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  1. It does work, I tested it before posting (I've had a shortcut to a .txt file pinned in my Start Menu since Windows 7, but with the method I wrote, it works with StartAllBack on Windows 11). 1. Create shortcut: 2. drag shortcut to Start Button: 3. shortcut is now pinned in Start Menu:
  2. But that's not what I said – creating a shortcut to notepad c:\path\to\file.txt is different from creating a shortcut to c:\path\to\file.txt, since the former forces the file to always open with Notepad, while the latter will use whichever program is associated with .txt files (and if the association changes after the shortcut was created, the file will then open with the newly associated program without having to edit the shortcut at all).
  3. Create a shortcut to that text file somewhere, then drag it to the Start button.
  4. Bug: trying to pin an Android app (running through WSA) to Start Menu results in some random (always the same) app getting pinned:
  5. I've got 3 Nvidia Settings icons in the notification area popup for some reason; all 3 have a tooltip, but only one of them responds to clicks.
  6. The window metrics settings in Registry are still respected, even if the UI to set them has been gone for a long time now (look in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics, you need to log off and log back on if you change anything). Unfortunately, programs that draw their own titlebars often ignore these settings, and it seems that with recent updates Office 365 joined this bandwagon.
  7. Good, because naturally this time when I got home, the problem did not manifest. OTOH, a different problem appeared: the QuickLaunch toolbar icons stayed small:
  8. Will using Process Explorer for creating the dump (right-click on Explorer→Create dump) do? Is minidump sufficient, or should I do a full dump? The issue might be related to DPI changes (I run 225% at home [two 27″ 5k monitors], while when I connect remotely, I do so from regular-DPI screens, or from my workplace where monitors are set to 168% [though I think on RDP this changes to 175%]), and always with a single screen only. High Contrast and custom window metrics (I dislike thick window borders) might be a factor, too. And I forgot to mention, this is on 23H2, 22631.2428.
  9. Updated Slovenian translation. sl-si.txt
  10. More 3.7 problems: when I connect to my computer through Remote Desktop, or when I log in locally after I was connected with Remote Destkop, Explorer is now frozen; if I press the Windows key on the keyboard, Explorer restarts and resets my Windows theme (I'm using high contrast with custom colours). There was a similar problem with StartIsBack and older versions of StartAllBack, but Explorer usually only stayed frozen for a few seconds to about a minute (and it only happened when I connected with RDP, not when I logged in locally afterwards); with 3.7 Explorer seems to stay frozen forever (at least I left it in this state for about half hour yesterday, and it never recovered), and it seems to happen every time now (previously it only happened rarely).
  11. Problems I noticed with 3.7 beta: - when taskbar is set to auto-hide, clicking the clock hides the taskbar before the flyout is displayed - taskbars on secondary displays are missing the border above Start Menu and notification area in high contrast mode: - installing 3.7 beta in remote desktop session reset my window metrics and high contrast colour settings
  12. Unfortunately that makes the translation incomprehensible (without "sistemske" the translation just means "Row icons"; I'm not sure why Microsoft chose to translate "system tray" as "sistemska vrstica" [I also don't know why they decided to drop the "notification area" term]).
  13. Here's a fixed Slovenian translation (not sure how I managed to save it as UTF-16BE previously). sl-si.txt
  14. Go to (Windows) Settings → Apps → Advanced app settings, and set "Choose where to get apps" to Anywhere:
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