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  1. I'm not surprised. I would expect MS Update to read the list of Updates in the Registry rather than opening a lot of files, some of which could be locked.
  2. rloew

    chrome 49 XP

    Some months ago I complained about the poor performance of Hotmail after their last update became final. They gave me an URL to access the older version, which works much better with XP compatible browsers. It also solves the problem with Chrome 49. https://outlook.live.com/owa/?path=/fb
  3. The same hardware is used for both. The BIOS or Driver determines which device can be used. My MA785 Motherboard has a flag saved in a standby powered Register that selects which one is supported.
  4. No. That PS/2 connector is for Keyboard OR Mouse, not Keyboard AND Mouse. The combo connectors are usually found on laptops.
  5. http://www.pixelsplasher.com/_downloads/software/Microsoft-Cabinet-SDK/
  6. I use CABARC, not MAKECAB. What I posted is a CLI command. If the file is on the Desktop, you either have to place a copy in your current directory, or set the Desktop folder as your current directory.
  7. I just tried it. It does not work.
  8. Try adding a HOSTS file entry redirecting freegames.zone.com to the IP for mpgame5.games.msn.com
  9. I just tried a MSI 970A SLI-Krait that uses a 10EC:0887 Codec. I got sound but it causes ERROR 202 sporadically and when Installing Drivers or playing Videos. I never got sound and video together.
  10. The M5A97 and the Z87 use a 10EC:0887 Codec. Today I tried my MA785 which uses a 10EC:0885 Codec. When the Sound starts, the Computer freezes a few seconds later. I don't hear anything. The first time I got an Error 202 at a low DOS Address. I have HDAUDBUS working so I can see the enumerated Codec. I disable it when running these tests.
  11. I set it up again on my M5A97 system. I did not use HDAICOUT.HDA. It appears to work. I was not able to change the Volume after setting VolumeWidget=$0C. I noticed that HDARUN was copied but was not added to Startup. I noticed that there is a long delay after the Desktop wallpaper appears before the three clicks. The Startup Sound and Desktop Icons then follow. There was a long delay opening GOM Player each time I opened it. It seemed to aggravate the PCI-E Interrupt issues I have been having. Then the Computer crashed and would not post, suggesting that something is overheating. I switched to a Z87 system but got no Sound. Everything seemed to Install the same. It uses the same HD Audio Device. I noticed that writing directly to it seemed erratic and then would no longer open.
  12. I installed it on my M5A97 system, which includes my RAM Limitation Patch of course. It ran fine. No Volume Control Icon and no response from the Volume Control Tool. I did not experiment with the settings. Be aware that partially uninstalling it can cause VFAT BSODs on Boot.
  13. I ran some experiments. SCSIPORT.SYS does not seem to be used when using the standard drivers. AHCIX86 and UNIATA use SCSIPORT.SYS. If you are using either or something similar it may be a problem. I booted off one of two AHCI Drives with a NMVE Drive present. I saw all three drives. The SCSIPORT.SYS Driver was loaded before the STORPORT.SYS Driver but there did not seem to be any conflict.
  14. Some of your Hard Drives may be in compatibility mode, which can cause problems. You will need my SATA Patch to get rid of this issue.
  15. Ideally, you want to align a FAT32 Partition Data Area on a 32K boundary for SSDs. None of the Windows Formatters can do this for FAT32. I do not know if any others can. My RFORMAT can set any alignment. Realigning an existing Partition, without reformatting, is possible. I could write a tool for doing so. Since all of the data has to be moved, a backup would be advisable.
  16. Since the Data offset within a FAT32 Partition can be adjusted when formatting, it is not necessary to align it's Partition. My RFORMAT tool can set any desired alignment when formatting regardless of Partition alignment.
  17. MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache is not present in Windows ME either.
  18. Booting XP from an NVME Drive should work, but you will need either a Samsung 950 PRO (with built-in BIOS) or a Motherboard that recognizes NVME Drives in CSM Mode. I slip-streamed NVME into a XP Installation CD and can do the first stage Install into a NVME Drive on any computer. I only have one Computer that recognizes NVME and it only works in UEFI so I am unable to go further.
  19. AHCI Controllers can be Switchable or AHCI only. There is a flag in the HBA Memory Registers that reflects this. If it is switchable, then you can set bits that put the Controller into AHCI Mode or IDE Mode. Otherwise the Controller does not support IDE Mode, or in at least one case not properly. No software can override this. If the Controller is switchable, but the associated BIOS is not, you may be able to reflash with a new BIOS if one can be found, made or hacked. Alternatively, Drives can be accessed by switching the Mode to IDE with Software.
  20. Not all SATA Controillers support IDE mode. AHCI only Controllers cannot be switched to IDE. This is why I wrote my AHCI Driver.
  21. 768MB is roughly the limit without modifications. My Patch allows unlimited System RAM. Graphics RAM can be an issue if it is 512MB or more.
  22. The closest I have come to that is running a XP browser using Virtual PC in 98.
  23. Time to go back to Windows 98. An incompatible OS is the best vaccine of all.
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