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StartIsBack++ 2.9


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Hi Tihiy,


First I just want to say how happy I am that I found this program, thank you so much! I tried other start menu replacements in Windows 8 in the past and they never felt quite right, but yours is easily a cut above the rest. I was very excited to see the Windows 10 version, and particularly the tweaks to stop Cortana and the normal Start Menu from using resources. I will be buying licences for all 6 of my assorted PCs tonight!


I wanted to suggest a feature that you might be interested in adding.


In Windows 7 and 8, the taskbar buttons options are only "Always combine, hide labels", "Combine when taskbar is full" and "Never combine" but you can change a registry setting (MinWidth) to hack it so that the labels are also hidden on the last two options.


In Windows 10, this registry key no longer works. If you could find a solution to make "Combine when taskbar is full, hide labels" and "Never combine, hide labels" possible, then not only would you make my day, but I think you would also get a lot of new users very quickly (if you implemented it soon, judging by how many entries there were asking for this feature in the Windows 10 Technical Preview feedback app and Google searches).


What do you think, does it seem like something you would like to and/or be able to include?


Many thanks!

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I just upgraded to Windows 10 and thankfully was able to install StartIsBack++ right away to save my from the default Win 10 Start menu!  It's also cool that you provided SIB++ as a free upgrade to SIB+ users.  Just to show my thanks, I just bought a five license key from you since I didn't see a direct donation button.  Even though I don't need them now, I know they will come in handy when my parents/family members eventually upgrade to Win 10.


Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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The new version works fine for me. Just one thing I notice that every time after Windows restarts, I'll have to apply "Terminate modern apps with close button" again although this setting is always ticked. 


Not very important, but it would be nice if the start button orbs changed to their smaller sizes when I choose not to use larger taskbar icons. Only the default start button can change its size atm.    


Many thanks for updating SIB++ again.

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Your product is working perfectly to resize my taskbar icons back to normal size, but the downside for me is that I actually like the Windows 10 start menu.
Do you have plans to release a version that allows the larger taskbar icon tweak, but keep the normal start menu?  Is this something that can be achieved with a registry hack?

I would gladly pay for a solution to ONLY enlarge my taskbar icons back to Win 7/8.1 sized icons.

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Found a problem with using a custom msstyles, SiB will override the properties for the right click WIN+X menu, works fine when SiB is disabled.




Can you make it so the menu respects the properties in the msstyles Immersive Start Menu?

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Works nicely, Many thanks!

I removed some garbage apps manually what Startisback was not able to uninstall using the menu option, like Edge, Cortana, Windows Feedback, Contact Support. All is OK, but there is some junk entries still in menu now. No biggie for me, just a little cosmetic problem. Probabily some registry cleaning needed or are these hard-coded in Startisback? Have you some guidelines how to remove this junk from the menu? Thanks in advance!

Hi! First, have you tried rebooting?

Since it looks like all four files in that folder are now generic icons, can't you just delete that folder?

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I first installed SIB++ and then it worked perfectly. But I decided to give W10 start menu another go and disabled it for my user. Turns out, I couldn't tweak the original to my liking and so i re-enabled it. The problem is, ever since i did that, menu is empty as seen i n the picture here http://puu.sh/jjTa5/f3bcb8c90b.png. I can still pin items to start menu and they appear there but when i first installed the menu, it was already populated with programs and i would assume, it would add programs based on my usage of them. But now as mentioned, i can only make programs appear by pinning them. The Skype is pinned.

Worth mentioning the other user using startisback has no issues of these kind

I reinstalled it with no luck.

Also, when reinstalling, i had to reinsert the licence key, even though i saved licence data when uninstalling

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After installing version 1.0, I can no longer find the option to show the desktop when hovering over the show desktop bar or was it not in the program and found in a windows settings?

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Hello developers of Startisback++ i have 2 minor problems with this start menu:

1. When i move my mouse to my 2nd monitor and tap windows key the start menu still shows on my 1st monitor, unless i click the taskbar or an application on the 2nd monitor the start menu wont show on 2nd monitor.Can you please fix this?

2. The time delay when i hove my mouse over Shutdown or all programs or control panel flyout menu is too hight like 1500 ms can you please reduce this to 500 ms or so? or make an option so i can set it manually if i want to?


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Hi, just registered to report a bug I found


  • If you untick "Use big icons" the "All apps" text overlaps the icon.




By the way Spanish language and Windows 10 Pro x64

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