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  1. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Ha ha that's not funny. Please try fixed version: http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setup.exe Everything is OK now. Many thanks for the fast fixing!
  2. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    On the latest version, setting Plain10 style now makes thing fully broken here..
  3. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    When i select the new Plain10 style, then previously white area become just black. No custom start menu coloring selected and even if selected it stays black. Tried rebooting, with no difference.. Also here, the same bug on search as mentioned above by gsilvap.
  4. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Works nicely, Many thanks!
  5. all links dead... can someone please upload RT7-BOOSTER v4.09.160 and the latest RT7-Lite to some alternate mirror?
  6. Windows 7 x64 vLite "extreme removal"

    Thanks guys'n gals for all the information and sharing your experiences! I got install.wim down to 674 MB on x86 system. Everything installs and basically works but i wasn't happy with that small version. It was a little bit too crippled to my liking. 700..800mb install.wim now i'm making seems to be pretty optimal for my needs. Encountered one strange problem though.. I've integrated 9 updates but it shows up on control panel as 29 updates installed!? Something went wrong obviously. Does someone have any idea about?