, 260 CERTPDEF.DLL CERTCLI: ORDINALS 253, 256, 260 CACertTypeQuery CACertTypeUnregisterQuery CACertTypeRegisterQuery CAGetCertTypeFlagsEx CAGetCertTypePropertyEx CERTREQ.EXE CERTCLI: ORDINALS 256, 260 CAGetCertTypePropertyEx CERTTMPL.DLL CERTCLI: CAIsCertTypeCurrent CAOIDFreeProperty CAInstallDefaultCertType CAOIDGetProperty CAOIDAdd CAOIDSetProperty CASetCertTypeFlagsEx CAGetCertTypePropertyEx CASetCertTypePropertyEx CAGetCertTypeFlagsEx CACloneCertType CAOIDDelete CAOIDCreateNew DNSMGR.DLL dnsapi: DnsQueryConfigAllocEx DSADMIN.DLL ADVAPI32: ConvertStringSDToSDDomainW MPRSNAP.DLL MPRAPI: MprAdminServerGetCredentials MprAdminServerSetCredentials NTDSBSRV.DLL NTDSA: DBDsReplBackupUpdate THGetErrorString DBUpdateBackupTimeStamps WINSMON.DLL NETSH.EXE: RegisterContext MatchToken RegisterHelper PrintMessageFromModule MatchCmdLine
  19. Please update "shlwapi.dll" with SHCreateThreadRef copying it from WildBill's shlwapi :), its missing in blackwingcat shlwapi
  20. i have programmed some functions for NT4.0 in old KEX by xeno86 engine: look & see attached asm file. You can copy these and manually put to kernel DLL, ofcourse you must add new import to NTDLL ;/, new functions in my asm: GetConsoleWindow GetFileSizeEx GetProcessHandleCount GetProcessId GetProcessIoCounters OpenThread ProcessIdToSessionId SetFilePointerEx Heap32ListFirst Heap32ListNext Heap32First Heap32Next Toolhelp32ReadProcessMemory Process32FirstW Process32First Process32NextW Process32Next Thread32First Thread32Next Module32FirstW Module32First Module32NextW Module32Next *My asm file is based on KERNEL version 4.0.1381.7227 kernel_nt4.asm

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