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jump list colour


i have a memory of reading a thread with a reg edit to change the jump list colour from black - but cannot find the thread - am i imagining things or can someone with a better memory point me to it






found it - if anyone else wants it


Create DWORD "ImmersiveMenus" in HKCU\Software\StartIsBack and set it to:

1 to force white context menus for taskbar and SIB

2 to force dark enlarged context menus for taskbar and SIB

I would much rather have a way to disable the immersive menus and use the old style context menus, I see no reason why they had to introduce all this immersive crap that has no added functionality and half the time loads much slower, clock and volume control is an example, the old ones open so much faster when enabled on Windows 10.



true but like most things we dance to Microsofts tune 

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 I have one very strange issue. Every time I try to open file from search results box nothing happens. For example:
I have picture (png) and I type its name in search box. Then I click on it and nothing happens.
At the same time everything is fine when I use system search. Everything opens well.
I have this problem only with files which should open in modern apps (photo app) because when I type filename.docx and when I click on it, it opens.
Sorry for my bad English

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Hi all,


I purchased SiB for my Win 8.1 system and loved it, so obviously I bought the Win 10 version as well.  I have been largely problem free, except for a bit of a nuisance, and I'm not even sure if it is in fact a SiB problem.  After a restart, or if the system has been shut down, when I go to click on the start menu, there is a pretty significant delay.  Not a big deal, but very annoying.  Obviously files are being loaded immediately after startup, so I even wait a few seconds, till all background programs/processes are up and running.  Once the start menu loads, it's lightning fast from then on pretty much, until reboot or shutdown. I thought perhaps since I have a Samsung ssd, RapidMode could be introducing latency, but delay is there with RapidMode on or off. 


Gif below illustrates what I'm talking about.  Thanks very much for any help, greatly appreciate it.


System specs:

latest retail build Win 10 64Bit, StartisBack vers: 1.1.8

i7 3770k @4.7Ghz (watercooled)

Asus Maximus V Gene mobo

16gb 2133mhz Corsair Dominator Plat.

Samsung 840 Pro 256gb ssd

2x Western Digital Black 4tb storage drives

Evga gtx-980ti

Corsair 1200i PSU







Problem solved.  I turned off all the options in the Prefrences, Start menu.  Buttery smooth and fast now.



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Greetings from Chicago! So many of the posts here are from those experiencing problems or requesting new enhancements, I thought it might be a welcome change to hear from someone who is a very satisfied user. I've been using SIB since I began with Windows 8 and found it to be the perfect answer to maintain the familiar start menu interface and allowed me to avoid the Metro apps page. Upgrading to Windows 8.1 required a simple update of SIB and I experienced no problems. I recently updated my OS to Windows 10 and thought I would just use the start menu provided by MS, but quickly found myself missing the functionality that SIB provided. So I went ahead and downloaded SIB++, and was very pleased to see that my license was automatically activated at no additional charge and that all of my settings and start button orbs were still installed. I have experienced absolutely no problems with the installation or use of SIB++ and find it very intuitive to configure and use. As a retired telecommunications software developer and project manager I wanted to pass along my thanks for providing such well designed software at such a reasonable cost. Your effort and continual support is very much appreciated!

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Using the XP flyout menu I get missing icons for my stuff. They will show up after say 5sec's if I leave the menu open. It's fine when not using flyout however. Anyway to speed that up / fix it?

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Some Control Panel items can't be opened when using SiB's search


The entry 'Indexing Options' works fine (click and it opens).

The entry 'Change how Windows searches' does not work (click and nothing happens).






Is this behaviour something that just can't be fixed?

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I can't reproduce this behavior, unfortunately. That's something screwed up on search side. Can you open this items with Cortana search?




Restarting explorer.exe fixes the issue, but it's only a matter of time (or randomness) until it comes back.


Not a StartIsBack problem?

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