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file transfer over TCP/IP


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When using multiple versions of Windows, I often find myself in a situation where I have network connectivity but Windows will REFUSE to connect to a file share on another computer. For instance win7 and win98 might talk to a win2k box but not to each other. No matter what I do, I get 'access denied' 'incorrect password' or whatever.

Does anyone have an alternate way of transfering files over TCP/IP?

Back in the day, I had IPX on a LAN and I used a program called IPXCOPY. You'd simply run it on both computers and you could transfer anything in the current directory. I'd like to have something like this that worked over TCP/IP for these times that SMB fails.

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I've written programs to transfer files and run remote shells between any version of Windows and/or AmigaDOS.

They are much more reliable then SMB.

I recently added encryption to the Windows version of these programs for secure remote communication.

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I was about to suggest the same HFS as loblo did above. Alternatively, FTP server(s) would work too.


There is however a topic here somewhere about connecting a Win7 machine and a Win9x machine where I also input my findings. Basically, when everything is set properly, one has to access the shares by typing in the correct path to each shared folder, since it won't work through the classic way of unfolding from machine name on.

In example, if the Win7 machine called Machine1 has a shared folder called My share 1, one types (into Explorer or preferred file manager's address bar):

\\Machine1\My share 1\

Such locations can be bookmarked for easier later access, if the file manager provides such ability. Personally I use exclusively Total commander for file management and have a few tabs locked to such network shares.


The solution(s) may however require lowering or disabling some security features and/or enabling potentially vulnerable services/protocols, so be careful if/when you follow the advices on this matter.


Good luck with your setup!


(edit: fixed backslashes in place of slashes - I've taken on learning Linux lately and it shows :blushing: )

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I remember using IPX for easy networking via Direct Cable Connect and/or ethernet crossover cables in the golden days of yesteryear. Does Win7 not support IPX or have Network Neighborhood?

If you have webmail access on both systems:

1) Zip the files you want to transfer and attach them to a draft email and save it (to the cloud)

2) Load the draft on the target system and save the attachment(s)

3) Delete the draft or keep it as backup

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Windows7 does indeed have Network Neighborhood. BTW, use "Public" as the Connection Type (not "Home"/Work") or it definitely will cause you fits. Sorry to say, I have as yet to do full testing between 9x/XP/Seven but I just stated holds true for XP<->7. (I love Servers, because they just "work".)

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