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  1. Better try a 9x-compatible version of GOM Player with the '11 Inspirat' skin (similar to WMP11).
  2. @Wunderbar98: All fine and dandy but you may be missing one detail: IE6 is not simply an (outdated) browser - some of the critical 98/ME system libraries have only been updated through the release of IE6/SP1, they were never available standalone from MS. As such certain applications may present glitches or errors if those libraries have not been updated. I strongly suggest to have IE6 installed along with its SP1 and if afraid of malicious/unwanted activation just rename IEXPLORE.EXE to something else so it would not be inadvertently launched by stupid/malicious applications.
  3. Apparently no good deed remains unpunished. Why do I even bother…
  4. I suppose you mean the link to Release 11 in first post. Indeed the link is broken, most likely due to recent board software update. Here's the correct link: Release 11 I'm in the process of gathering all possible releases (complete with links) and hosting them at my repository for backup purposes and easier retrieval. Hopefully I'll finish by tonight (UTC+2). Check the KernelEx folder sometime later.
  5. Not sure if soporific here which maintained the 98 version of the AP was a member of the 2000/XP AP team but that doesn't matter now anyway. He did do a great job with AP98 though, for those times. I also have AP installed on my main machine but that's for a reason: system was installed in 2006 and AP was being actively developed when I got here. I also got involved a little, at some point. It was probably a random choice, maybe biased by the fact that it also contained a great deal of drivers that made it easier for many people. In time I've manually updated a lot of system files while installing separate packages such as NUSB and others, then KernelEx. At this point my system is probably very similar to what latest uSP3 does to a vanilla system. So I'll just stick with "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". For a vanilla install I'd surely go with uSP3 now.
  6. I don't know who Spark Post are, I don't trust them and I don't want them (or anybody else, for that matter) to count my clicks and habits and whatnot. That's why I employ Redirect Cleaner in Pale Moon and my own AHK script for WordPress mail notifications. I could probably crop up a script for this one as well [EDIT: done] but this redirection habit became an obsession lately. Thanks for looking into it.
  7. Thanks, got it done in the mean time, after some trouble with non-arriving confirmation e-mails. I now have another issue though: why all links in the notification e-mails - and especially external links - are being redirected/bounced through a third-party service (Spark Post)? I don't like clicking blindly to land who-knows-where, nor do I want to open an extra board page (limited download quota) just to see where the real links in the posts point to. Internet nowadays became much too similar to city roads: tarmac is too smooth and cars are too fast so let's dump some speed limiters every quarter mile or so, just because we can.
  8. To restore registry one can do the following: - (re)boot to plain DOS - at the command prompt type scanreg /restore and press Enter A selection of registry backups should be presented to choose from, according to the saved dates. Upon selecting (usually the most recent that worked) and choosing 'Restore', a reboot should bring the machine back to the state it was at that date. When the machine appears to work correctly for a few sessions you may invoke scanreg /backup at a command prompt to save current registry as a backup. This command can be added to startup to be performed automatically each boot, on a healthy system. In regard to the choice above the logical answer would be the latter, because it contains many recent updated files that do not exist in AP, considering AP development halted in 2008 while uSP3 is still being worked on AFAIK. For a (relatively) modern hardware uSP3 would be preferrable over AP. Make sure you read the documentation carefully and follow the directions. If you have the possibility, take a backup image of your system partition now and store it somewhere safe (on another HDD partition, preferrably, to have it handy in case it has to be restored, since at some point the USB may not be available for restoration if you save it on a Flash drive). Oh and whatever you do, do not mix AP2007/2008 with uSP3. Good luck!
  9. A preview performs a quick scan, most likely at a very low resolution, because it's being performed really fast compared to a real scan at 300, 600 or 1200dpi (yeah, I've done that too!) However, after the preview the software halts. Whereas on a real scan the image data, which is consistently larger, is being sent to an image-processing application chosen by the user but not before being saved as a bitmap in My Pictures. Therefore there may be a problem with the saving of the file to HDD (not enough space? bad bitmap filter? something else?) or with the application supposed to load and display the image (not existing? corrupted installation? bad settings?). There may also be a (GDI?) problem due to a system file mismatch (any unofficial system files update?). And as far as I know, the Lexmark scanner spawns a peculiar rtlxxx.exe file (forgot its real name) located in the Temp folder that may well be a virus (long time ago I read something about such virus file) or just an unfortunate name clash, so if you have a resident antivirus you might want to temporarily disable it while scanning. No other ideas so far.
  10. Not to mention the sometimes misleading (or completely lacking) information in older versions of MSDN that used to account for 9x compatiblity. For example in MSDN 2005 they say GetInterfaceInfo() in iphlpapi.dll returns WCHAR for Name in the array of IP_ADAPTER_INDEX_MAP structures within the IP_INTERFACE_INFO structure. Well, not so much in Win9x (tested in 98SE with iphlpapi.dll v5.0.17171.2) - it always returns CHAR (ANSI string). Now, if one would trust the docs and always perform a WideCharToMultiByte conversion when the result is required in ANSI format… Calling arbitrary code in other libraries could be their attempt at protecting some delicate operations or just an ugly hack performed in the last minute before shipping the product. Either way it's bad, very bad, because it can break a whole line of products on an occasional upgrade (be it official or not). Have you replaced/upgraded any system files after installing uSP3? Installed drivers or (older) software that could have replaced system files without notifying the user? There may be a mismatch somewhere leading to such errors, try to reinstall uSP3 if such errors continue to pop up. If uSP3 asks for downgrading certain system files, allow it to do so - sometimes there are good reasons to use older files. Let us know if there's any more problems. Oh and don't forget to back up any valuable data before further fiddling with the system.
  11. I've learned the position of the keys since 1999-2000 and I don't even have to use any key combo when layout is set to RO, but it would still be nice to see those letters on the keyboards, same as spanish, french, german, danish and other people (even chinese, japanese, korean) see their native alphabet on their personalized keyboards.
  12. The only problem in the IT world as well as everywhere else is the complete lack of (sane) choices. They just want to sell, sell, sell. They don't care about users' needs or desires. They know there's no real competition in their market segment. Now you, Jorge (or anybody else), try to build up a business that produces say Windows 9x or OS/2 hardware complete with drivers and whatnot. How long do you think you'll stay alive after you refuse their "proposal" to back the […] off of the market? Why would almost everybody remove Win9x drivers and compatible software from their servers, considering (at least theoretically) almost nobody would care for that stuff so they would (theoretically) generate (almost) no traffic? Wasted space? C'mon, we're in 21st century! So? I guess someone said "do it or else". And chicken comply. That's the world we're living in and the bullies are not where some say they'd be. @jaclaz: Thanks, I know about that company, but I don't trust current products, for one, and then I just can't afford ordering over there even if I wanted to. Besides, they still don't make custom key caps for the Romanian language, I need to use a black marker for ŞŢÂĂÎ.
  13. I assume you're talking about the good ol' IBM Model M keyboards. I still have three working pieces (see here), I've accidentally broken another one few days ago when a bottle of beer spilled all over it. It was my first keyboard ever, bought second-hand in 1999 (got my signature on a bottom sticker) and it's been manufactured in 1988 (internal sticker on that thick metal plate). Never missed a keypress and the sound (to me) is a must. Almost cried over it. They are on their way to achieve that goal, from what I read. They've acquired a starter company named Sonder that invented the e-ink system which allegedly allows changing the graphics on all keys. There are pictures on the web about this. Too bad they probably will retain the patent for the technology so I won't ever see a Windows 98SE driver for such a standalone keyboard (or the keyboard itself, for that matter).
  14. According to the pictures I just saw on the web, that band where the function keys used to be appears to actually be some kind of touch display, whose functions can be changed (sequentially by touch or through software - dunno). So it may be able to display smileys, media functions, progressbars and even… the good ol' function keys and act accordingly on touch. MacBook Pro 2016 touch bar
  15. Ah, so you won the lottery. Alright, build yourself a secondary computer for testing purposes; install the hardware you want, install the drivers, see how it works. When testing finished OK you may then add that piece of hardware to the main computer. Otherwise you may find yourself with a broken setup, having to take everything from scratch or waste hours/days to repair it. It's about API compatibility. Some newer APIs coming from the NT family may require or return Unicode strings instead of ANSI, others may require or return different structure sizes or formats and - knowing M$ - some may even directly call code in the middle of other libraries that may not match the intended ones. This can lead to erratic behavior, buffer overruns or at best wrong data being fetched and processed. Either way, working with an upgraded 9x system can be difficult, especially when running complex applications such as games.
  16. It is possible that some upgraded system libraries (coming from uSP3 or manually added) could think they are running under a higher OS version and as such they may behave differently/erroneously. This is just a theory though.
  17. Thanks, jaclaz, I think I found the culprit in Pale Moon's case: the Encrypted Web add-on (fork of HTTPS Everywhere). I've noticed that one of the images not showing up in the topic you linked to above had an address like i85.photobucket.com but in my browser's statusbar there was an s85.photobucket.com stalling the page. This sparked the idea that a HTTP address was being forced to a HTTPS that cannot be served/doesn't exist on that server. So I pulled down the Encrypted Web's menu and disabled it for the Photobucket domain. Upon reload, page loaded succesfully, including the image. Most likely Firefox users would have to do the same in HTTPS Everywhere or whatever similar add-on/extension they might have. Sorry, Tripredacus, for wasting your time - all this extra security that we're being scared into adopting sometimes leads to such issues.
  18. In regard to crashes, maybe some other related game libraries require KernelEx compatibility to be disabled. Check the error dialog when/if it happens again, see if you get a filename that may lead to the culprit. As for upgrades, personally I'd say the less - the better. For one, any added hardware piece requires a driver and a single bad driver can take the whole machine down. The more hardware pieces you have, the more chances to get crashes/freezes/etc. Then, all this hardware takes power so your PSU may get worn up too soon. It all depends on the quality of the PSU. If you really need to add a bunch of hardware, then add them one at a time, install corresponding driver and check the machine for a few days, see how it behaves in your usual applications, at startup/reboot and so on, to make sure the new drivers and associated resources don't negatively affect machine's behavior.
  19. Maybe Photobucket are filtering certain IP ranges blocking their access, or there are multiple servers serving that item according to geo-zone and some of them could have a non-sync'ed/corrupt database; that would explain why some can load the picture and others don't. Anyway, now it shows up from Imgur so this problem is solved. Thank you. EDIT: A possbile/probable explanation is further down, at least for Pale Moon users.
  20. Yep, sometimes it's strange. I can get pictures from other photobucket servers but the one that serves that particular picture doesn't want to serve me and keeps my browser in a limbo. Oh well…
  21. Yes, it's the same thing - my toy just brings together a few settings in a single window, avoiding unnecessary fuss. It's just that less-knowledgeable people may not even make it to the System Control Panel so it's a convenient alternative for them. Jaclaz does have a point with being able to do it offline by knowing the direct registry address though.
  22. Internet works in mysterious ways…
  23. I have a tool in my cloud folder than can take care of that among other things, it's called AFT. Go to Nags > Disable autoreboot on crash > Apply > Exit.
  24. Besides software, keep in mind it may also be a hardware issue: - CPU cooler may get clogged with dust preventing the fan from cooling it properly, or got displaced; blow off the dust, clean old thermal grease between CPU and cooler and replace with new one, attach cooler firmly to CPU. - A failing power source unit may also lead to random BSODs. Get into BIOS, see if you have a voltage reporting item, check voltages there (depends on sensors) or check physically with a multimeter at the main power socket. - Even if some proprietary software says the HDD is OK, it may not be. Try some advanced checking tool such as HDAT2, it may find some bad sectors (or hopefully not). - RAM can also be at fault - blame it on cheap chinese materials or solar eruptions. Try a MemTest86+ scan on the RAM, you may be surprised. I have a 512MB SDRAM that errors out on only one test out of them all, enough to be unreliable. - Open up the case, get good lighting inside and look for gonflated/leaking capacitors on the motherboard and on videocard; if any, take the unit to an electronics technician to recap it or replace the faulty board.
  25. Try to search online for forums or other discusion groups where the games you're having trouble with are/were being discussed. There may be incompatibilities between game engine and certain videocard manufacturers/models/driver versions. Some games may have been released in partnership with specific videocard manufacturers which may lead to such incompatibilities. Some games may need specific patches to fix certain issues. Personally I never fancied ATI cards myself but that's just an opinion. EDIT: Also try to manually set compatiblity mode to Disabled or Windows98SE in the KernelEx properties for main game executable(s). It's possbile some built-in routine checks for exotic APIs presence and assumes you're running a different OS, thus requiring capabilities that may not be available even with the help of KernelEx.
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