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  1. I had to disable the app, but now I can't remember where it said I had to go in the control panel to re-enable it and can't find anywhere to do so.
  2. Nevermind that. I just realised I didn't have Show Apps folder enabled in the properties.
  3. I've just moved to a new keyboard which doesn't have a calculator button, therefore I went to the programs menu to locate the calculator program to find that it is missing. Even when doing a search it is missing. But if I use the traditional Windows Start Menu and search for the app it comes up fine. Is this a bug in the StartIsBack++ program?
  4. "Automatically download and notify you to install updates" is not working for me. It's been a week since version 1.0.1 was released and I am still on version 1.0.
  5. After installing version 1.0, I can no longer find the option to show the desktop when hovering over the show desktop bar or was it not in the program and found in a windows settings?
  6. Mine is set to English (Australia)
  7. I'm not entirely sure what the problem was, but a clean install of Windows 10 allowed it to install just fine.
  8. After going to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\StartIsBack and running the StartIsBackCfg.exe I get a "Access violation at address 0045CBB0 in Module 'StartIsBackCfg.exe'. Read of address 0000004." error. roirraWedorehT, did you install it over a previous version of SIB?
  9. Oh man, you updated the setup file and I can't go back to a working version of RC2.
  10. I've just tried installing version 1.0 4 times and all 4 times it crashed explorer.exe as well as failing to install. The first 3 times was installing over previous RC2 version, and the 4th time as a fresh install. Going back to RC2 until it is fixed.
  11. What about the Update and Security one?
  12. When I have the Control Panel shown as a menu, should Windows Update be available in the list? Can a link be added through the app or is it a Windows based thing?
  13. I just tried to make a donation, but I keep getting this error "Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again."
  14. I just tried to use the 'lost license key' form, but each time I try I get an "Unable to send email!" error. I somehow lost my key and need it resent.
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